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The Illinois State Achievement Test (ISAT) measures individual student achievement relative to the Illinois Learning Standards. Results of this score are applied to the No Child Left behind Act, for purposes of identifying failing schools.

TutorComp’s online ISAT practice test help the students to gain maximum scores and build confidence for attending the test. TutorComp can help you get connected with an experienced tutor who can take classes according to your convenience. Our one-on-one online ISAT tutoring help the students to gain strategies, content knowledge and confidence needed to excel in ISAT. TutorComp make sure that the student gets personally tailored ISAT lessons. Personalised tutoring help the student to understand their strength and weaknesses and help the student to succeed.

Online ISAT Tutoring, What We Offer

  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Practice tests for getting familiar with the test
  • Class as per your convenience
  • Guaranteed Results

Why Prefer Online ISAT Tutoring From TutorComp

ISAT is one of the important competitive tests today. To find an apt tutor for ISAT has become merely an impossible task as the number of students appearing for ISAT is huge these days. TutorComp helps you to understand the concepts of Illinois Standard Achievement Test and makes you prepare for the test. We use personalised test formats and strategies to make the student comfortable and familiarise to attend the test within the given time frame.

Features of Online ISAT Tutoring from TutorComp

  • TutorComp’s ISAT Preparation Course will help you achieve mastery of all the basic concepts tested on the ISAT.
  • Every test is assessed and a computerised score card is issued.
  • Our ISAT tutors will identify your current ISAT skill level and addresses the key area of focus needed.
  • Our tutors come up with tailor made lessons to make you masters in ISAT.
  • Our Parent Portal enable the parents to keep a track of the daily academic progress of their child
  • Feedbacks on continuous evaluation are given to the students by the tutors which help them to improve their academic progress.

More About ISAT

According to, this examination tests students in reading and math every year from grades 3-8. Students are tested in science in grades 4 and 7. The writing portion of the test was suspended in 2011 due to lack of funding.

The Illinois State Achievement Test reports out Lexile measures for students in grades 3-8. A Lexile measure can be used to match readers with targeted text and monitor growth in reading ability.

The ISAT is conducted once in a year for students between Grade 3 to Grade 8 from all the schools affiliated to Illinois. Students are required to undergo tests on reading comprehension, mathematics and writing skills. Grades 4 and 7 tests the science content too. The test includes combinations of multiple choice, short answer and extended response testing.

How It Works

TutorComp’s online ISAT tutoring works according to the convenience of the student. Our team of Educational Coordinators addresses each and every enquiry and the students will get a call from us. Students are given a Free live Demo session to experience the quality and methods of our tutoring service. Once enrolled, the parents are given an exclusive access to our parent portal where you can find the academic progress and daily reports of your child. Our Expert tutors do a continuous evaluation on the topics covered and the feedbacks are shared in the parent portal. Our technical team has developed a highly sophisticated application where you get a shared whiteboard and archives of video lessons.

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