How online tutoring makes Physics education more engaging?
How online tutoring makes learning Physics more engaging?

Among various subjects in the field of science, physics is one of its most popular and intricate branches. The concepts and principles of this stream based on space-time, matter, energy and motion are some of the most widely used in several technological innovations.

These concepts and principles have made us available the technology where we can use a computer, cell phone, automobile, television, medical equipment, and numerous other advanced gadgets and devices conveniently.

Most of the students have physics as part of their curriculum from their junior or mid-junior classes. A deep understanding of this subject would assist the students in appreciating the importance of physics in everyday life. Learning physics help students to learn a lot more about this universe and helps to enhance their reasoning and logical skills.

Book learning is a monotonous and tedious activity for the high school students. For making Physics education more engaging and effective, students could take the help of online tutoring programs. With the help of integrated whiteboard, the online physics tutor describes each and every concept in a safe e-learning environment to the students. Online tutor always makes sure to demonstrate live examples to students in order to make the session more engaging.

In the recent past, online tutoring has seen massive growth. With the help of online tutoring, you could customise your sessions according to your learning needs. Moreover, it also offers assignment and homework assistance to the students.

Physics can be one of the highest scored subjects just like mathematics. With internet-based learning, students not only just find in-depth knowledge, but also would assist them in their overall professional development.

The advent of new technology has transformed the way of learning to a large extent. Hence, it is advisable that students enroll themselves with online learning programs to study physics in a fun and easy way.

4 Most common mistake students do during exams
Four Most common mistake students do during exams

There are few common mistakes which students do during their examinations due to which, despite preparing well for exams, they lose marks and end up scoring low.

Let us look at few of such mistakes and understand how to correct them:

Arriving late for the examinations

Most of the students are very punctual on exam days. Though, there are some who exhibit the habit of being late almost for every occasion. This delay might mean that you may not be allowed to appear for the exam. Even in case you are permitted, your mind wouldn’t be calm enough to start writing your paper immediately. It is hence advisable that you should reach the exam hall well in advance so that you don’t miss out on those precious minutes.

Beginning your paper with the toughest question

Most of the students start their papers on hearing the bell. They don’t even glance through the whole question paper once. It means that they might start their paper with the toughest question first. It puts them under mental stress. This can cause a not-so-good impression over the examiner if the quality of the answer is not good.

Not just that, students also miss out on the time and realise later that they have very little time remaining for completing the rest of the paper. As the mind of the student is focused on the difficult question, he/she might find it tough to answer the questions which are easy.

Missing out crucial instructions

It is advisable to go through the whole question paper before you start writing. It gives you the crucial time for contemplating between difficult and easy questions. Students could also read significant instructions or notes provided. In case you missed those important instructions or notes, then you might end up answering much more questions than needed. It is better that you discuss with your online tutor on how to manage your time during examinations.

Not answering all questions

Some of the students scan their question paper first and then start with the easier questions leaving the difficult ones to be answered later.

Though, it might happen that they get stuck with some other difficult questions, leaving them with no time for returning to the questions which are yet to be answered.

How to help students with disabilities
How does online tutoring help students with learning disabilities?

Educating students is a rewarding experience. So is the case when it comes to educating students with learning disabilities. Only difference is, it’s challenging too. The traditional teaching methods might not be that effective in teaching physically challenged students. You may want to adopt smarter learning techniques and strategies to make their learning process smoother. This is where online tutoring can be of help.

Online Tutoring – A relief for parents of disabled students

Online tutoring has a great advantage on disabled students when compared to usual classroom teaching methods. Reason being, the student can learn at his own comfort and convenience. Most of the physically challenged students show a tendency to shy away from the norms of classrooms and other students. When it comes to online tutoring, there is no such issue and they can learn at utmost freedom with one- one session.  Same time, online tutors are experts in developing interpersonal skills among students. Constant interaction and discussions would help them to be more confident. For developing interpersonal skills, online tutors also conducts group class including the particular student and give group assignments to do.

At TutorComp, we have a special section of online tutors who could cater to students who are physically challenged. Their expertise includes:

  • Create individualized lesson plans for the student
  • Academic support at all levels of studies, ranging from homework support to tests.
  • Monitors progress throughout the process.

Enroll with TutorComp today to improve your grades.

Checking student progress
How to track student’s progress?

It is highly crucial to track a student’s progress while learning.  Every student is unique and has a different style of learning. A truly talented teacher will easily identify the student’s weakness and strength and teach accordingly.  Also, tracking a student’s progress will help you analyze your performance as well and make improvements accordingly.  By means of collecting as well as analyzing data, online tutors can able to make out trends and assure that their students are receiving the most out of online tutoring experience.

