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4 Most common mistake students do during exams
There are few common mistakes which students do during their examinations due to which, despite preparing well for exams, they lose marks and end up scoring low. Let us look at few of such mistakes and understand how to correct them: Arriving late for the examinations Most of the students are very punctual on exam […]
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5 Tips for Parents during Kid’s Exams
They may not tell you, but your kid needs you the most during their exam time more than anytime. Even if it’s a small gesture, as a parent you could do wonders on your child’s performance in their exams. So the question is, how? Here are 5 tips for helping and supporting your kids during […]
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How to develop super memory while learning?
Your memory is something which is beyond ordinary. Many neurologists are still trying to figure out the various mysterious functions of brain that we are still unknown to. Funny thing is, even when you remember some of the early memories of your childhood, you might run around your room looking for your mobile which is […]
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Follow these 3 tips for a healthy student lifestyle!
Do you feel like got caught up in your hectic student life? Packed School Calendar, dreading exams and deadline oriented assignments, early and late evening lectures, it can be a real uphill struggle ahead of you. Most of the time students forget to take proper care of their brain and physical health both. Alarming facts […]
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Exam Fever: More GCSE Students turn to Online Tutors for help?
It’s Easter Holidays, but there is an air of tension surfacing in Nicholas’ home, who along with his peers are preparing incessantly for the looming GCSE exams. Parents though smiling are anxious too, because they know how important these exams are, in determining Nicholas’ academic career. Welcome to the world of GCSEs  a.k.a, “the road […]
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What are the essential qualities of a math online tutor?
Math is one of the tough subjects for most of the students in school. In case a student has aspirations of a college, they are required to meet specific standards in mathematics and are required to do well in SAT as well as ACT, where they have their respective math sections. To some students, an understanding […]
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Online tutoring
Which of these 7 learning styles do you adopt while studying?
Which of these 7 learning styles do you adopt while studying? It’s not new information that every one learns differently, be a child or an adult. Everyone has their own learning style.  You may not notice it, but everyone subconsciously adopts a learning style while learning something.  Earlier the learning styles where commonly divided into […]
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These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring
Parents these days are willing to give only the best to their children as they realize academics is a highly competitive area and to be in the game requires extra help.  According to various reports, UK and US reportedly have the highest volumes of students in online tutoring. TutorComp teaches 10000 students of which 65 […]
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How does online tutoring help students to learn Math
Math is more than often the most problematic subject for most of the students. It is for this reason that parents are trying every possible way to help and support their children who are troubled by math. Tutoring institution is ever so often the prime resource for parents willing to help their children who find […]
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