IB Private Online Tutoring for Humanities

The group 3 – individuals and Societies subjects, known as Humanities previously, of the IB Diploma Program comprise of nine courses offered at both standard Level and Higher Level. The subjects are – History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, philosophy, Social anthropology, Cultural anthropology, World religions- SL only and Information Technology in a global society – ITGS. There is also a pilot course for Global politics currently offered at schools partaking in the pilot program.

Benefits Of Our Online Humanities Tutoring

  • Live Interaction – Between the student and tutor facilitates better learning curve

  • Access to customized Resources – Personalized, one to one interaction with customized lesson plan tailored to suit student level and pace

  • From the comfort of familiar surrounding – anytime, anywhere learning with 24/7 tutoring and technical support

  • Parents can be a part of the process, by checking on assessment outcome posted on the parental portal and partaking in the weekly and monthly meetings with tutor and Education Managers

How We Work
  • Subject Proficiency analysed through diagnostic test

  • Free demo session for 30 mts with our world class online private tutors

  • Dedicated Education Managers to facilitate the training calendar and sessions

  • Access to student and parental portal

  • Sessions delivered on shared interactive whiteboard with audio and voice chat enabled

  • Images and files uploaded by tutor and student for academic, homework and assignment help

  • All the session can be saved for future revision

  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment to check on learning progress

  • Weekly and monthly meeting with tutor, student and parent to understand the gaps in tutoring and implement corrective action

PYP – Our online Humanities tutoring develops conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills through units of inquiry which includes social studies. The Humanities PYP program identifies eight key concepts important for units of inquiry – reflection, responsibility, perspective, connection, change, causation, function and form. The key concept in the PYP prepare students to understand the key concepts – global interactions, systems, change, and place/time/space.

MYP – All subjects in the MYP program share the fundamental concept of the International Baccalaureate – communication, intercultural awareness and holistic learning. The knowledge gained on critical thinking, conceptual understanding and communication pave the way to the development of the student as a whole.

Humanities is offered in different ways:

  • Program with different humanities subject
  • Integrated humanities subject group course
  • Like any other subjects – psychology, politics, economics, history or geography

MYP humanities build on what students learn during their PYP program. The objective of MYP humanities program is to provide a bridge to the Diploma Program – group 3, individuals and societies.

Diploma Program – The IB Humanities Diploma program aims to embolden the methodical and complete study of history and development of cultural and social institutions; economic, physical and social environments and human experience and behavior. Students’ progress in building the capability to critically analyze and evaluate theories, arguments, and ideas about nature and actions of the society.