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CBSE Biology Online Tutoring

Biology is a science with a vast vocabulary and students are sometimes expected to gain a considerable amount of the subject knowledge in a relatively short time. To cope with such pressures and to ensure a good outcome, specialized attention is required. This is where TutorComp’s online biology tutors step in and help.CBSE Biology online tuition from TutorComp has tools like the whiteboard with which our biology online tutors will help you understand the subject well. We customize courses, especially complex ones such as those for biology, according to the student’s requirements. The one-on-one tutor arrangement ensures that the student gets complete attention.


We ensure better grades for your child within one month of tutoring with TutorComp. If you are not satisfied with TutorComp within the first 2 sessions, you can choose to discontinue without paying for the sessions.

Benefits To Students

Practical resources and interactive experiments are used in our online CBSE biology tuition to give the students quality education. Most up-to-date technologies are available for students that learn biology online in order to assist their progress and proficiency in the subject area. Topics include- cell biology, where lessons about cell structure and enzymes are offered, viruses and molecular biology. The lesson also covers photosynthesis processes, the role of the mitochondria, macromolecules and eukaryotic cells, genetics, ecology, evolution, and physiology.The CBSE biology tutors will help the student in every step of the way. They will make most of the sophisticated learning resources to implant confidence and comprehension. Our CBSE private Tutors can also harmonize the online science tuitions with regular school classes. They can even help with school homework and assist in test preparations. With the online biology tutors, students can be sure of the best possible results in the fastest possible time.

How We Work

  • Diagnostic test and Free 30 minutes demo session
  • Highly experienced online biology tutors with expertise in handling CBSE biology lessons
  • Customized lesson plans
  • 24/7 support and personalized tutoring
  •  Periodic assessment and evaluation meetings
CBSE Biology tuition from TutorComp

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