How Mike won the battle against Math

Like most of the early teens, Mike had recurrent nightmares about numbers in his math book. He lagged his school lessons but was too shy to ask for help. His mother tried to help him out but her expertise lied elsewhere.

Then Mike found help. A genie in a bottle! A genius who could answer his any doubt anytime!

Welcome to the world of online tutoring, the way the new world teaches itself. Millions of students are tapping into their mobile devices to find tutors to coach them on anything under the sun. Online tutoring sites are proving to be the panacea they have been waiting for.

“I had my doubts since the whole concept was entirely new to me.” Says Mike. “But I was pleasantly surprised by the tutor’s method of teaching.”

Mike’s mother Micheale Walker, who introduced him to, says her son is able to solve a problem in just a few minutes.

Micheale says she was constantly nagged by her son over his math homework. “It’s not always easy to help out, there were number of times when I went clueless.”

Micheale is not alone. Many working parents like her have found online tutoring sites the best way to help their children stay competitive. These sites provide a convenient and cost-effective way for the students to excel in studies.

The groundswell is matched by data projections. The online tutoring sector is set to breach $100 billion in revenue by 2018, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc (GIA). The trend is fast catching up in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

“Parents and students alike have started to understand that the need of the hour is to make learning more engaging and personal, thus encouraging them to gradually swing from the conventional educational methods to Online Tutoring alternatives,” says Mr. Gigo Joseph, the CEO of

However, Mr. Joseph added that the real challenge lies in educating the parents and students alike on the possibilities of online face to face tutoring.

“There is still some apprehension among parents to leverage technology to the fullest.”

The beauty of online tutoring is the freedom it offers to the student and the tutor. Students are no longer reliant on the convenience of the tutor. They have help whenever and wherever they seek it.

“When once it was a virtual pipe dream, now online tutoring with the advent of technology has opened up a new frontier in learning, giving opportunities for students and parents to access the best tutor talents from any part of the world.” Says Gigo Joseph adding that TutorComp is very well on its way to expand its horizon to new markets.


Why prefer online tuition over face to face tuition
Why prefer online tuition over face to face tuition

The culture of education has changed a lot in the last decade. The conventional thought of teacher being the controller of learning environment has given way to a much-advanced student friendly atmosphere. The concept of students being considered as knowledge tanks to be filled with information has undergone a drastic change in the present day world. Technological advancement is the key reason for this dynamic approach. The ‘multi-tasking generation’ has little time to spend on everything and the same is applicable in education too. This is where the importance of online tutoring lies. It is the fastest growing mode of education. It helps you in choosing the right program to be trained in at the right time.

Why should you prefer online tuition?

The reasons behind choosing online education are numerous. It gives you the most advanced experience in learning. Students who generally prefer online education are tech savvy. With the advancement in technology, it gives you opportunities to explore new areas of academic courses offered around the globe. Online tutoring is now getting accessible to a large number of people. With the help of a computer and an internet connection, anyone can start learning their desired programs. A lot of online tutoring sites are launched day-by-day due to the increase in demand. Online courses are even shared on platforms like Android and Apple IOS which clearly shows how technology has influenced education.

Traditional education gives you limited opportunities to choose from the courses offered. Educational institutions have its limitations on providing large options since it will be very expensive. They may not have enough faculty to cater to the academic needs of students. In this context, online education opens a new door to the world of an advanced learning experience. Academic interests vary from person to person. Everyone may not be able to find the suitable course in a traditional educational institution. Online education helps you to choose from the thousands of courses offered around the world.

When a student starts going to a regular institution, he will have to spend a lot of money on buying study materials, transportation and a huge amount as course fee. This is why now both students and parents are taking the advantage of online education. With nominal fees and online lessons, a very little amount of money is being spent on the entire process. You don’t have headache of buying all books and reference materials as lessons are provided online. Most often, online education is charged based on the hours of classes the student attend. In a regular institution, you are forced to pay the entire fees for a term, even if you miss the classes. Online education will never make you pay for the classes not attended. Tutors usually don’t charge if the student has some doubts on the lessons taught earlier.

Online tutors help the students in understanding each and everything taught. Students are often assigned to home works, which the tutors will help them to do it. There may be students who require extra care on some subjects. In such cases, the tutors pay special attention to them and will make sure that the student picks up the subject. There are cases when the tutors turn themselves into good mentors. The tutors will be experts in the subjects they teach and so there won’t be any issues with the students in understanding the subject. Students are provided with tools such as shared whiteboards, archives of lessons taught etc. These tools help them to have better interactions and understanding of the subjects. Students can review their lessons through archives which will be helpful while preparing for the exams.

