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Which of these 7 learning styles do you adopt while studying?

Which of these 7 learning styles do you adopt while studying?

It’s not new information that every one learns differently, be a child or an adult. Everyone has their own learning style.  You may not notice it, but everyone subconsciously adopts a learning style while learning something.  Earlier the learning styles where commonly divided into visual, physical and audible. But now, as people are evolving these 3 styles have been further developed in to 7 separate branches.

So the question is, which of these below given 7 learning styles do you use while you study?

It’s important to know, because knowing your learning style will help you to further enhance it with a bit of extra help, like an expert online tutor.

  1. Visual Learner: If you are a visual learner you will prefer learning with pictures, diagrams, images and mind maps.
  1. Physical Learner:  These learners are called as the “learn by doing” learners. The use their body parts to learn something. A physical learner use strategies like role plays, a sense of touch while learning.
  1. Aural-Auditory Learner: These learners prefer a audio medium while learning. They use various sounds like music and rhymes certain pattern of rhythms. 
  1. Linguistic or Verbal Learner: The Verbal learner is all about words.  They prefer words in both writing and in speech. They use techniques like scripting and also read out text book aloud and write down whatever they learned from their teacher or through textbook. 
  1. Logical Learner:  The logical or mathematical learner as the name implies use logic while learning, and are considered to be the best learners as they understand the concepts very deeply. 
  1. Social Learner:Social Learners work their best while they are in a group. They need interaction to learn new concepts. 
  1. Solitary Learner:These learners can only and only learn the best when they are alone. They avoid any sort of distraction while learning. 

Since you got an idea about the 7 learning styles, the next big question you should ask yourself is this

Does you traditional classroom teaching set up help you to enhance these styles?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Traditional school system adopts basically 2 commonly used methods which are Logical and Linguistic. But the truth is, there are a majority of students who belong to 5 other categories.  Teachers are unaware of these styles and are only coming to know it, putting other students in a difficult situation.

An Online Tutor is the best solution in this scenario. You will receive one-one assistance from your online tutor who will help you to explore these learning styles and to adopt it into your regular study routine. This will help you to understand and complex problems given in classroom very easily.

Use TutorComp to hire an expert online tutor right now and ask them which learning style is more comfortable for you.!


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