How to keep your kids learning after the school days?

How to keep your kids learning after the school days?
How to keep your kids learning after the school days?

Is learning just about the classroom? Truth is, if the student is thirsty for learning more, there are various methods which are fun and productive for them in the long run.  You can involve them in various engaging options which excites them and motivates to learn at the same time. Let’s have a look on some amazing after school routines and ideas for kids which are fun and educational at the same.

  1. Book Club

Reading at young age helps you build your foundation. Make it a habit to read every day before you go to bed. Joining a book club will help you to improve your vocabulary, analytic skills and critical out of the box thinking. Moreover it helps you meet fellow voracious readers and connect.  Book Clubs are the perfect place to expand your reading horizons and explore yourself.

  1. Sports Club

Joining a sports club will help you rejuvenate from the stress of study and work. It helps you maintain better health and strengthen your focus on academics. You fill feel a sense of satisfaction after you work out, or by being a part of a sports club. Also, a great place to meet people in your local community!

  1. Language Club

Language club is the perfect platform to hone your language learning skills. Kids who interact and talk with others in English or foreign languages will develop their interpersonal communication skills. This will also enhance your listening skills and helps to eliminate fear of public speaking.

  1. TED

Yes. TED is undoubtedly the thing now. Watching TED talks can highly inspire you as a student. You won’t believe the ideas brought out by kids of very young age and the way they communicate to live audience. Scientists, politicians, professors, the list of elite people who come to this stage are countless. They talk about anything and everything, education, business, science, tech and creativity on a whole other level. Spare at least  30 minutes of you day to watch TED. The result will be clearly visible in your future.


Hope this helps! Let us know your comments and suggestions about what you think of these ideas.


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