TutorComp has one of the most effective tracking systems to analyze the student’s progress which has the following aspects:

  • Time Efficiency
  • Student Friendly
  • Regularly updated
  • Result Oriented

Some of the methods adopted to track a student’s progress include the following:

Asking Questions

This is one of the best ways to track your student’s progress.  After tutoring a particular portion of a particular subject, ask questions, easy and tough ones so that to get an insight into the student’s knowledge and grasping level and to know whether he/she has listened to your class. Every tutor wants their session to be interesting as well as effective. Asking questions would help you to know where your student stands on that particular day. This also shows a hint of his/her future performance as well.

Taking Feedback from students

Recurrent feedbacks should be collected from your students after a week or at least a month. This shows how interested the particular subject is and how he/she rates the online tutor. Also, you can give your feedback to the student after each class. This will help the student to introspect and encourage to work harder.

Self Evaluation

You can ask your student to prepare a write up about how far he has progressed in the particular subject.  Let them compare their progress with themselves by analyzing how they performed when they joined the program and compared to now.  By this method, you will know if the student lacks confidence or is still worried about his performance.

Top 4 Versions of Online Tutoring

The effectiveness and convenience of online private tutoring are attractive to both tutors and parents. The online tutoring industry is experiencing a tremendous change due to latest IT innovations and technological advancements, which open up new areas for efficient learning. Online tutoring, made available by sophisticated modern day technology, provides students numerous advantages which are unavailable in traditional courses. These advantages include reduction of traveling time and allied expenses, and the comfort engaging in the session in one’s own home. Due to such advantages result, most of the students opting for online private tutoring over in-person tutoring center. As in other industries, online learning experiences trends driven by IT advancements and changes in Technology.

Mobile Learning

Learning through Smartphones has been getting a great deal of attention lately. With the arrival of online learning apps for iPhones, Androids and Windows phones, learning via online means has become convenient for students. Day by day most of the online tutoring companies are developing and building app-based e-learning programs for students. Accessing e-learning study materials and whiteboards via app-based tutoring program offers flexibility to students who need simplified and quick assistance outside the traditional classroom setting.

Game-based Learning

‘Gamification’ that’s game-based learning has increasingly admired in recent years, as various educational institutions and companies have developed the different variety of games for serious educational purposes. Such education based games not only enhance the quality of learning but are also very useful in developing a learning-centered culture in students.

Video Infographics

Infographics play a very important role in online learning. Professionally crafted infographics are very handy to teach students online learning content, in subjects ranging from the basics to the highly complex study contents. Infographics provide information in a visual means; the visual presentation and appealing design of subject matter assist infographics to make online learning valuable.

Cloud-based Learning

Everything digital is going cloud. This is the one reason why most of the online tutoring tools and learning management systems (LMS) are now switching over to cloud-based platforms. Cloud-based online tutoring provides enhanced flexibility; in addition, the cloud computing-based e-learning companies offer a huge collection of videos and course materials to students which can be accessed online.


Learn online
4 ways TutorComp makes learning interesting?

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When you join TutorComp, the best part is that you can choose your time for your sessions! Students have the complete freedom and flexibility in selecting the online tutoring class. For the same reason, you don’t have to follow a particular time since you schedule your sessions according to your convenience.

Take your classes from anywhere

Students can choose whichever location they want when arranging an online tutoring session. The only requirements are a laptop with a good internet connection! That is one big advantage when you join TutorComp. You can learn from your home, or from your car while travelling or even during your holidays.

Choose from thousands of expert tutors

TutorComp has a vast database of qualified tutors from world’s top universities. The tutors are selected after a rigorous interview process so as to provide top quality tutoring to our students.

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Science with Online Tuition
Learning Science with Online Tutoring

Understanding plays a very important role if one wants to excel in academics. This is found to be particularly true in science related subjects. In general, some students feel Science is a foreign subject because they are not able to relate to it, thereby causing trouble in understanding. Now, we are going to see how online tutoring helps you score better in the science subjects.

Identify your problems: There are several different topics found under science including physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, biology and so on. Narrowing down the problematic area could help you in working with the subject better. Some could not have the ability to understand bonding concepts, whereas others are not able to receive chemical reactions. With online tutoring, you can get your basics, which help you a lot. Generally speaking, it is very essential to get the math while working with the molar equations in chemistry.

Practice to solve and balance equations: It is not enough to just look at equations and examples. So, it is very important to solve and balance them. In some cases, questions may come regarding missing variables in the equation. So here, the practice may come in handy. Online tutoring enables you to work out different classifications and lots of problems. In case you have doubts, tutors are available online to clarify your doubts anytime from anywhere.

