Business Management

IB Business and Management Online Tutoring

Business Management is a dynamic, challenging and rigorous disciple in the individuals and societies subject group. The role of business being producing and selling goods and services to meet human needs and wants by organizing resources – operating, risk taking and profit making in a competitive environment is the characteristic of the most business organization. Even though Business Management shares varied skills and knowledge topics with other humanities and social sciences, it is different in many ways. Business Management is the subject on decision making in an organization, and on the other hand, Economics is about scarcity and resource allocation, on micro and macro levels. The use of Information technology in business contexts is examined by Business Management and in turn Information technology in a global society – ITGS examines its impact on another field of health and Government. Business Management studies on how individuals and groups interact in an organization and can optimize the usage of resources for sustainability.

IB Business Studies – Difference Between SL And HL

  • 240 hour of teaching for HL and 150 Hours for SL

  • Examination questions

  • Internal assessment task

  • Extension units for HL

Benefits Of Our Online IB Business Studies Tutoring – Standard And Higher Level

  • Our private IB tutors inspire a complete view of the world of business

  • TutorComps Native IB tutors, train students to think critically and tactically about individual and organizational behavior

  • Our online tutoring, encourage the significance of analyzing issues from different cultural perceptions

  • We empower the student to appreciate the nature and importance of change in regional and global contexts.

  • TutorComps world class IB Business Studies tutors, inspire wakefulness on the significance of environmental, social and ethical factors in the actions of individuals and organizations

  • Our private IB Business Studies tutors Progress an appreciation on the prominence of novelty in a business environment.

Syllabus Outline:

  • Unit 1 Business Organisation and Environment

  • Unit 2 Human Resource Management

  • Unit 3 Finance and Accounts


  • Unit 4 Marketing

  • Unit 5 Operations Management

IB Finance And Accounting

Regardless of their sector, scope and size-all organizations need healthy accounting systems, making finance a core business function. In the unit 3 group of Finance and Accounts, a part of individual and societies – Business Management – Higher Level, students observe finance and accounts through both measurable and qualitative methods. Students learn how businesses represent themselves numerically through accounts and learn how to construct basic balance sheet and Profit and loss account. By the end of our IB finance and accounts tutoring students will be able to clarify the meaning of the accounts by calculating ratios – for eg. Gross profit margin, net profit margin and return on capital employed – EOCE, and understanding the outcomes. HL Students study deeper into the phases of finance and accounts in more depth through the study of further competence ratios investment appraisals and budgets. The challenge faced by any accounting organization is to represent through the commonly understood language of the financial statement.