Common Questions About Online Tutoring Answered

Is online tutoring different from face-to-face tutoring?

Unlike face-to-face tutoring, you need not travel out from the comfort of your home. Online tutoring is done over the Internet using voice chat and a shared digital whiteboard. It is a one-on-one class with an experienced tutor for the student.

Is my laptop enough for an online tutoring session?

Yes, a laptop is enough for an online tutoring session. The modern software also allows the use of tablet PCs for online classes.

What are the other things that I need for an online tutoring session?

A reliable broadband internet connection and a headset with a microphone are all that you need for an online tutoring session.

Is a digital tablet compulsory for an online tutoring session?

A digital tablet is not compulsory during an online tutoring session. However, it allows the student to have more control while writing on the digital whiteboard.

Can I take online tutoring sessions from wherever I live?

You can take an online tutoring session from anywhere you live as long as you have a reliable Internet connection and a PC.

Can I upload my assignments/homework and seek help from the tutor?

The student can either upload the details of the program allows it or even email the assignments or work to seek help from the tutor.

Can I take the session whenever I want?

A student can decide as to when he/she wants to have an online tutoring session according to his/her convenience and taking into account t the availability timings of the tutor.

How often should I attend online tutoring sessions?

There is no fixed rule. You can choose to attend as many sessions as you may want.

How many students can be present during a tutoring session?

Any personalized tutoring service would allow only one student to be present during an online tutoring service.