Is Chemistry so hard to learn?
Is Chemistry so hard to learn?

Okay, it’s quite famous on how Chemistry is NOT a walk in the park.But is it? Why is Chemistry so hard to learn for a majority of students? Is it actually just a matter of extra practice and dedication given to the subject? Let’s have a look on some ways to tackle the issues prevailing while learning the subject

Math is always your solution to Chemistry

It’s’ easy to guess that horror on your face. Math? Really?. But yes, you need to master some Math to master Chemistry. Chemistry applies the concept of Math which includes geometry, calculus, and algebra. Needless to say, you need to be good at High School Math!

Chemistry is not just a subject, it’s a unique language!

We are talking about the popular 118 elements here. It’s like unique alphabets forming a new language. And in order to speak this language fluently, u need to learn these elements. Learn how to apply these elements in your day to day life so that it will help you learn Chemistry easily!

Learning Chemistry is Time Consuming

Have you faced difficulty while writing an essay or a story? Like you know how to write it, but you just need the correct idea at the right time. Else there is a block from the beginning. When it comes to learning Chemistry you need to dedicate extra time above all the other subjects. If you spend some extra time building the foundation, later on it will be easy to revisit the subject before the exams.

Don’t hesitate to hire an online tutor

Yes. Hiring an online chemistry tutor is the current trend these days. And there is no harm to it! Rather getting 1-on-1 attention from your online tutor is the best way to be well informed and more focused. Say, if you have an exam coming up. Or a Chemistry assignment which needs to finish up on a deadline which is next to impossible for you alone. An online tutor can be of great help these scenarios, and of course a great learning experience as well!


Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?
Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?

It’s Easter Holidays, but there is an air of tension surfacing in Nicholas’ home, who along with his peers are preparing incessantly for the looming GCSE exams. Parents though smiling are anxious too because they know how important these exams are, in determining Nicholas’ academic career.

 Welcome to the world of GCSEs a.k.a, “the road path to your dream university”.

So did your child just started that much talked about ‘crucial school years’? Did you just say yes with a tone of anxiety? Not surprising because GCSE exams are ever popular for being a tough nut to crack.

“Kids are smarter these days, hence exams are getting tougher every year” says Augustine, father of Nicholas aged 15 from London. “We need extra help because the competition is so huge!”

Why are parents so conscious about the grades?

“Before we were concerned only about getting a C grade.”  Says Augustine. Now the scenario has completely shifted. Universities are only looking for excellent students. C graders are so many and they are looking for the right choice. You require A grade in all subjects when you apply to the so-called in-demand universities. And my kid is like if he doesn’t get into a top university there is no point in continuing further. This is why we decided to hire a private online tutor.”

The Growing Trend

Based on various surveys conducted, there is a tremendous increase shown in the number of students hiring a private online tutor for assisting them in various GCSE subjects particularly English, Maths, and Science. Statistics clearly highlights the rate of students in the age group of 11-16 who hired private online tutors to cater their academic needs which increased from 18 to 25 percent last year.

“Earlier online tutoring was confined to wealthy students. Now that’s not the case. More and more parents are being well informed and want their kids to have an additional support apart from the regular classes. Also, the prices are very affordable. “says Nicholas.

According to an article published in the Telegraph, London spends the highest amount of money in private tuition. The article titled “Parents spend £6bn a year on private tuition in the UK” states:

“Parents spend £6bn a year on private tuition in the UK” – with many saying it is a necessity they can barely afford.

More than a quarter of parents uses private tutors to help boost their children’s education and said that schools provide “inadequate” support

“The trust they put on us is incredible! Most of our students are fed up with their class teachers.” Says Axel Martinez, an online tutor from TutorComp.

Studies conducted reveals that the most popular GCSE subjects which are being given additional support through private online tutoring are Biology, Physics, Spanish, English, French, and Maths.