Try to understand the real life applications: Inquiring lots of questions and applying what you have studied to the real life situations is very important. If you are looking at anything, it is better to imagine in terms of compounds. Whenever you have a talk about chemical reactions, try to analyze how it happens and how it can be used in your real life. Online tutoring gives you projects and assignments in the manner wherein you could actually do experiments in the lab in order to determine things.

Save time with online tuition
6 Time saving tips for online tutors

It’s an inevitable fact that online tutoring requires considerable time for the tutors to prepare for their online classes. However, when the course is set up beforehand and with the help of right tools and strategies, a tutor could save a lot of time. A little planning in advance could save the online teacher ample time when it really counts. Most of these practices ensure more engaging learning experience for an individual student and make the online teaching less stressful for the tutor.

Here are 6 tips for online tutors to save time!

  • Prepare a welcome plan which not just introduces you as a tutor and the overall course but also provides a detailed instruction about accessing the course and from where to seek help.


  • Always organize a syllabus quiz. Preparing a syllabus quiz which would help the students in understanding how the course is structured and where they need help.


  • Keep the content easily accessible to no more than just a few clicks away. Have a consistent format module-to-module or week-to-week.


  • Be strict with respect to forms of communication. In case you provide your students with multiple messaging accounts and email for contacting you, be ready to receive a lot of unorganised messages from the students. Ensure that you’re very clear about ways of communication.


  • Automate the course to the extent possible. Whiteboard facilitates video recording which could help you to record and then reuse your lectures. This would help both you and students to make the tutoring and learning process more effective.


Centralize all the question and answers. Utilise discussion forums for FAQs. Prepare a FAQ page for your students. Encourage the students for asking questions in the forum itself instead of emailing them so that every student could benefit from the answer.

Tips to improve algebra score
Tips to improve your Algebra score

Do you easily get frustrated with Algebra? A majority of students openly proclaims their dislike towards Algebra and finds it next to impossible to score good in the subject. What most students should primarily understand is that they should understand the concept first before working on any problems. Practise is one other thing. Practise can make you the master of Algebra.

Following tips can help you score good marks in Algebra:

Work on Arithmetic

Arithmetic is the most important factor of Algebra. It is closely related to several branches of Mathematics and hence cannot be ignored at all. Mastering arithmetic will clear your way to mastering Algebra.

Learn Pre- Algebra Formula

It’s very critical that you memorize every rule and every formula related to Algebra. This will make learning Algebra a less tedious work.  Have all the formula on your fingertips!

Algebra Online tutor

Hiring an online Algebra tutor can save a lot of time and effort from your part. They can help you with any kind of after school Algebra programs be it difficult home works, deadline driven assignments or exams. An hour a day with an online tutor will change your attitude towards learning Algebra.

Practise Well

The more you dislike Algebra, the more you should practise. You can conquer even the toughest subject if you just practise. This way you will find the concepts a lot easier and gain confidence in a matter of time.

Help your children understand it better
Constructive Criticism helps Children to Learn and Understand Better

Teachers have an obligation of teaching the students the way they would prefer to be treated, like being respectful, always doing the best work, and learning from the mistakes. At the same time teachers are required to provide students constructive criticism in helping them to accomplish the best of the best. When a student does something wrong or make mistakes, teachers should offer meaningful suggestions for correcting them without really hurting their self-esteem.

Constructive criticism is the well-balanced way of providing positive and negative feedback. Studies reveal that, when teachers critically analyse students and give their suggestions, students have shown real improvement with respect to grades resulting in overall educational satisfaction in both school and college levels.

Constructive criticism is a way of communication

If your teacher is criticising you it means they are providing feedback about your performance or your understanding of the subject – it gives a self awareness about your flaws and corrective action. Constructive criticism could guide students to find best practices, help them to be objective and have a better point of view.

Constructive criticism helps a student to think deeply

As a student, if you feel you are right but do not receive feedbacks from anyone, how would you know that whatever you are doing is good? Whether you’re performing well? Listening to the criticisms would precisely tell you what’s good and where you need improvement. Use such information for changing your performance. At times it would make you uncomfortable listening to that criticism but it would make you and your overall learning effective and robust.

Constructive criticism gives you an advantage

Now give this a thought: if you have a teacher to tell you on how to improve yourself and perform better, that’s the best kind of information you could get from anyone. It gives an added advantage over other and could be used in future for getting things right and faster. As a student, you should find ways for embracing criticism as important information from your teachers which would help you in learning and understand the subject better.