Encourage students to learn
4 tips to encourage students to learn

It’s not necessary that a student be brilliant to be motivated to student.  Any student can get encouraged if you give the proper guidance and dedication.  If you give even a light gesture of positive note, the student will feel more confident in oneself and develops interest in learning.  Online tutors are known to be the best study alternatives as they act as personal mentors to thousands of students all across the world.

Develop an interesting teaching style

Do not adopt the same learning style that every teacher does while they teach. Make it more fun and engaging. Share some jokes after hours of teaching. You can even tell your own inspirational stories which will definitely motivate students to study more.  Also give examples rather than sticking to books while teaching.

Give Easy tasks first

Students feel they have achieved something when they get the task done successfully. Give them easier assignments first so that by the time they complete them they will feel ready to work on much difficult tasks. If you give a difficult task in the beginning, student will feel less confident and withdraw completely from learning that particular chapter.

Divide and Rule

Any big assignments or tasks can be easily done if they are divided well and done accordingly. Allocate time for each portion. Students will be exhausted if they get the whole assignment to be done within a short span of time. Instead divide it among groups and see the results. Even Rome was not built in a day!

Short Cuts and Strategies

They say smart work is better than hard work. Of course hard work is required, but certain smart tricks can help you solve problems much easier. Online tutors should help students with short cut methods especially when solving Math problems. This would change the attitude of students and will be motivated to study more.

How do sports improve student’s learning skills?
How do sports improve student’s learning skills?

You must now be thinking this; sports, really?  But it’s true!  Sports impact focus and determination in students. It helps them to have a healthy approach towards life and stay positive. The overall development of a child can be shaped by practicing sports activity.   This blog will surely encourage more students to be engaged in sports.

Helps in being a good team player         

In order to be excelling in any area of your career or personal life, you need to be a good team player.  Sports are all about being part of a team and this will be you to be more active and a better decision maker. Also, it will help them to be more willing to help others. Being part of a sports team is the best way to make meaningful relationships as well.

Being Disciplined                      

One cannot avoid being disciplined while engaging in sports. You need to be punctual, behave well with your teammates and organized.  Being a sports person will make you realize the importance of hard work. You will learn not to get unnecessarily angry and control your temper at a simple or big loss. You will learn to have control over your emotions and manage stress and anxiety with ease.

Embracing Loss with a smile      

You will never always be victorious in sports. Sometimes you might be lucky, some days hard work pays well, and at other times you will simply get defeated. But continuous exposure to sports activity will help you to embrace loss with a smile. You won’t get utterly disappointed in being defeated. This will also reflect in your studies. Even if you fail or doesn’t score good marks as you expected, you will know how to deal with the situation with calmness and grace. Sports thus helps you develop discretion.

Top 5 tips to ace your Physics exam
Top 5 tips to ace your Physics exam

Learning physics is not a walk in the park for many students although some find it quite easy. Students who find difficulty studying Physics need a systematic approach to score better in exams. Online tutoring is the best choice of students these days when they find it challenging to study Physics.  Some of the tips online tutors suggests for getting good marks in Physics are the following:

Check the data twice

Obviously physics are all about numerical data. When you write down the data from your question paper, make sure you copy it right. One simple mistake can lead to disastrous problem solving results. For instance 3000 and 300 is different and make huge difference in the last answer. Also be careful with constants.

Prepare for the difficult question

Physics exams can be unpredictable. You might have only worked on the easier chapters but then question paper would turn out quite the opposite.  For this reason, be prepared for the difficult question. Work on them in advance and practise as many exercises as you can.

Be thorough with laws

Do not forget to study the basic rules and laws of physics which includes basically laws of motion and thermodynamics. You can never escape them as long as you intend to study Physics!

Organize Flash Card Notes

Preparing flash card noted can help you recall what you learned easily.  Especially right before exams when you don’t have time to mug up junks of information, flash cards will help you out to remember important formulas and laws.

Why students should take online test to improve learning skills
Why students should take online test to improve learning skills

E-Learning is now everywhere.  Tutors and students alike are gradually shifting to this advanced technology tailored learning medium as they realise the relevance of it.  From basic school Math exams to higher level entrance examination, students these days choose online tutoring as their study alternative. Students take various online tests to prepare for higher exams as they know the examination world is getting competitive each day passing by and need to be prepared to face any kinds of challenge whatsoever. Taking online tests will help students to manage time, answering strategies and various exam patterns.

Some of the benefits of taking online test include:

Correct tracking of performance

The major benefit of taking an online test is that you can track your progress. You can take online tests multiple times and these would be in different patterns every time you take it. This helps you to track your progress each time and they will option to record it. After scoring better in online tests, you will feel more confident before taking actual tests.

Feedback on the go

You don’t have to wait for the result the next day or a week unlike in other manual exams.  In online tests, your feedbacks are immediate and precise. No biased results, no room for fear. Even if you fail the test, no one is there to judge you. You can take the tests multiple times and improve yourself based on the feedback.