So much for the facts. Now let’s have a round-up on why online tuitions are getting this hype among GCSE students:

  • Individual Focus: Private online tutors are able to boost the confidence of a student immeasurably and help the student to secure better grades and excel in the class. Individualized study plans are provided to each student by their respective tutor understanding their strength points and weak points.
  • For the Goal Oriented: Even if the students are brilliant, they seek online private tutoring for some extra stimulation or when they are focused on getting accepted to a particular university.
  • To stay ahead of the game: Because of the fact that the GCSEs are becoming more competitive and challenging. The pressure to achieve the higher grades seems ever-increasing as the news are filled with students achieving A* in seven or more subjects, making them often feel overwhelmed with work and stress.
  • Travel Time Savings: When the parents do not want their kids to travel long distances for quality private tuition. Parents consider online tutoring as extremely safe and convenient.

To conclude…

Coming soon is the age of online tutoring. Though in its nascent stage, private online tutoring has already emerged as the best chosen supplementary education mode among various students, be it GCSE or any other curriculum.

“Maybe GCSEs are tough, but not impossible. We know Nicholas will crack his dream university because help is just a click away!” Augustine smiles.


Are you new to Online Tutoring? Here are 3 Tips before you get started!
Are you new to Online Tutoring? Here are 3 Tips before you get started!

Is Studying bothering you? Are you at that point where you can’t continue learning Math or any subject particular subject for that matter without an additional help?

Your best choice is to hire an online tutor.

Connecting with an expert online tutor can completely transform your  otherwise repetitive and boring academic life. That’s because online tutors are all about fun and interactive sessions thereby inviting more innovative ideas from your side while learning rather than the usual monotonous method of teaching adopted in your classroom environment.

But ofcourse, you might have your doubts on how to get started if you are new to this area. You might be even under an impression of “hey is online tutoring really for me? Does it Work?”

Actually it does! You will get addicted to it if you start learning through  online tutoring using these tips given below:


Take the baby steps

If you are stranded and have no idea where to begin, be aware of what you are committing to. Be realistic in your approach and start your online tutoring sessions slowly.

Do not heap load your week with online tutoring sessions. May be a couple of classes in the very beginning and then take it from there as you gain confidence.

Be clever while developing your online tutoring schedule. Isn’t it exhausting while you study for straight 3 hours in a row but exciting when you break down this time into a group of 15 minutes, taking a break here and there?

Now that’s how your online tutoring schedule should be made.  You should set aside some time for online tutor where you can be academically productive, not just for the sake of it.


What’s your ultimate goal?

This is one question you should ask yourself before hiring an online tutor.  Do you want to get an A in Math? Or you into learning something new, or just need to make that constant flunking in Chemistry to a halt.

Be it anything, your motivation should be clear and well defined. This can help your online tutor to be In align with your goals and design your study chart accordingly.


Get a Demo Session

This is important! There are various online tutoring platforms around but how do you know which is the best? Getting a demo session prior registering can help you get a hang of their platform and teaching methods and then decide if you can give a heads up.

At TutorComp, we provide you a risk free demo session so that you don’t loose your money by directly signing up with us. Take a demo right now and get started with confidence!

These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring
These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring

Parents these days are willing to give only the best to their children as they realize academics is a highly competitive area and to be in the game requires extra help.  According to various reports, UK and US reportedly have the highest volumes of students in online tutoring. TutorComp teaches 10000 students of which 65 percent is from the US. The rest are from UK and 20 different other countries.

But what are the subjects they are mostly looking for? Let’s have a look:

Math: Obviously the most notorious and problematic subject, a majority of students struggle to catch up with their class teacher that too in a highly competitive environment. Knowing the relevance of the subject in future college applications, students are desperate to find an extra help. An online Math tutor is chosen by numerous students who find it difficult to learn Math especially GCSE Maths.

Online tutors help students in breaking down complex problems with easier steps.  According to various studies conducted online tutoring is proving to be more effective since there is room for a one –one interactive session.

English: English, being a worldwide language is a must learn subjects in all schools regardless of country and culture. For the same reason, many students who have no exposure to English language find it very difficult to learn. Lack of good English teachers in their schools further increase this difficulty. This is where online English online tutors are highly demanded by students. Online tutors help students to expand their skills in:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature comprehension

Online tutors also provide services in proof reading.  Even if you are an immigrant or a foreigner they will help you from the beginning by understanding your demographics and cultural difference. Moreover at the end of the day, the confidence and motivation you receive after an online tutoring session is beyond words.

