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To learn with the Expert is the best way to learn German. TutorComp is the World’s leading network of private tutors, helping students across the World. Our online German tutors are native language experts, with Master’s Degree and certification in teaching the German language. Through our German Language course, students learn to pronounce those tricky vocabulary and master verb conjugations, understand Grammar and speak German effortlessly. Students Work with our German tutors and focus on the areas they need help with.

Benefits Of Our German Online Tutoring

  • Language Classes scheduled according to students convenient date and time

  • Quality and effective tutoring through videos, audio clips, podcasts and printable worksheets

  • Highly qualified and experienced German tutors across the World

  • Superior result in minimum time owing to high quality personalized instruction

  • Years of experience teaching online with flexible schedules

  • Focus on Listening, Reading, writing and speaking abilities, Grammar rules, Vocabulary, Pronunciation and advanced courses

  • Exercises and lesson plan structured according to the European framework for reference.

  • More than 15000 German Grammar, Audio, Speech and Vocabulary exercises

  • Student-centered learning and progress controlled by student

  • Our private German lessons are designed according to the student’s course book

  • Choose from our Beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels of German language learning

How Our Language Tutors Helps You Master: German
Different levels – Online German Tutoring
German Grammar

Grammar practice is easy with simple, steps, and exercise with concrete and clear examples. The Grammar lesson plans include –Nouns, Pronouns, and cases, Verbs, Tenses, Adjectives, Prepositions, and conjunctions.

Beginner course

This level caters to the basics of German language learning. The beginner course which is a compilation of pronunciation tutorials and basic grammar lessons are made easy to understand and learn. Worksheets on fun quiz would gauge the student’s level of understanding.

Intermediate course

Students may choose the intermediate level if they find difficulty in understanding the German spoken by natives and to fine-tune the fluency and cohesion. The lesson plans are designed with an emphasis on one to one conversation practice with our professional personal tutors and audio lessons.

Advanced course

This course if for those who do understand German and would like to get more knowledge and practice in the German language. The Advance course comprising lesson plans focusing on intensive reading, writing, listening and speaking exercise, acts as a supplement if the student is learning German in the academic course.

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