English Online Tutoring & Homework Help

At TutorComp, our certified reading tutors will develop an individualized reading plan for every student focusing on building the exact vocabulary skills that your child needs in order to achieve reading success in elementary school. It will teach the students how to grasp the main idea of a passage, the author’s attitude towards the subject, the author’s logic and techniques or the contextual meaning of specific words. Vocabulary is often defined as the words that we to use to communicate effectively. Our vocabulary course introduces new words which, in turn, will help the students to express their ideas more clearly and differently. New words are introduced systematically with examples and various exercises that prepare students to excel in speaking.

About Our Online English Tutors

At TutorComp, our aim is to ensure all our students to be successful in their academic career and acquire in-depth knowledge in the subject they are learning. Our soul goal is to expand the key abilities of the student to learn English with our Online English Tutors which includes critical and analytical thinking, listening skills and most importantly, creative development. We have formulated precise strategies and roadmap for every student so that they can excel in English learning

Know bout Our US Curriculum Online English Tutoring

Our US curriculum online tutors are highly experienced and possess the following characteristics:

  • Highly Innovative and always up with new ideas

  • Experimental on various concepts

  • Understands the cultural background of every student

  • Keen in bringing interaction to empower students

  • Intuitive and attentive to in depth details

  • Excellent Linguistic skill set

  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students

  • Well disciplined and dedicated

  • Stimulates discussions with students to enhance their hidden creative side

How We Work?

  • A test will be conducted to analyze the potential of student

  • A Free demo live tutoring session for 30 minutes will be conducted by our expert online US Curriculum tutors.

  • Detailed feedbacks will be collected and based on that regular tutoring sessions will be scheduled according to the student’s requirements

  • There will be no time constraints. You can schedule your classes any time 24*7

  • Determining the potential of students, we will customize your lesson plans

  • Flexible and ever ready to accept various styles of students

  • Progress of the student will be periodically analyzed and recorded