Science:  Students face extreme difficulty while doing science projects and homework. They seek online tutoring help in such overwhelming situations as online tutors provide a great space for them to cultivate innovative ideas with reasoning skills. One- One sessions, again are the reason for this tendency of students to hire an online Science Tutor. The popular subjects in Science students get tutored are Chemistry, Biology and Physics of which Chemistry is No: 1 in the list. Chemistry is a crucial subject for students if they wish to pursue Medicine, hence the demand.

4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring
4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is going highly popular these days. As the apprehension towards online tutoring clubbed with technology is ebbing away, parents and students are slowly shifting towards it.  However, there are people who still express hesitation due to some existing myths about online tutoring which needs to be clarified and erased.  Here we will give you the perfect explanation to 4 popular myths prevailing in the minds of people.

How true are these Myths?

Myth:  Online Courses are repetitive and same

Truth: Not true. Okay, there are certain services which use redundant contents and heavy electronic texts which further confuses the students. On the other hand, many quality online tutoring companies of this era provide one to one tutoring sessions in which customized study plans are designed for each student after initial assessment and conversation with the online tutor.

Myth: Online tutoring is a waste of time after school

Truth: It’s a myth. On the contrary, spending quality time an experienced online tutor is the best way to manage your after school time. Using this option you can interact and communicate your ideas with a person who gives you full attention. Whether it be your doubts or assignment help or a fast arriving test, online tutors are your quick back up.

Myth: There is no guarantee on quality

Truth: Definitely not true.  Most of the online tutoring companies hire online tutors only after a stringent interview process that too handpicked from top universities. They are keenly dedicated at meeting the academic standards, and most of the times and based on surveys conducted, online tutoring is far better than traditional classroom lessons in terms of quality.

Myth: Online Tutoring is not effective

Truth:  Online tutoring is a proven remediation which has helped many students to improve their grades in School. It is the perfect mixture of advanced technology, effective educational approach, and convenience. Based on various surveys conducted, students hails the virtual whiteboard which is the key feature of online tutoring as it increases their engagement quotient through live interaction and file sharing facilities, making it more effective when compared to the traditional classroom set up.

How does online tutoring help students to learn Math
How does online tutoring help students to learn Math

Math is more than often the most problematic subject for most of the students. It is for this reason that parents are trying every possible way to help and support their children who are troubled by math. Tutoring institution is ever so often the prime resource for parents willing to help their children who find it a struggle to understand subjects like math. However, some of the parents choose online math tutoring service providers as they believe that an online tutoring could be much more beneficial than the classroom and in-person learning sessions. With the advantages ranging from better academic results to cost effectiveness, online tutoring could be a valuable tool for every student who is looking to improve his/her grades.

A tailored and personalized tutoring program can help struggling students with subjects like maths

Personalized and customized learning is among the key benefits of online tutoring. With subjects like math, a student could benefit greatly from the personalized attention of a devoted tutor. Most of the times it is more costly for learning math in a classroom environment or with the help of an in-person tutor. However, an online tutor could be tremendously rewarding for learning math. With the help of an online tutoring company, learning subjects as complex as math reassures students the much-needed support of dedicated and committed online tutoring professionals who ensures his students to succeed.

Technology based learning for students

Technology based learning programs are growing day by day. Various online applications like Skype provide video chat features that imitate the face-to-face learning features for students located remotely. No matter how far the tutor or the student is located, online tutoring offers the right path for improving the command of complex subjects like math. With the help of the electronic whiteboard and several learning tools, online tutoring provides students the benefits of efficient and effective math learning. Furthermore, without the requirements of transportation or scheduling, the online tutoring ensures learning is more convenient for students and their parents alike.


What Are The Advantages Of Online English Tutoring For Students?
What Are The Advantages Of Online English Tutoring For Students?

Isn’t convenience that matters above all when you choose a study alternative? This is why most parents find online English tutors effective and benefiting. Gone are those days when parents confronted online tuition with a skeptical attitude. They now realize how important it is to find an education medium which is effective and well blended with today’s technology.

