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TutorComp’s online NJ ASK tutoring New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, commonly known as NJ­ASK is a common test conducted among students of public schools in New Jersey from grade 3­8 conducted in the months of March, April & May. The NJ ASK tests assess proficiency in the language, arts, literacy, math, and science.

NJ ASK Online Tutoring, What We Offer

  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Dedicated tutors
  • Customized lesson plans
  • Proper guidelines on each and every aspect of Test
  • Completely Result in oriented approach
  • Maximum scores guaranteed
  • One to one tutoring

Why Prefer Online NJ ASK Tutoring

The test was at first known as the Elementary school Proficiency Assessment (ESPA) and administered at grade four so as to provide the data and skills known in the Core curriculum Content Standards —CCCS. The ESPA was replaced by a new program called NJASK in 2003. The Department of Education of the Federal State adopted the new program of NJASK that measures the proficiency and achievement of a student in various streams like arts, language, science, and math.

NJ ASK tests are also used to determine each school’s Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as required by the federal No Child Left behind Act (NCLB).

Unique features of TutorComp’s Online NJ ASK Tutoring

  • One to One tutoring-TutorComp’s one to one tutoring assuring individual care so that students get maximum attention.

  • Cost effective-TutorComp’s NJ ASK online preparation course is really cost effective and affordable to everyone. TutorComp charges you only for the hours attended, so that you can select the number of hours needed.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum-we have a student-oriented curriculum which was developed based on the clear understanding of widely accepted methods of how students learn to ensure maximum results.

  • Monthly Assessment –TutorComp provides a proper evaluation program to understand the progress of students and communicate the results with parents on time.

  • Real Time Class Room Ambience: With the use of latest technology like Shared white board, students get a real-time class room ambiance.

How It Works

TutorComp’s online NJ ASK preparation aims at making the students achieve a high score in the test. Every student enrolling with TutorComp is undergoing a diagnosis test which helps to understand the areas of focus needed so it helps to prepare customized plans according to the student needs. The service of native tutors is provided on request of the student. Our tutors make a continuous evaluation and monitoring of the academic performance of the student. For that TutorComp provides a unique parent portal for the parents to keep track of the academic progress of their children. Online classes are scheduled at the convenience of the student. With the help of latest technologies included in our tutoring service, students find it easy and fun to learn. Tools like shared white board give a real time class room atmosphere for the student. For more details please log on to www.tutorcomp.com