Online education gives a much better convenient and flexible option for the students as they can schedule the classes according to their availability. The students have the comfort of sitting at home and learning. There won’t be any issues of attention deviation as there are no other students sitting next to you to disturb you. Parents too have the benefit of monitoring their student’s regular activities as they are sitting at home and learning. There are people who could not complete their education due to many reasons. For such people, online education is a heavenly blessing. Students can take online courses and even complete entire degrees while working, while in-between jobs, or while taking time to raise a family. Tutors also help the students to get prepared for tests and competitive exams. Online education helps the students to improve their skills and talents by providing creative platforms to explore.

Traditional institutions barely have any option of addressing any concerns regarding the tutoring or ways to improve tutoring. Online education gives you the unique opportunity to share in your feedbacks on tutoring. There will be a dedicated customer support team who handles every academic need of the students enrolled. They will help the students in scheduling classes according to their convenience. Customer Support/Technical Support team takes care of any issues the students or tutors face in order to avoid hassle free tutoring. Most of the tutoring sites have Education Managers who do continuous evaluation on the academic progress of students. Online education has gone a long way forward from where it started. The coming years will witness a huge development on online education. The number of students inquiring about online education is also increasing. In general, online tutoring is the most advanced mode of learning which is convenient and helps in saving time and money.

Tips For Accountancy Study
Tips For Accountancy Study

1. Studying accounting is not like reading a story; it’s a somewhat like math or something.


  • Each assignment in accounting is based on previous assignments completed. If you do half-hearted work in Chapter 1 and 2, you may be confused by Chapter 3 and lost by Chapter 4.
  • Accounting books are condensed. Scan reading just does not work and you will not understand anything.


2. Read to understand “Why”


  • Accounting is logical subject, and it requires reasoning.
  • You should be clear as to why something is followed, and then you don’t have to memorize anything.
  • Explain new topics in your own words.


Putting the new ideas into your own words is better that reciting the words of the text a hundred times.

3. Work problems to understand “How”


  • This is a Do-it-yourself course. You have to understand and do it yourself to be able to establish your knowledge.
  • To be sure that you understand “how” as well as “why,” work the problems that are shown with the reading material.


Don’t copy, try your own skill and then check your answers.

4. Remember “Why” and “How”


  • Go back to previous chapters and notes to refresh your memory. Rework problems that were difficult for you. Work extra problems that are similar to the assigned homework.
  • Never wait until examination time to review your knowledge.


The REVIEW-AS-YOU-GO plan produces better results; the forgetting curve is the mirror image of the learning curve. You forget as fast as you learn.

It is a scientific fact that information that has been forgotten requires that it be relearned, requiring the same time it took to learn it the first time.

5. If there is something you do not understand, prepare specific questions to ask your instructor.

Some students keep a notebook of points with which they have questions. Specify the points which you don’t understand.

Working with accounting problems at home

1. READ THE PROBLEM! Read the instructions and scan the problem to see what is ahead.

2. Work the problems without “PAGE FLIPPING” back to the chapter.


  • When in doubt, look back at the chapter — but NOT until you have tried to do the problem on your own. This indicates that you do not remember the chapter material. You are not prepared for an examination.
  • The “PAGE-PLIPPING” method is guaranteed to waste a maximum of your time and to produce a minimum of results.


3. Keep up with the class! IT IS EASIER TO KEEP UP THAN TO CATCH UP!!

4. Note the part of the problem with which you have difficulty and ask questions during the classroom session.

All the best!!

Mathematics: Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room.
Mathematics: Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room.

Why do students fear math the most? Is it because it’s tougher than the other subjects? Or is it because it requires more practice?

The answer might lie somewhere between the dry, objective nature of the subject and the improbability of a creative space that a student usually enjoys in a subject like Literature, or even Social Sciences. The result oriented and the exacting approach that Maths is dealt with in schools can scare even the brightest of kids.

The solution here is to truly inspire students and engage them in the process of analytical thinking.The solution is to make students believe that Math is fun.

A trimester exam every 3 months and boring math lessons won’t help. The objective here should be an overhaul of the conventional Math tutoring methods:

1. Visual teaching

It’s not about filling blackboards with scary equations. Students remember it better if they can visually encode it. The tutor needs to give as much visual representation to concepts as he can so that students can all picture it in their memory.

