5 Tips for Parents during Kid’s Exams
5 Tips for Parents during Kid’s Exams

They may not tell you, but your kid needs you the most during their exam time more than anytime. Even if it’s a small gesture, as a parent you could do wonders on your child’s performance in their exams. So the question is, how?

Here are 5 tips for helping and supporting your kids during their exams.

  1. Know your kid’s exam timetable: Pin the timetable up prominently at your home. Note the date and the time of every paper that your kid has to take. In the stressful mode of the exam period, you are required to be aware when your kid needs to be at the exam center.
  2. Make sure that your kid is present for every exam: For working parents who leave home early, ensure that you avoid the disaster of your kid missing his/her exam. Ensure that your kids are up and ready before you go to work every morning. A number of students fail to appear for their morning papers regularly.
  3. Make a checklist of everyday requirements: Do a final check every morning before leaving your home, so that your kid is prepared fully for the exams. All the writing instruments together with the other requirements like erasers, rulers, calculators must be checked beforehand.
  4. Listen to your kid’s story after every exam day: After every exam let your kid recount their exam story. Don’t be tempted for reviewing in details the omissions or errors or in the exam paper. This achieves nothing absolutely but would increase your kid’s stress levels. Allow them the space and time for telling their story and move on to next exam.
  5. Help them on focusing on to next exam: It could be very helpful for your kid in reviewing the paper immediately ahead. Questions like what is up next? Are there any predictable questions? Is there any compulsory section? Such questions could be helpful for your kids in devising a study time plan before the next exam.

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