These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring

These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring
These are the 3 popular subjects in online tutoring

Parents these days are willing to give only the best to their children as they realize academics is a highly competitive area and to be in the game requires extra help.  According to various reports, UK and US reportedly have the highest volumes of students in online tutoring. TutorComp teaches 10000 students of which 65 percent is from the US. The rest are from UK and 20 different other countries.

But what are the subjects they are mostly looking for? Let’s have a look:

Math: Obviously the most notorious and problematic subject, a majority of students struggle to catch up with their class teacher that too in a highly competitive environment. Knowing the relevance of the subject in future college applications, students are desperate to find an extra help. An online Math tutor is chosen by numerous students who find it difficult to learn Math especially GCSE Maths.

Online tutors help students in breaking down complex problems with easier steps.  According to various studies conducted online tutoring is proving to be more effective since there is room for a one –one interactive session.

English: English, being a worldwide language is a must learn subjects in all schools regardless of country and culture. For the same reason, many students who have no exposure to English language find it very difficult to learn. Lack of good English teachers in their schools further increase this difficulty. This is where online English online tutors are highly demanded by students. Online tutors help students to expand their skills in:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Literature comprehension

Online tutors also provide services in proof reading.  Even if you are an immigrant or a foreigner they will help you from the beginning by understanding your demographics and cultural difference. Moreover at the end of the day, the confidence and motivation you receive after an online tutoring session is beyond words.

Science:  Students face extreme difficulty while doing science projects and homework. They seek online tutoring help in such overwhelming situations as online tutors provide a great space for them to cultivate innovative ideas with reasoning skills. One- One sessions, again are the reason for this tendency of students to hire an online Science Tutor. The popular subjects in Science students get tutored are Chemistry, Biology and Physics of which Chemistry is No: 1 in the list. Chemistry is a crucial subject for students if they wish to pursue Medicine, hence the demand.


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