No manual effort required

Managing online tests are very easy. There is no requirement of paper or need to go to a particular place to attend the test. You just need a smartphone or a laptop to attend the exam. Also, the results will be automatically stored in the database which makes it further easier for the students to attend the exams.

How to reduce stress while learning?
How to reduce stress while learning?

Are you someone who is known as the laid back one, but who gets stressed from studying?  You don’t ever get enough of learning a subject and keep worrying about what if you miss that particular chapter. The number of math exercises you have done might be countless, but you are still not satisfied.

As always, this is just not your case.  Stress is a normal physical activity when you are challenged over something or when you feel you are in danger. Most of the students take exams so seriously which puts them in high stress.

Follow these tips to reduce stress for effective learning:

Work Out Regularly

The best way to reduce anxiety is through regular physical activity. You can choose at least one activity to do like going to gym, cycling, walking whichever you enjoy. But do it regularly. Continuous work out has been a proven remedy to reduce stress.

Go out for a walk

Take breaks when you study. Now this should be strictly done.  Studying continuously for hours and hours can wreck your brain eventually leading to high stress and anxiety.  Just keep moving during the breaks. Get some fresh air. Walk your dog. Call up your friends and share a joke. Laughter can definitely help you out to reduce stress.

Practice Yoga!

There is no better way to reduce anxiety than doing Yoga.  Yoga helps you regain your drained out energy. This also helps you as a student to enhance your focus and from not being distracted.  Doing yoga can also prevent various diseases and help you stay healthy. After all, emotional relief is important when it comes to studies.

Talk to your online tutor

Hiring an online tutor doesn’t mean you are hiring another tutor, you are also hiring a personal mentor here. Talk about your anxiety with your online tutor. Discuss which subject give you more stress. This would definitely help you overcome stress


5 Tips for Parents during Kid’s Exams
5 Tips for Parents during Kid’s Exams

They may not tell you, but your kid needs you the most during their exam time more than anytime. Even if it’s a small gesture, as a parent you could do wonders on your child’s performance in their exams. So the question is, how?

Here are 5 tips for helping and supporting your kids during their exams.

  1. Know your kid’s exam timetable: Pin the timetable up prominently at your home. Note the date and the time of every paper that your kid has to take. In the stressful mode of the exam period, you are required to be aware when your kid needs to be at the exam center.
  2. Make sure that your kid is present for every exam: For working parents who leave home early, ensure that you avoid the disaster of your kid missing his/her exam. Ensure that your kids are up and ready before you go to work every morning. A number of students fail to appear for their morning papers regularly.
  3. Make a checklist of everyday requirements: Do a final check every morning before leaving your home, so that your kid is prepared fully for the exams. All the writing instruments together with the other requirements like erasers, rulers, calculators must be checked beforehand.
  4. Listen to your kid’s story after every exam day: After every exam let your kid recount their exam story. Don’t be tempted for reviewing in details the omissions or errors or in the exam paper. This achieves nothing absolutely but would increase your kid’s stress levels. Allow them the space and time for telling their story and move on to next exam.
  5. Help them on focusing on to next exam: It could be very helpful for your kid in reviewing the paper immediately ahead. Questions like what is up next? Are there any predictable questions? Is there any compulsory section? Such questions could be helpful for your kids in devising a study time plan before the next exam.
Tips to stay focused while learning
Tips to stay focused while learning

Do you get easily distracted while learning? Like the moment you open a book and start with the first chapter, your mind wanders about the football match coming up next week or a film you have to catch up the next day.

Well, this is just not your story. Every student faces this issue.

Your brain is filled with thousands of memories and information regarding day to day life which you can’t avoid and comes back and give you a nudge at the perfect time- while studying. But this state of mind can be conquered with the following tips.

Turn off your Cell phone

This is by far the most important thing of this century- Switch off your phone! The major cause of distraction is undoubtedly cell phone. If you keep them on, you will be tempted to check for messages or Facebook updates every 2 minutes disturbing your studies. Turn off your phone atleast for an hour and start studying. You will see the difference right then!

Clean up your work space

Your work space location should be arranged somewhere it avoids any kind of distractions.  Choose your location wisely, whether it be your library, bedroom, balcony make sure this place offers peace and silence. Do not close the door, but you may keep a “do not disturb” sign board while you study. Keep all you educational related materials by your side. Pen, Pencils, geometry box, papers, rough book, text books and note books and everything.

Encourage your parents to switch off TV while you are learning. When you hear the sound of some exiting program, you may get tempted to have a peek. It’s better to have that proper environment of silence whenever you learn.

Seek help of an online tutor

Why is it necessary that you should study all alone? Put your trust on an online tutor and start learning through one-to-one interaction. This will help you to be focussed and determined to study.

