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The TutorComp AP Calculus BC program covers all the topics of College Majors. It helps the students to grasp the basic concepts and face the challenges of AP Test. The areas covered under this course are:

Functions, Graphs, and Limits

  • Kinematics

  • Newton’s laws of motion

  • Work, energy, power

  • Systems of particles, linear momentum

  • Circular motion and rotation


  • Fluid mechanics

  • Temperature and heat

  • Kinetic theory and thermodynamics


  • Electrostatics

  • Conductors, capacitors, dielectrics

  • Electric circuits

  • Magnetic fields

US AP Physics B

    • Newtonian Mechanics

    • Kinematics Newton’s laws of motion Work

    • Energy

    • Power Systems of particles

AP Test Preparation Help

Our experienced tutors help the students to attempt Multiple Choice Questions, lab work, and lab assignments, analyze data and essays. The students will answer 4 full-length question papers complete with MCQs and FRQs.

      • Concepts

      • Review (In the month of March)

      • Review of 4 full-length tests/test taking tips and strategies (In the month of April)

TutorComp Online Tutoring for AP Physics C

We enrich your desire to learn more in greater depth, stand apart and get noticed with our excellent one-to-one online tutoring. The programs are designed to spot and improve your individual strengths as well as treat your weaknesses. Our experienced tutors help you to think and express your ideas.

US Curriculum – AP – Chemistry

        • Kinematics Newton’s laws of motion Work

        • Energy

        • power Systems of particles

        • linear momentum

        • Circular motion and rotation

US Curriculum – AP – Biology

        • Chemistry of Life

        • Cells

        • Cellular EnergeticsWork

        • energy