PSAT Online Tutoring

TutorComps online PSAT prep- by teaching the crucial strategies, help students maximize their time on test day and achieve the best score they can. Our online PSAT tutors schedule tutoring sessions whenever and wherever it works best, using lesson plans tailored to address student’s specific concerns and learning style. Our PSAT classes online advice the students to take advantage of the opportunity to face the challenge, by providing a good grounding and valuable practice for the more advanced test. In addition to providing an experience similar to that of taking the SAT, the PSAT may reveal areas in which the student needs additional preparation. It is also the qualifying exam for entering into NMSC scholarship programs.

Online PSAT Test Preparation

SAT, ACT, PSAT—Standardized tests are still a major part of any college application. In addition to invaluable test – taking strategies and a comprehensive content review for each, we prepare students to face the big three by building self-confidence and overcome anxiety.

Since 2010, we have been helping students improve their confidence and scores on the PSAT. Whether your child is taking the PSAT for the first time or is looking to fine-tune a specific section, our superior private PSAT tutors create customized approach tailored specifically for your needs. After each session, parents receive a detailed progress report to track your child’s improvement.

Our Online PSAT tutors are available for a live one–on-one tutoring at your home at your convenience 24/7.

PSAT Coaching Module

PSAT comprises of a sequence of evaluations in areas such as Math, critical reading and writing skills that the students require for both higher education and future careers. Our online PSAT test preparation, module is of 50 hours. Students may opt for subjects of their choice and extend the tutoring hours.


  • Supervised practice test and review during the tutoring session -3

  • Home Assignment test – 2 per week

Highlights of PSAT Online Course
  • Live one to one tutoring with customised lesson plans Live instruction with expert teachers, in-person or online
  • Time tested and proved evaluation and test taking strategies
  • Specially designed worksheets and learning tools, according to the level and subject knowledge of the students
  • Prepared practice & review
  • Periodic progress check and reports to assess the learning curve and help the students with immediate corrective measures for improvement.

Learn More About PSAT

PSAT – The Preliminary SAT or NMSQT Qualifying Test, controlled by the College Board and co-sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in the US is a regular test preparation taken every year by about 3.5 million students. Composed of only Math and Verbal sections prior to 1997, the PSAT’s verbal section received double its weightage to allow a combined score of 240 points. Partially derived from the discontinued test of Standard written English (TSWE), is the writing skills section introduced in 1997.

PSAT – Test Information

PSAT – the Preliminary SAT is a great introduction for the SAT and even the ACT, and it’s more like a trial run. This nationwide multiple choice test is taken by more than 3.4 million school students – mostly juniors and sophomores, every year, in October.