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Computer Science Online Tutoring

TutorComp’s online Computer Science tuition will help students achieve mastery of all the basic concepts in Computer Science. TutorComp has in-depth study material and trained cbse Computer Science tutors who can help students master the difficult lessons with ease.

Learning Objectives of CBSE Computer Science tuition:

  • To develop logic for Problem Solving

  • To understand the concept of Object Oriented Methodology

  • To implement Object-Oriented Programming using C++

  • To understand the concept of working with Relational Database

  • To understand the basic concept of Boolean Logic

  • To understand the basic concepts of Communication and Networking technologies

  • To understand Open Source Concepts

 TutorComp computer science online tuition for CBSE

We provide online tutoring for computer science with individual expert tutors, a one-on-one learning process from the comfort of your home in a friendly, patient and relaxed manner. From beginning to advance levels, every session is a personal one between you and your tutor. Our CBSE computer science tutors take you through the entire course explaining concepts and problems in multiple ways to make your fundamentals stronger and work towards the common goal of achieving deeper understanding of the subject and better grades in school/college..

Engaging Learners

Having worked with millions of learners, we have lots of experience in identifying and overcoming the barriers individuals face when it comes to learning. We have a specific equality and diversity champion, whose job it is to ensure we can help all our cohorts of learners.

Benefits To Students

Our CBSE Computer Science classes are tailor made to prepare the students and develop their confidence in Computer Science and Programming skills. The unique benefits to students are:

  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers

  • Convenient timings and caring teachers

  • Best supportive environment for development and training of students

  • Both Theory and Practical classes, well configured lab

  • Value for your time and money

  • Guidance to solve assignments and develop projects successfully

About Our Tutors

All our Computer Science tutors are highly qualified on the subjects handled and hold teaching qualifications in the adult learning or conventional education sectors. They are supported by subject experts and lead practitioners, who provide extra advice and support on additional learning needs, as well as continuous improvement in learning support techniques. In addition, we develop, or source, appropriate training for curriculum changes or where there are developments in teaching methods.

Our tutors are trained on soft skills enabling them teach through virtual classrooms by building good relationships. They’re also required to undertake certified safeguarding training and keep up to date with any relevant equality and diversity changes.