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Why students should take online test to improve learning skills
E-Learning is now everywhere.  Tutors and students alike are gradually shifting to this advanced technology tailored learning medium as they realise the relevance of it.  From basic school Math exams to higher level entrance examination, students these days choose online tutoring as their study alternative. Students take various online tests to prepare for higher exams […]
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How online tutoring makes Physics education more engaging?
Among various subjects in the field of science, physics is one of its most popular and intricate branches. The concepts and principles of this stream based on space-time, matter, energy and motion are some of the most widely used in several technological innovations. These concepts and principles have made us available the technology where we […]
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How can parents support their school going child?
Maybe you are a highly qualified person or not, but when you are a parent, you might want to be involved in your child’s academics. All you want then is your child’s success and you are willing to do anything for that, but without being too obvious, isn’t it? No kid wants their parent to […]
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Tips to score good marks in English
Are you facing problems with English? You might be surprised on how you can score low for a language which otherwise you find comfortable speaking.  Even native language speakers might face challenges while writing grammar test. Beating grammar has always been problematic even for excellent students. Getting high marks in English unfortunately, requires good marks […]
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How to excel in Physics and get good grades?
Be it any subject, understanding is the crucial factor which determines where you will excel in a subject. When it comes learning Physics, this is even true. Physics can be as worse as learning a foreign language if you do not understand the basic principles and concepts that lay the foundation. This is why many […]
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3 Tips to find the right online Language Tutor
Are you looking for the perfect online tutor for learning a difficult language? When your search progress, it’s vital that you find such an online tutor who is not just a teacher, but also a confidante and a mentor who encourages you to learn beating all obstacles on your way.  Your question now would be, […]
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Do you make these 3 mistakes while learning online?
Online Tutoring is undoubtedly the most convenient learning alternative for students to improve their performance and score good grades. But do you achieve your goal just by hiring an alternative without making a real effort from your side? Check out 3 common mistakes made by students while learning online. Not having a plan is NOT […]
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How to be well prepared before your start your online session
When your hire an online tutor from TutorComp, you have decided to be the best in your class. For the same reason, always make the best out of our expert online tutors by preparing well before your session starts. It’s important that you don’t waste your quality time with your online tutor, right? Keep your […]
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How to cope when you fail a subject repeatedly
If ever you had to repeat a grade in your school, you won’t be probably very happy. Whether you failed because you struggled with the study materials or you have missed a lot of your schooling or for any reason, it’s crucial to have a positive attitude about it to succeed further in life. How […]
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Online Tutoring – A Welcome change in the Pedagogy of Teaching
Online tutoring system is designed to be a fully stand-alone solution to every academics problem. Online tutoring could help students in great ways in order to keep up with the classroom work. It is one of the best ways to provide support for the struggling students because the school can be challenging for all types […]
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