Physics Online Tutoring

We offer 24/7 online Physics tutoring for grade 1 through XII, IX, X, XI and XII grades of Australian curriculum. Our team of highly qualified and experienced online Physics tutors from elite universities across the world are experts in teaching Mechanics, Waves and Oscillation, Advance physics, Thermodynamics and other branches of physics. The online Physics tutors are extremely patient, motivating and helpful. Best guidance is provided regularly by student-specific notes, tests and quality Physics study material whenever needed. We offer effective methods to help students reach their target grade in School or College and clear Physics competitive exam.

Online Physics Tutoring Through TutorComp

Through our online HSC physics tutoring, students learn advanced theories needed to explain more difficult phenomena such as quantum theory, theory of relativity and also the new interpretations which would develop refined models and theories.

We provide students a set of skills leading to a range of further pathways. By studying through our Physics lessons online, students will be better informed about the world around and would develop critical skills to analyze, evaluate and arrive at decisions based on evidence on scientific issues. We deliver a base in Physics for those students wishing to pursue their study in Science, Engineering, Medicine and Technology.

Why Prefer TutorComp for Online Physics Help?

Our online Physics tutors Australia, develops students to appreciate the wonders of the World through physics and its significance to the contemporary society, understand the way how matter and energy interrelate in physical system across range of scales, understand the natural phenomena, evaluate and predict concepts and theories to provide a basis for action, understand how models and theories are developed, investigative skills, ability to precise measurement, communicate understanding, findings and results through suitable representations.

In our Australian online Physics tutoring, the panel of tutors prepare the students to face various tests to be cleared during their school years. This would include the state-wise test patterns of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales.

Our online Physics tutoring classes for year 11 and year 12 students are well suited to score high in
  • ( For our students Victoria) – Victorian certificate of education (VCE)

  • Queensland certificate of Education (QCE) for our students from Queensland.

  • SACE (South Australian certificate of Education) for our students in South Australia.

  • SACE (South Australian certificate of Education) for our students in South Australia.

  • Australian Capital Territory year 12 certificate.

  • Tasmanian certificate of education (TCE).

  • Northern Territory certificate of education (NTCE).

  • New south wale students – HSC (Higher school certificate

 Learning Outcomes:

We cover following topics through our online Physics tutoring:

  • Kinetic particle model and thermodynamics concept

  • Transfer and transformation of energy in electrical circuits and the role of charge

  • Scientific models and theories and their application to improve existing and new technologies

  • Atom – how it explains fission, fusion, radioactive neuclides and radioactivity

  • Use science skills to communicate, conduct and analyse investigations

  • Use Algebraic and graphical illustrations to analyse, evaluate, predict and calculate measurable quantities related to heating process

  • Physics learning using qualitative and quantitative illustration in apt modes and types.