2. Maths is everyday

Football classes, swimming lessons, English homework – the schedule seems too tight to fit math in. Yet, the student needs to do it. Training the mind to be analytical is a gradual, lengthy process. If not classroom, an online tutor or a private Maths tutor can be of great help.

3. Everybody is different

No two students are alike. A teaching method that guarantees a student’s success may not help the other. It’s important to gauge what’s working on whom. Some students love the challenge of cracking a problem all by themselves, while some prefer a direction in the very beginning. A customized online course that helps them in daily math homework is worth trying.

4. Managing Panic

The right preparation and readiness avoid panic. But getting rid of this habit of stressing takes some time. The right tutor, the one who understands his students will know how to train them to deal with it. Surprise tests, simulating the exam environment frequently are some of the methods that train students better.

5. Look for Specialists

An algebra tutor must be different from a calculus tutor because of the varying degrees of their proficiency. A math tutor will be well-versed in all branches, certainly. But he may teach a particular branch with a lot more finesse and confidence. Look for an array of math teachers while selecting the best ones for your kid. It may not happen in school, but online private tutors are of great significance in this case. Given the right resources and ample time, any student can excel in Maths. The key is to recognize the challenge well and act accordingly. After all, it isn’t rocket science (or is it?).

Tips for Studying Calculus
Tips for Studying Calculus

Calculus is considered to be one of the most difficult classifications of advanced mathematics. In order to do well in calculus, you need to have strong base and knowledge of algebra and trigonometry. Learning calculus is not a piece of cake. There are no shortcuts- You need to know the RIGHT method. But hey! Nothing is impossible if you spend the right amount of time and strategize your learning habits. Scroll down and find below the 8 most useful tips for studying calculus in a productive manner.

1) Understand your course

Take time to read your syllabus properly. By doing so, you will be able to have an in-depth understanding of your course curriculum and you will know what concept you will be learning, what part of the book the syllabus concur with and all the details regarding your assignments, home works, and exams.

2) Prepare your strategy

You need to create an effective learning or homework plan to manage your time well for both calculus and other classes. Doing so will develop your organization skills, will keep you more focused on your studies. Also, this will give you enough leisure time to relax after your study.

3) Allocate time for homework

Make sure that you allocate at the least 2-4 hours on your homework projects. This will give you enough time to work on difficult homework problems and help you to become more disciplined and channel your thoughts and ideas in a productive manner.

4) Memorize

You must dedicatedly learn formulas, definitions, and theorems on a daily basis. Do not keep it for another day. Learn them right now! This will avoid difficulties in the future and you would find it easy to recall everything you learned in no time!

5) Work every day

When you start working on calculus, you must make it habitual. Do the works regularly on a daily basis. This will definitely make you an expert in the concepts, definitions, and theorems and thus you will find calculus very simple on time being.

6) Form a “calculus gang”

Pick 1 or 2 friends from your class who are experts and enthusiastic in learning calculus. Work regularly with them. This is one of the best methods to learn calculus as your friends will give you out of the box ideas which you might not have ever thought of. And moreover, you won’t get bored.

7) Prepare early

When you have exams, start preparing at the least 5 days before them. Start outlining the important topics, equations, and theorems. This will boost your self-confidence and by the time you write your exam you will be at ease with no stress of failing. This would also avoid last minute emergency issues, for example, illness.

8) Find new problems

You must always be able to work on new challenging problems. Work on problems that are not regularly assigned from your textbook. Do a good research through internet and work on new problems

10 Proven Techniques to Kickstart an awesome School Year
10 Proven Techniques to Kickstart an awesome School Year

It’s ‘Back to School Time’! Ring a bell? Are you racking your brains already on how your new school year would be? Relax! It’s just a matter of how you make the plan. The school year can be fun and even exciting if you draw a perfect map to organize your day to day activities. Whether you are a spontaneous person or not, it’s always best to foresee your future plans and act accordingly. Always remember. One school year is another stepping stone to your successful career. Scroll down and have a look on some of the best tips to boost up your new school year.

1) Embrace the word Organized

Do you know? Your rate of success in studies is directly proportional to how organized you are! You don’t necessarily need to be the brightest kid in your class, but if you have a ‘well thought out’ map to steer your school year; you will be the most successful student among your peers. Period. The first step is to get adequate Binders and folders. Keep a record of your assignments and home works. Mark it off when done. Make sure to have all supplies you need for school and while studying at home to be kept separately. You can combine 3 or 4 major subjects in one notebook. This will help you to reduce the overload. Always remember to clean your folders after work done.