Online tuition is undoubtedly the best way to find quality online tutors with the right skill set to help out your child who otherwise face certain challenges while learning at prevailing classroom scenario.  Especially when we take the case of English, it is a subject which many students face difficulty in grasping quickly when taught by their respective class teacher.

So what makes online English tutoring the best option as opposed to classroom learning? Let’s find out below:

Flexible Scheduling

English learning would never be this easy when you hire an online tutor. You can decide which time you need to schedule a tutoring session.  There is no issue of late buses or getting stuck between normal chores. It’s all about your comfort, you decide when to learn. Just give it a thought. You can even hire a tutor just an hour before your English exam, in case you have any urgent grammar exercises you need to solve!

Focused Learning

In online tutoring, the highlight is you receive 1-on-1 attention from your online tutor. Students get the best opportunity to discuss comprehensive and engaging ideas which is necessarily important while learning English.  Kids who live in digital age find leveraging technology while learning more easier and approachable method. They feel more at ease with an online tutor.

Getting the Right Tutor

The best part of joining online tutoring is that you will get an ensemble of online tutors regardless of subject or curriculum. You get to choose your tutor based on reviews and ratings provided by other customers. Even if a particular tutor is not available at a certain time you can hire the next best in a time which is convenient for you.

How to keep your kids learning after the school days?
How to keep your kids learning after the school days?

Is learning just about the classroom? Truth is, if the student is thirsty for learning more, there are various methods which are fun and productive for them in the long run.  You can involve them in various engaging options which excites them and motivates to learn at the same time. Let’s have a look on some amazing after school routines and ideas for kids which are fun and educational at the same.

  1. Book Club

Reading at young age helps you build your foundation. Make it a habit to read every day before you go to bed. Joining a book club will help you to improve your vocabulary, analytic skills and critical out of the box thinking. Moreover it helps you meet fellow voracious readers and connect.  Book Clubs are the perfect place to expand your reading horizons and explore yourself.

  1. Sports Club

Joining a sports club will help you rejuvenate from the stress of study and work. It helps you maintain better health and strengthen your focus on academics. You fill feel a sense of satisfaction after you work out, or by being a part of a sports club. Also, a great place to meet people in your local community!

  1. Language Club

Language club is the perfect platform to hone your language learning skills. Kids who interact and talk with others in English or foreign languages will develop their interpersonal communication skills. This will also enhance your listening skills and helps to eliminate fear of public speaking.

  1. TED

Yes. TED is undoubtedly the thing now. Watching TED talks can highly inspire you as a student. You won’t believe the ideas brought out by kids of very young age and the way they communicate to live audience. Scientists, politicians, professors, the list of elite people who come to this stage are countless. They talk about anything and everything, education, business, science, tech and creativity on a whole other level. Spare at least  30 minutes of you day to watch TED. The result will be clearly visible in your future.


Hope this helps! Let us know your comments and suggestions about what you think of these ideas.

Is Missing Lectures Harming Your Studies?
Is Missing Lectures Harming Your Studies?

James had his goal all set before he entered his school year No matter what he is going to attend all the lectures. Actually, he did pretty well for the first few months.

But then the inevitable happened.

While someday it came in the form of a surprise cold, the other days it was an emergency situation at home. Even better, his subject teacher was not just good enough.

And the result? He skipped a class, or a two.

“I think this just happens to everyone. It’s impossible to attend all the classes. Sometimes the teacher disappoints us with boring power point presentations, completely different from what we may have expected.” Says James a student from Ohio.

But what happens when you skip lectures altogether?

Missing a couple of classes is okay. But bunking classes unnecessarily is a bad idea and can put you at risk. Yes. It is your choice to skip a class or two, but always make sure to weigh the consequences. As the number of classes increases, it will harm your studies.

So what can you do to save yourselves from the harm of missing lectures and the eventual flunking?

Be sure to give your professor a heads- up

“Larger the number of students in class, higher the chance of your professor ignoring your absence”

Either wise, you must intimate your professor about your missed class and the exact reason through email or over a call. This not only creates an impression on you, it also as a student would help you to be more confident to clear your doubts with the professor later.

