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TutorComp offers tuition for CBSE syllabus as well as courses to help you speak Hindi fluently. We have analyzed that most people, students as well as adults, know the answer to the question being asked, but Hindi not being the native language or being used often, the answering becomes difficult. The solution is to work on the major areas – Vocabulary, Grammar, writing and speaking. Our online Hindi tuition focuses on vocabulary, articulation, writing, grammar and fine tuning of the accent.

Benefits of Our Online Hindi Tuition

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Accurate pronunciation and promptness
  • Ask simple questions in Hindi
  • Confidence to speak
  • Fluency

Courses That We Offer

School-Level help

TutorComp provides online Hindi tuition for all grades under the CBSE syllabus. Our Hindi tutors aim at providing help on – Literature, Poetry, Pronunciation, writing errors, Grammar, Sangya – Noun, Sarvnam- pronoun, Visheshan – adjective, comprehension, conjunctions, Idioms, Proverbs, Letter writing, Essay writing, etc. Our CBSE tutoring program uses an exclusive approach that offers unmatched flexibility to meet every student’s learning needs by saving both time and money.

Types of other online courses we offer for our Students are:

  • Beginner Level Hindi Course: TutorComp has eminent Hindi tutors who can help you acquaint with Hindi from scratch and become well-versed with the language.
  • Intermediate Level Hindi Course: TutorComp’s Hindi tutors will help you revise what you know at present and guide you through till you excel in the language.
  • Advanced Level: If you are looking for somebody to help you brush up on your language skills, then you have come to the right place. TutorComp has meticulous tutors who will be the best choice to serve this purpose.

How we work

  • The Diagnostic test helps our tutors to decide the areas where the student is weak

  • We offer a 30 min Free Demo Session by which you can decide if TutorComp is the right platform for your learning needs

  • Classes are scheduled in advance so that you don’t have to worry about finding a trainer in time

  • 24×7 academic and technical support

  • Personalized tutoring session anytime, anywhere

  • Customized lesson plans and assignment according to the level of the student

  • Periodic assessments are conducted to evaluate development in the skills

  • Weekly and monthly meetings to check on learning progress and facilitate better grades

CBSE Hindi online tuition from TutorComp

TutorComp is the only platform to determine the apt Hindi tutor for all your needs, be it academics or verbal help. Learning Hindi can be very challenging, but our courses can make it easy for you