2) Know your Syllabi

How well do you know your syllabi? What all subjects are you taking this year? Know them. Do an analysis. Talk with your seniors; they will be able to give a proper perspective in a student’s angle. Understand which subjects may be challenging for you. Don’t be shy to be a know-all! It gives you an extra edge among your peers.

3) Know Your Teacher

It’s always best to know who is your teacher for some particular subjects, especially the challenging ones. Connect with them. Talk! It can help you big time when the school year begins. It also shows how committed you are and the teacher would be encouraged to help you out in the time of your academic hurdles.

4) Lend Your Ears and Take Notes

Your teacher is the gateway to your knowledge and it’s beyond what’s written in your textbook. So Listen! You will have a lot more to learn everyday from them. Take Notes. Come up with your method to shorten the notes so that you can easily memorize them. Don’t forget to highlight the important points.

5) Gather Study Groups

Of course! They say friends happen to you. But you can always choose the right ones! Make sure to form study groups and regularly spend a couple of study hours with them. It’s a room for more ideas and you will discover your potential at a new level. Have fun, and more importantly learn more!

6) Go Offbeat

Find time for some activity classes! Join clubs whether it is music, sports or art. At the end of the day, you should always find time to do what you love, your passion. This should go in parallel with your regular academic schedule.

7) Visit Your School Library Daily

Read, Read and Read! Do not restrain your knowledge to the four walls of your classroom. Gain as much knowledge as books can provide you! This will improve your vocabulary every single day passing by. Note down the words which struck you the most. Use it while writing.

8) Set a Bar for Yourself

You should always enjoy setting deadlines for your tasks. This will help you prioritize your works more effectively. Think about the rewards you will achieve by doing so! This will push you further more to work hard. Deadlines are the perfect way to end unwanted procrastination!

9) Seek out Your Perfect Tutor

Don’t hesitate to have a backup plan! You might not always be able to keep up with your teacher, and might lose track of your studies at times. Get a good tutor who will help you gain an extra mileage in your academic career. Online tutoring is a good option when you feel you need some help with your homework right then. You will feel more confident and prepared for the next day!

10) Sleep Well

Heard it a million times? But it’s true! In between all the hustles and bustles of studies and club activities make sure you sleep on proper time. Give it a rest and prepare your body and mind for the exciting day coming ahead. Wake up like sunshine!

Top Resources for GCSE Business Studies
Top Resources for GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies help the students to grab deeper knowledge about the subject with the help of long proven business theories and principles. It helps the students to learn skills to run their own business enterprises. The GCSE Business studies include understanding the business environment, market analysis, financial operations etc.

GCSE online Business Studies Tuition, What we offer?

  • Enable the students to understand basic theories of Business.
  • Laying a strong foundation for higher studies in a business stream.
  • Providing interactive sessions by subject matter experts which help to get deep knowledge about the subject.
  • Better understanding of Business Studies through evaluative, analytical and investigative approach.

Why choose TutorComp’s Online GCSE Business Studies tuition?

  • Expert Tutors: We have expert native tutors from renowned universities around the world. The subject matter expertise of our GCSE business studies tutors helps the students to increase their knowledge.
  • Affordable: TutorComp has the world’s cheapest tutoring fees without compromising on the quality. There are no hidden or extra charges.
  • Individual Attention: We provide individual attention and care to our students which help them to build confidence and a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Parent Portal: Our unique facility of Parent Portal service helps the parents to keep track of their child’s academic progress.Feedback and Remarks are shared by the tutor.
  • Technological Advancement: We have state of the art technology used in our GCSE business studies tutoring sessions. Shared whiteboard and video lessons give a real time classroom ambience to the students.

More about GCSE Business Studies

GCSE Business Studies curriculum help the students to gain business knowledge and skills. A wide coverage of global business concepts is included in GCSE Business Studies online tuition. Learning Business Studies opens up opportunities to become a successful business entrepreneur.

