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TutorComp’s online A level and AS level Business Studies Online Business studies is aimed at making the students understand the way in which a business organisation operates in the dynamic business environment. A level and AS level Business studies enables the students to develop skills to understand the world of business. The vast area in business studies include understanding business activity, marketing, financial information and decisions, operations management etc. Our tutors help the students to make use of different terminologies, methods and concepts in business activities.

What We Offer

  • Laying a strong foundation for higher studies in business stream.

  • Assistance of native tutors if required

  • Homework assistance to students

  • Test preparation help.

Why Choose online A level & AS level Business studies Tutoring

  • Our Online A level and AS level business studies tutoring is affordable for everyone. Charges are made as per the hours of classes attended. No hidden or extra charges.

  • We provide quality tutoring with tutors selected from all around the globe. We have highly qualified and well experienced tutors from international universities.

  • We provide the service of parent portal where all the records of academic performance of the student are shared to the parents.

  • Our tutors do a progress analysis assessment of the student on a regular basis.

  • Classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the student.

  • Our unique one-on-one tutoring method provides individual attention to every students.

  • Our technical excellence makes us use the latest technologies in online tutoring. Shared white boards and video lessons help the students to understand deep about the subject.

Topics Covered – A & A Level Business Studies


Topics A level and AS Level Additional topics for A level students
Business and its environment
  • Business structure

  • Business objectives

  • Stakeholders in a business

  • Enterprise

  • Size of business

  • Business structure

  • Size of business

  • External influences on business activity

  • What is marketing?

  • Market research

  • The marketing mix

  • Marketing planning

  • Globalisation and international marketing

How We Work

TutorComp’s unique approach has made us the favourite online educational platform for students across the world. We make sure that every student enrolling with TutorComp is satisfied with our services and achieve their goals. We have dedicated Educational Managers/Academic Coordinators who take care of your complete tutoring needs. We take the students through a preliminary diagnosis test which help us to understand the areas of key focus needed for the student. The apt Accounting tutor is then assigned for the student following the result of diagnosis test. Our academic coordinator reminds the student about the daily class hours and make sure classes are going smooth. Students will be given feedbacks on their academic performance. Parents are able to see these feedbacks and remarks on the parental portal. Tools like shared whiteboards give a real time class room atmosphere for the students.

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