IB Online Language Tutoring

TutorComp’s IB tutors online, can help students approach their advanced language studies in a systematic and well-organized manner. Our IB English tutoring recognizes that each student approaches language-learning with a unique set of strong suit, flaws, and apprehensions, and we help them select the right tutor with the right skills set.

IB French Tutor

Through our IB French tutoring online tutoring we offer 3 IB French programs:
  • IB French Ab – Initio
  • IB French B Standard Level
  • IB French B Higher Level
  • IB French A HL

Our IB French tutors online understand the importance of the potential role of language in cultivating intercultural awareness and international mindedness. Our IB French lessons and pedagogic approach to language learning are open and inclusive by affirming each learner’s identity and autonomy, by promoting critical thinking.Our French IB tutoring aim at using the language primarily to help students speak and understand how it works.

IB English Tutors

The IB English tutoring course covers the two-year IB program which is divided into four areas of focus – Works in Translation, Options, Literary Genres and Detailed study. The year 2-Grade 12, IB English course is a detailed study and literary genre on prose. Our IB English tutoring encourages the students to appreciate literature in depth and improve their ability to reflect on their reading skills. Through close study of individual texts and passages, in their literary and cultural contexts, our IB English tutors online helps students develop and hone their command of language.

IB Spanish Tutors

One of the subjects offered in the IB Diploma is Spanish for students around, 16-19. There are three levels of IB Spanish – in increasing level of difficulty, offered by IB schools.

  • IB Spanish Ab – Initio

  • IB Spanish B SL

  • IB Spanish B HL

TutorComp’s IB Spanish tutoring is an education platform aiming to provide high-quality education to students through one to one interactive Spanish lessons conducted by highly qualified Spanish teachers across the World.

IB German Tutors

In a globalized world, languages play an essential part in shaping the relationship between different cultures. German has a special role to play in this.

Language B SL and HL are language acquisition courses for students with some background in the target language. The levels offered:

  • IB German Ab Initio

  • German A – Literature HL & SL

  • German A – Language & Literature HL & SL

  • German B HL

IB Arabic Tutors

The Levels offered in Arabic IB program are:


  • Arabic A Literature

  • Arabic A Language and Literature


  • Arabic ab – initio