Online Science Tutoring

Our online Science tutors, Australian curriculum, caters to the three interconnected topics: Science understanding – when a person selects and integrates appropriate knowledge in Science to explain and predict phenomena, and applies that knowledge to new situations. The science understanding features comprises of four sub-features: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Physical Sciences, Science as a Human Endeavour.

Biological Sciences – Online Help

Our Biology tutors help the students understand about – All living things and their life cycles , Interdependence and interactions with each other, Lifecycles, Body systems, Structural adaptations and behaviours, Ecosystems, How all these features aid survival of the different living systems. All these are done with the help of diagrams and text that make it easy for the student to grasp the basics, by our biological science tutors.

Chemical Sciences – Online Help

Our Chemistry tutors provide online science tutoring in the – Aspects of atomic structure, Composition and behaviour of substances, Physical and chemical properties of substances, Atomic interactions and energy transfer. The tutors’ endeavor is to make the basic concepts of Chemistry clear to the primary class student which makes it easier to understand the more complex chemical theories in the secondary classes with ease.

Earth and Space Sciences – Online Help

Our online Science tutors for Earth and Space Science are adept at making the student understand – The Earth’s structure, Its place in the universe, The solar system, Daily seasonal changes in our environment, sudden geological changes. With a clear view and a broader perspective of the Earth’s position in the Solar System, the students get comfortable with the knowledge about the planet that they are a part of.

Physical Sciences – Online Help

The online Tutors for Physics teach concepts of – Force, Motion , Matter , Energies and their transfers, Electricity . All these topics are handled to provide a firm understanding of the basic principles that makes them appreciate the subject when they move to the higher classes.

Science as a Human Endeavour – Online Help

Highlights the development of science as a unique way of knowing and doing, and the importance of science in contemporary decision-making and problem-solving. The syllabus is handled in two-year bands. There are two sub-topics of science as a human endeavour – Nature and development of science, Use and influence of science

Science inquiry skills

The study is on appraising claims, exploring ideas, cracking problems, sketching valid conclusions and developing evidence-based arguments. The lessons in the science inquiry skills feature is handled in two years. The five sub-topics of science inquiry skills are Questioning and predicting, Planning and conducting, Processing and analysing data and information, Evaluating and Communicating.

TutorComp’s online science tutoring provides students with understanding, knowledge and skills to develop a scientific view of the world, through the three topics. Students’ experiences of school science should mirror and connect to the multidimensional view of science. Our online Biological science tutors teach science in an integrated way enabling students to make a clear connection between the inquiry skills and the work of scientists. As students develop a more refined understanding of the knowledge and skills of science they increasingly appreciate the role of science in society. The lessons and topics of the science understanding strand will inform students’ understanding of contemporary issues such as climate change, use of resources, medical interventions, biodiversity and the origins of the universe. Our online Science tutors, Australian Curriculum, comprise a panel of tutors who train the students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years. Our tutoring are offered for various states’ test patterns: Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.