The major topics included in online GCSE business studies tuition are:

Understanding business activity

  • Business activity

  • Classification of businesses

  • Enterprise, business growth and size

  • Types of business organization

  • Business objectives and stakeholder objectives


  • Marketing, competition and the customer

  • Market research

  • Marketing mix

  • Marketing strategy

People in business

  • Motivating workers

  • Organization and management

  • Recruitment, selection, and training of workers

Operations management

  • Production of goods and services

  • Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis

  • Achieving quality production

  • Location decisions

External Influences on business activity

  • Government economic objectives and policies

  • Environmental and ethical issues

  • Business and the international economy

Financial formation and decisions

  • Business finance: needs and sources

  • Cash-flow forecasting and working capital

  • Income statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Analysis of accounts

How it works

TutorComp has become one of the best online tutoring platforms in the world because of our unique and dedicated services. Every student registering with TutorComp’s online Business studies tuition are taken through a diagnosis test which is aimed at finding the key area of focus needed. Our Educational Managers analyze the diagnosis test report and assign the apt Business Studies tutor to the student. Our expert native tutors emphasize on one-on-one tuition which gives individual attention and care to the students. Our highly sophisticated Parent Portal helps the parents to track the academic performance and progress of their children. Students will be given feedbacks based on continuous evaluation by the tutors. Our technical team focuses on providing the seamless learning experience with tools like shared whiteboard. Try our Free Live Demo Session to experience the new heights of online tuition.

5 Benefits Of Having An Online Tutor
5 Benefits Of Having An Online Tutor

Selecting an online tutor brings in a lot of benefits. The reason why online tutoring is gaining more popularity these days are because of the benefits students get out of it.


An online tutor can help you learn your desired subjects at your convenience and pace. When you need to travel to a tutor’s place, you often spend a lot of time on it. Online tutors help you save your valuable time and just with the help of a laptop of a tablet PC, you can attend class anywhere on planet earth. Online education gives a much better convenient and flexible option for the students as they can schedule the classes according to their availability. The students have the comfort of sitting at home and learn. There are people who could not complete their education due to many reasons. For such people, online education is a heavenly blessing. Online tuition not only caters to the needs of students from schools and colleges but also for those professionals who wanted to learn while working. Tutors also help the students to get prepared for tests and competitive exams. Online education helps the students to improve their skills and talents by providing creative platforms to explore.


Online tutors are quite affordable than the regular tutors. When it comes to online tutoring, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying books and related materials. The tutors charge only on an hourly basis and that helps us to save a lot of money every month. Online tuition paves the way for cost reduction in the educational system. Students get the opportunity to study different curriculums across the globe in finger touch at affordable prices.


The modern day world is a hub of crimes and delinquencies. Parents always want their children to be safe. It may not be safe to let in tutors to home when parents are not there. In such cases, online tutoring evades the risk of children mingling with strangers. Parents can monitor the activities of students and the students will get a comfortable learning experience.

Time Management

Time is the most concerning matter for everyone. Online tutors give you the unique chances to save time you spend on education. Most of the tutors are flexible in terms of time and are often available according to the convenience of the student. There are sites who don’t schedule classes according to student’s convenience. Such websites may not be of a great help.

Personalized Teaching Pattern

Online tuition comes with the unique chance of learning as per the requirement. Regular schools don’t offer tailor made learning pattern. Online tuition gives you the chance to learn your desired subject. Online tutors assess the requirement of the student as well as learning abilities and design the teaching pattern accordingly. The area of focus needed is the centralized point in online tuition. Online tuition always caters to the needs of student. The convenience of attending classes anywhere at any time makes online tuition the best pick.

10 Best Ways To Prepare For Your Exams
10 Best Ways To Prepare For Your Exams

Competitive Exams and tests have become more complicated than ever before. Every test is conducted to find the best and smart students. Getting admissions in schools and colleges were quite easy in the last decade. The things have changed now and the smarter world looks at smarter people. Preparing for an Exam or a Competitive Test requires a lot of effort and some smart strategies to be adopted. We bring out 10 tips that can help you achieve top test scores.

Advanced Preparation

Competitive Tests and Exams will not be on specific manner as it requires timely intelligence to be applied. There are many students who start preparing for the tests just before the commencing date. This doesn’t make much of a difference. Starting to prepare early for the tests will help students to get familiar with the exam pattern and understand the different perspectives of the test. Early preparation helps to avoid the last minute hurry burry.

Practice Tests

There are a number of free practice tests available online. Apart from just mere test preparation, practice tests help the students to understand in deep the possible types of questions that can appear for the exam. Attending practice tests will boost up the confidence level of students appearing for tests.

Grabbing Study Materials

It is an important factor that you need to sort out the right materials for a better preparation. There are lots of books and other sources available in the market but getting the right materials help you to prepare in a much systematic manner. Getting advice from those people who have attended the tests earlier will help you to get the right study materials.

