A level English Online Tutoring

Our A Level English tutors online gives students the opportunity to study language and its use in present-day communication. It targets to inspire a critical response to texts in a range of forms, styles and contexts, and to promote skills of communication, reading, exploration and examination.

Through their study, students will develop an ability to read and examine material, gain further knowledge and understanding of English language features and issues, and write visibly, precisely, innovatively and effectually for different purposes and audiences.

 Benefits of Online A & AS level Language Tutoring

  • One to one encouragement and motivation, personal touch, tailor made lessons to meet individual needs, Address mistakes and suggest way of improvement instantaneously

  • Anywhere anytime 365 days

  • Tutoring schedule charted as per students convenience, reschedule sessions if needed, zero travel cost

  • Learning language is all about live conversation, and one on one would make it happen by building confidence and vocabulary, share documents and learning materials with the tutor

  • Track learning progress as they learn. Online analysis through periodic assessments and instant feedback from tutor

  • World class teachers, 24/7 monitoring of tutor performance, 99% students rate our service as user friendly and conducive for positive learning experience

 What We Offer in Our Online A Level Tutoring

Whether you are looking to improve a course grade, freshen up on study skills, check and strengthen your understanding of a topic, review assignments, or learn new test taking strategies, our tutors can assist you. Each of our language tutors are truly experts because they are educators and the language they are teaching is often their native tongue. Our tutors work with students to find the right pace and learning level to make sure they you can not only understand the new language but speak it as well.

  • Many tutors are fluent in the languages that they tutor

  • We cover all basics by offering conversational, reading, spelling, grammar and articulation

  • We have tutors for many languages including – Spanish, French, Mandarin, German etc.

  • Learning a new language is not like earning an academic subject like math or science. People may be shy to speak or not be able to comprehend the eccentricities of the native tongue. Our tutors make students comfortable and help facilitate the learning process. Contact us today to reach one of our professional tutors.

  How We Work – Online A level Help

  • Make an informed choice. View feedback from previous students.

  • Ultimate flexibility. Learn a language where you want and when you want.

  • Easy to reschedule.

  • Pay only for the month’s session in advance

  • Learn a new language online in a fun and effective way.

  • Keep in touch with your progress through online feedback and analytics.

  • Session delivered online through our interactive whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled.

  • Personal tutoring with some of the best language teachers in the world

  • Accelerate your ability to hear and understand through live conversation.

  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessment

  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support