4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring

4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring
4 Popular Myths that spun around Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is going highly popular these days. As the apprehension towards online tutoring clubbed with technology is ebbing away, parents and students are slowly shifting towards it.  However, there are people who still express hesitation due to some existing myths about online tutoring which needs to be clarified and erased.  Here we will give you the perfect explanation to 4 popular myths prevailing in the minds of people.

How true are these Myths?

Myth:  Online Courses are repetitive and same

Truth: Not true. Okay, there are certain services which use redundant contents and heavy electronic texts which further confuses the students. On the other hand, many quality online tutoring companies of this era provide one to one tutoring sessions in which customized study plans are designed for each student after initial assessment and conversation with the online tutor.

Myth: Online tutoring is a waste of time after school

Truth: It’s a myth. On the contrary, spending quality time an experienced online tutor is the best way to manage your after school time. Using this option you can interact and communicate your ideas with a person who gives you full attention. Whether it be your doubts or assignment help or a fast arriving test, online tutors are your quick back up.

Myth: There is no guarantee on quality

Truth: Definitely not true.  Most of the online tutoring companies hire online tutors only after a stringent interview process that too handpicked from top universities. They are keenly dedicated at meeting the academic standards, and most of the times and based on surveys conducted, online tutoring is far better than traditional classroom lessons in terms of quality.

Myth: Online Tutoring is not effective

Truth:  Online tutoring is a proven remediation which has helped many students to improve their grades in School. It is the perfect mixture of advanced technology, effective educational approach, and convenience. Based on various surveys conducted, students hails the virtual whiteboard which is the key feature of online tutoring as it increases their engagement quotient through live interaction and file sharing facilities, making it more effective when compared to the traditional classroom set up.


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