Setting Up A Proper Study Plan

A proper and systematic time table needs to be set while preparing for competitive tests and exams. This will help the students to organize the study method in a much effective manner. A systematic study plan helps to keep your mind stress free and that results in a better outcome.

Use of Technology

The educational system has changed a lot over the last decade. It is no more searching for books or writing on a piece of paper. There are numerous advanced platforms that make learning easy and fun. You can make use of online tools, blogs, social media, discussion forums, videos and related apps. Online learning helps to boost your confidence and you will come to know about the experience of many people who attended the tests early.

Time Management

It is a commonly heard story that students didn’t get enough time for completing the test. There needs to be a proper planning in time allocation. Practice tests help you to analyze yourself the time taken for attending each and every question. Based on the self-analysis, you can re-frame the time consumption.

Group Study

This is an effective way of preparing for the tests. When a group of students sit together and prepare for the exam, more ideas and thoughts will be generated. Disintegrating individual thoughts to group thoughts will definitely result in a much higher outcome.

Consider Lessons As Stories

This might sound little crazy for most of the students but it is definitely a proven method. Turning each of the lessons to stories help you to memorize the most important points which will stay in your mind for a long time. It is a simple psychological approach that good stories stay in our heart for no reason.

Proper Diet And Sleep

This is another important factor that the student needs to consider. Without a healthy body, you won’t be able to prepare well. Avoid junk foods and take healthy green salads and fruits which keep you steady throughout. A tight sleep is required in order to stay everything you learning in your memory. Preparing without having enough sleep will not help in any way as you body requires some rest after hard working.

Being Positive

If you generate a positive attitude towards the life, that will help you to attain may goals. Your attitude towards learning has a deep impact on the outcome. Try to be positive and expect a good result. Positive thinking accelerates brain activities which result in reducing anxiety.The above-mentioned tips can be taken into consideration at the time of preparing for tests which will definitely help you in a positive manner. Better planning results in better outcomes.

Is your child in need of a tutor?
Is your child in need of a tutor?

Parents often get confused as to what needs to be done for improving the academic performance of their children. Getting a tutor is quite easy, but getting the apt tutor at the apt time makes more sense. The initial days of schooling will be smooth for a majority of the students which make the parents think that their children performing well. As days pass on, there can be a slow decline in the academic performance graph of their children. It is when parents start thinking about personalized individual attention for their children. There are students who may not be able to cope with the daily teaching pattern in the school and that they need some extra care and attention. Let us have a quick look at the possible signs that show your child needs a tutor.

1) Poor Grades

This is the time when most of the parents think about getting a tutor for their kids. There are students who keep on getting low scores and poor grades for exams. This is a clear sign that the student needs some extra support to keep them move forward.

2) Poor Time Management

Time management is a vital factor when it comes to education. Proper time management helps the student to achieve their goals more effectively. There are kids who find it difficult to cope up with the regular studies. A good tutor can help the student to properly manage their study times and finish their homework and assignments on time.

3) Lack of Confidence

Lacking confidence is a big issue many of the students face. They may be good at studies, but a small boosting will be required to take the students to top scorers. There are times when students lack the confidence to seek help from the teachers at school or parents. This can be noticed when they keep stuck with a single work or assignment for a long time. Parents should voluntarily come forward and provide a tutor to the student that helps them to improve their confidence. A good tutor can help the student to build.

4) Lack of Parental Supervision

It is a common sight that parents don’t have enough time to spend with their children to help them improve their studies. The modern day the world keeps everyone busy with their works. Working parents find it difficult to manage their time. This results in a decreasing parental supervision and thus ends up in a poor academic performance of their children. This is another situation where parents need to find a personal tutor for their children.

5) Learning Disabilities

Expert and supporting tutors are required for those students suffering from learning disabilities like ADHD, visual problems etc. There are specially trained tutors who can help students suffering from learning disabilities. Such tutors can adopt teaching strategies that suit the student’s learning capability.

6) Getting Confused

Some students may be working hard but don’t get the desired result. This may be because they get stuck on some topics or homework. Instead of getting angry at the child, parents need to focus on the root cause. Maybe a change in the teaching pattern can help the child to clear those topics where they got stuck. A personal tutor will be able to deliver more attention and care to the student and thus help them to move forward with improved confidence.

Finding the apt tutor can help your child perform much better. The above-mentioned points are the signs that show your child is in need of a tutor. Personalized one-on-one tuitions provide individual attention and care for the student. If you see any of the above-mentioned signs in your child, it is high time to act accordingly.