Moreover, this is mandatory for classes where attendance is a critical criterion for scoring better grades.

All you need is one good friend

“It’s necessary to fill in gaps. Enquire what all topics were covered in your absence”

You know your fellow peers. Talk. Ask them to share notes, if they are willing to help.

Form a study group if possible. This would be of added advantage as they will keep you updated about what you missed and how you can cover them up by the next class.

Hire a Private Online Tutor

“There are various expert online tutors available when you need any help”

This is one of the best ways to stay updated in class.

If you have gone through your syllabus, you will have an idea of what chapter you are going to miss when you take leave. Ask your tutor to assist ahead of your teacher, that way you can surprise both your fellow peers and teacher.

Jake Mathew, 17, a student from Texas speaks highly of the perks of online tutors.“As a grade-driven student, I’m particular about not missing a chapter. Online Tutors helped me big time when I missed a week of class last semester” he says. “It’s funny when I see my friend’s expressions because I always know more than they do.”

So let’s ask us again. Is missing lectures the end of the world?

The shortest answer is no. But on a long term, yes, there are consequences. Everything depends on the frequency of leaves taken. Always make sure to not take both your professor and lecture for granted.

How Online Tutoring Can Propel Your Academics
How Online Tutoring Can Propel Your Academics

Online Tutoring is doing wonders for students and is a major source of relief for parents these days.

Unlike the old times, this is an era of the working class people. Two parents working families have multiplied. Sure they do make sure to provide everything to take care of their kids, but it’s not always possible to give full attention to the children’s education. Not every time are they available to cater their kid’s so called “Math Situation” or an assignment on a challenging subject which is to be submitted on a critical deadline.

Online Tutoring is one of the best ways to provide support for the struggling students because it is flexible, cost effective and user friendly. With Online tutors, students can clear their doubts at any place at their own convenience. A Smartphone with net or laptop along with data card is more than enough to learn online.

Why Online Tutoring is the Need of the Hour

As a parent, if you discover that your child is struggling with a particular subject in school, hiring a good online tutor could be a great assistance to your child in improving study habits, keeping pace with school upcoming tests and assignments, and cultivating self-motivation.

“For this generation of students, the old model of hiring a tutor to come once a week to your house no more makes sense to them because they need help immediately. Most of the students are now driven by the devices at home and the one in their pockets” says Mr. Gigo Joseph, CEO, 

He adds that even though we have the largest K12 education system, the lack of access to good teachers and the conventional teaching approach results in low global education evaluation. “Schools and colleges provide some set of knowledge to the students, but this knowledge is not enough for them. They are often busy in finishing their syllabus. With the help of online tutoring aids, students can be at ease and ask their doubts without any hesitation”
Online tutoring is a secure and convenient alternative for students these days. The conventional tutoring methods where students need to wait for a particular date and teacher’s convenience is long gone in the past. It’s is all about student’s convenience. Whether it’s for any sort of homework help or last minute exam hustles, they can now hire an online tutor at anytime, anywhere according to their requirement.

“My 14 year old son Joe used to constantly nag me over his Math homework. At times it went well, but there were situations I would end up stammering”, says Mrs Kyle Jonathan. Joe said he had his doubts regarding signing up for an online tutoring platform when his mom introduced him to TutorComp. “This was new, and I was unsure how effective it would be compared to my class teacher. But I must say, they were fantastic”. Mrs Jonathan further said how Joe solved his math problem in just few minutes

A Break Through On the Anvil

Although an untapped sector, online tutoring is really growing fast, as more parents seek affordable and convenient ways to the normal known human tutor. According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), the global private tutoring market is expected to cross 102.8 billion by 2018. Moreover, GIA stats highlight the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific to encompass more than 90% of the global private tutoring market.

“The Online Tutoring Market is here to stay. The change is inevitable, and we are moving one step ahead along with the advancement of Technology,” says Mr. Raju Kurian, Chairman of TutorComp reflecting on the rapid expansion of TutorComp in US and Australia