Business Studies

GCSE Business studies Online Tutoring

GCSE Online Business studies are aimed at making the students understand the way in which a business organization operates in the dynamic business environment. Business studies enable the students to develop skills to understand the world of business. The vast area in business studies includes understanding business activity, marketing, financial information and decisions, operations management etc.

 GCSE online Business Studies Tutoring, What We Offer?

  • Enable the students to understand basic theories of Business

  • Laying a strong foundation for higher studies in the business stream.

  • Providing interactive sessions by subject matter experts which help to get deep knowledge about the subject

  • A better understanding of Business Studies through evaluative, analytical and investigative approach.

More About GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies curriculum help the students to gain business knowledge and skills. A wide coverage of global business concepts is included in GCSE Business Studies online tutoring. Learning Business Studies opens up opportunities to become a successful business entrepreneur.

The major topics included in online GCSE business studies tutoring are:

  • Understanding business activity
    • Business activity
    • Classification of businesses
    • Enterprise, business growth and size
    • Types of business organization
    • Business objectives and stakeholder objectives
  • Marketing
    • Marketing, competition and the customer
    • Market research
    • Marketing mix
    • Marketing strategy
  • People in business
    • Motivating workers
    • Organization and management
    • Recruitment, selection, and training of workers
  • Operations management
    • Production of goods and services
    • Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis
    • Achieving quality production
    • Location decisions
  • External Influences on business activity
    • Government economic objectives and policies
    • Environmental and ethical issues
    • Business and the international economy
  • Financial formation and decisions
    • Business finance: needs and sources
    • Cash-flow forecasting and working capital
    • Income statements
    • Balance sheets
    • Analysis of accounts