Computer Science

A Level and AS Level Computer Science Tutoring

TutorComp’s online A level and AS Level computer science tutoring  is aimed at providing better learning assistance to students. Since computer science covers topics from a large area, extra effort is to be keyed in for better understanding of the subject. We offer one of the best online computer science tutoring in the world. Our wide network of expert tutors from internationally acclaimed Universities is a sure game for those students looking for the best online tutoring.

What We Offer

  • Laying foundation for higher studies on computer science.

  • Homework and assignment assistance

  • Test Preparation assistance

  • Service of native tutors if required

Benefits of TutorComp’s Online Tutoring

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More About A & As Level Computer Science

Theory Fundamentals

1. Information representation

  • Number representation

  • Images

  • Sound

  • Video

  • Compression techniques

2. Communication and Internet

  • Networks

  • IP Addressing

  • Client-and-server side scripting

3. Hardware

4. Processor fundamentals

5. System software

6. Security, privacy and data integrity

7. Ethics and ownership

8. Database and Data modelling

Fundamental problem-solving and programming

  • Algorithm design and problem solving

  • Data Representation

  • Programming

  • Software Development