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How to reduce stress while learning?
Are you someone who is known as the laid back one, but who gets stressed from studying?  You don’t ever get enough of learning a subject and keep worrying about what if you miss that particular chapter. The number of math exercises you have done might be countless, but you are still not satisfied. As […]
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Tips to stay focused while learning
Do you get easily distracted while learning? Like the moment you open a book and start with the first chapter, your mind wanders about the football match coming up next week or a film you have to catch up the next day. Well, this is just not your story. Every student faces this issue. Your […]
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Online Tutoring: Why is Whiteboard better than Video Conferencing software?
Online Tutoring: Why is Whiteboard better than Video Conferencing software? It’s been a long time since there has been this discussion going on over the internet and social media.  Ofcourse, video conferencing software tools are a great medium for communication, but are they always effective when it comes to learning? Risks of Video Conferencing Software […]
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Are you a High School Student? Try these 5 tips to get better at Math!
High School is considered to be very crucial as they open the gateways to colleges and your dream universities.  Needles to say, scoring marks in Math is vital since it decides a student’s problem solving and logical skills.  Hence you always need this urge to get better and better in Math. Lets’ help you with […]
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How to be well prepared before your start your online session
When your hire an online tutor from TutorComp, you have decided to be the best in your class. For the same reason, always make the best out of our expert online tutors by preparing well before your session starts. It’s important that you don’t waste your quality time with your online tutor, right? Keep your study […]
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Enhance your Calculus Knowledge through Online Tutoring
Calculus is a part of Mathematics which has a great connection with Science and Engineering. It is a branch of Math that is all about the study of change and rate of change. So in order to master Calculus, you first need to master Algebra and Geometry. Which means you need to spend a good […]
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How online tutoring innovate students
How online tutors are stimulating innovation in students Today, learning has become totally digital, which offers students that chance for exploring several learning resources and using the one which fits their style of learning. Once they identify their style of learning and find the materials which could assist them in their learning at their own pace, […]
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Is Chemistry so hard to learn?
Okay, it’s quite famous on how Chemistry is NOT a walk in the park.But is it? Why is Chemistry so hard to learn for a majority of students? Is it actually just a matter of extra practice and dedication given to the subject? Let’s have a look on some ways to tackle the issues prevailing […]
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Are you new to Online Tutoring? Here are 3 Tips before you get started!
Is Studying bothering you? Are you at that point where you can’t continue learning Math or any subject particular subject for that matter without an additional help? Your best choice is to hire an online tutor. Connecting with an expert online tutor can completely transform your  otherwise repetitive and boring academic life. That’s because online […]
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4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring
Online Tutoring is going highly popular these days. As the apprehension towards online tutoring clubbed with technology is ebbing away, parents and students are slowly shifting towards it.  However, there are people who still express hesitation due to some existing myths about online tutoring which needs to be clarified and erased.  Here we will give you the perfect […]
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