Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?

Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?
Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?

It’s Easter Holidays, but there is an air of tension surfacing in Nicholas’ home, who along with his peers are preparing incessantly for the looming GCSE exams. Parents though smiling are anxious too, because they know how important these exams are, in determining Nicholas’ academic career.

Welcome to the world of GCSEs  a.k.a, “the road path to your dream university”.

So did your child just started that much talked about ‘crucial school years’? Did you just say yes with a tone of anxiety? Not surprising because GCSE exams are ever popular for being a tough nut to crack.

“Kids are smarter these days, hence exams are getting tougher every year” says Augustine, father of Nicholas aged 15 from London. “We need extra help because the competition is so huge!”

Why are parents so conscious about the grades?

“Before we were concerned only about getting a C grade.”  Says Augustine. Now the scenario has completely shifted. Universities are only looking for excellent students. C graders are so many and they are looking for the right choice. You require A grade in all subjects when you apply to the so called in-demand universities. And my kid is like if he doesn’t get into a top university there is no point in continuing further. This is why we decided to hire a private online tutor.”

The Growing Trend

Based on various surveys conducted, there is a tremendous increase shown in the number of students hiring a private online tutor for assisting them in various GCSE subjects particularly English, Maths and Science. Statistics clearly highlights the rate of students in the age group of 11-16 who hired private online tutors to cater their academic needs which increased from 18 to 25 percent last year.

Earlier online tutoring was confined to wealthy students. Now that’s not the case. More and more parents are being well informed and want their kids to have an additional support apart from the regular classes. Also, the prices are very affordable. “says Nicholas.

According to an article published in the Telegraph, London spends the highest amount of money in private tuition. The article titled ‘Parents spend £6bn a year on private tuition in the UK” states:

“Parents spend £6bn a year on private tuition in the UK – with many saying it is a necessity they can barely afford.

More than a quarter of parents uses private tutors to help boost their children’s education, and said that schools provide “inadequate” support”

The trust they put on us is incredible! Most of our students are fed up with their class teachers.” Says Axel Martinez, an online tutor from TutorComp.


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