Online Tutoring: Why is Whiteboard better than Video Conferencing software?
Online Tutoring: Why is Whiteboard better than Video Conferencing software?

Online Tutoring: Why is Whiteboard better than Video Conferencing software?

It’s been a long time since there has been this discussion going on over the internet and social media.  Ofcourse, video conferencing software tools are a great medium for communication, but are they always effective when it comes to learning?

Risks of Video Conferencing Software tools

  • Most of the video conferencing Softwares are paid and customers have to download the software and install on their computers.
  • Users need to actually download the software and be aware of software updates. In the worst case, your operating system might not even support the new update.
  • There are no playback or recording  facilities available in various video calling software making it difficult for students to recollect the lessons afterward
  • There are various privacy issues involved when it comes using normal video calling software as us your online tutoring medium.  People can add you unnecessarily to their contact list and compromise your personal details.
  • Advance Scheduling is not possible
  • There are no learning and geometric tools available like pencil, graph, eraser etc which makes tutor-student interaction less fruitful.

Why TutorComp’s Whiteboard is ideal for online tutoring?

Whiteboard of TutorComp is nothing but the best. Sleek, compact yet so simple. Our whiteboard comes with a host of features to help tutors and students get an experience of the complete online classroom. The best part is even a beginner can understand the features so easily. Also, there is no need to download whiteboard as this is a browser based platform.  On our highly interactive whiteboard, students and tutors can write, draw or share documents and have many tools that help the students and tutors to have a highly interactive class. Below given are a couple of screenshots of the whiteboard to get a better understanding of this integrated platform.

If you want to get a demo session,  take a demo here

How to develop super memory while learning?
How to develop super memory while learning?

Your memory is something which is beyond ordinary. Many neurologists are still trying to figure out the various mysterious functions of brain that we are still unknown to. Funny thing is, even when you remember some of the early memories of your childhood, you might run around your room looking for your mobile which is already in your pocket. Sounds familiar? You would have wondered about how you forget all the things you learned right before you are about to write your exam.

Well, that’s how tricky our brain is.

Brains process different memories in different manners. Hence they also tend to forget according to various type memories being stored and other functional reasons.  The 4 major reasons why brain forgets information are:

Retrieval Failure:  This happens when memories which gradually fade from our brain due to incomplete rehearsal of a certain information. This is a general form of forgetting

Interference: When you try to remember 2 two things at once, there occurs a competition and hence brain would only absorb the most important one among the both. This results in forgetting the second category of information.

Inability to store memories: Have you ever tried to recollect a particular Math equation over and over again and failed? That’s because you haven’t actually remembered the equation at all! Some information never makes it to your long term memory box and hence you believe that you’ve “forgotten” it.

Active Forgetting:  Active forgetting happens due to post traumatic experiences or accidents happened in the past.

Repetition and Reflection

Active Forgetting is mostly not cured, but other forms can be conquered and worked upon if you take a little effort from your side. Your focus should be on how to retain important information. So when you attend the online tutoring session, make sure to ask as many questions as possible to your online tutor. Asking questions are one of the best possible ways to memorize and recollect information in the long run.  Remember this formula while you learn anything, Repetition and Reflection.

How can parents support their school going child?
How can parents support their school going child?

Maybe you are a highly qualified person or not, but when you are a parent, you might want to be involved in your child’s academics. All you want then is your child’s success and you are willing to do anything for that, but without being too obvious, isn’t it? No kid wants their parent to be labeled as “interfering” and you already know it.

We believe these tips should help you strike the right balance between your personal life and child’s education.

Ensure homework are completed on time

Involving in your kid’s homework can be fun by encouraging him/her to do it, not by doing it yourself. A school going child requires adopting a trial and error method while learning or doing homework.  When you do the homework all by yourself instead of developing this process, they are taking this as an opportunity to take academics for granted. Also, they won’t learn how to deal with success and failure.  Provide your kids with plenty of learning opportunities and be aware of their progress in class. Let them explore the rest on their own.

Be in touch with the Teacher

Schools often arrange parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of the respective child with the parent. Parent teacher meetings usually happen once or twice a year. Make sure to attend them no matter how busy you are. This would help you to prove how involved you are in your kid’s education. Even if you miss out any of the meetings, don’t hesitate to reschedule them. Teachers would only be happy to help you in any such conditions. Build a positive acquaintanceship with the respective class teacher as they could help your kid in emergency study scenarios.

Getting the right kind of assistance after school

You child might be an expert at Math but not so good at Chemistry which might affect the overall performance in school. Every child has a unique learning style. The truth is even you may not be aware of it, let alone your class teacher. This is where seeking an online tutor would help. Online tutors are certified professionals who have in-depth knowledge in different learning styles. They could be of great help if you find difficulty in helping your kid with a particular subject.

What do you think? Let’s know of your comments and suggestions!