Computer Science

GCSE Computer Science Online Tutoring

TutorComp’s online GCSE computer science tutoring is aimed at providing better learning assistance to students. Since computer science covers topics from a large area, extra effort is to be keyed in for the better understanding of the subject. Our wide network of expert tutors from internationally acclaimed Universities is a sure game for those students looking for the best online tutoring.

What do we offer?

  • A better understanding of computer related terminologies.

  • Laying the foundation for higher studies in computer science.

  • Detailed coverage of all topics.

  • Assistance of native tutors if needed

  • Test Preparation help

The topics included in GCSE Computer Science Tutoring are:

    • Computer systems
      • Identify and describe computer systems
      • Understanding of Central Processing Unit
      • Different types of memory
      • Functional characteristics of secondary storage technologies
    • Data Representation
      • Nature of data; conversion of data into binary format.
      • Relationship between data storage units
      • Techniques of conversion between number systems
    • Computer software
      • Functions of operating systems
      • Functions of commonly used programs
      • Common application programs
    • Networks
      • Packets and protocols
      • Network topologies and connections
      • Network security techniques and policies.
    • Internet & Communications
      • Working of internet transmissions
      • Internet communication protocols
      • Understanding of HTML
    • Algorithms
      • Understanding of algorithms
      • Use of algorithms
    • Programming
      • Programming tools and terms
      • Translators
      • Programming errors
      • Programming constructs
    • Practical Investigation
      • Test the solution
      • Modifying test solutions according to test results
      • Report of investigation
      • Evaluating solution
    • Ethical, Social and Legal Aspects
      • Importance of confirming to professional standards
      • Usage of computer systems responsibly and effectively