3 Fast- growing online learning trends of 2017

Online learning trens in 2017
3 Fast- growing online learning trends of 2017

The year 2017 would observe advanced learning trends primarily focused on enhancing the experiences of the user in the online tutoring segment. Enhanced ways of learning would have a comprehensive impact on schools throughout the country. Though, there are massive prospects for the technological advances for the user experiences and learning platforms. The R&D think tanks of the e-learning industry are reacting confidently to the future needs and are keenly looking forward to the various vibrant learning solutions that could be delivered for meeting developing requirements.
Video Content
There is an exceptional increase in the use of video content. Today, almost all of the social media platforms are accommodating large quantities of the video content. The impact of video content on the viewers is much more. The video content is effective for inspiring the users for delivering action. The video content is one of the platforms generating high volume of the Internet traffic globally. With respect to online tutoring, it has a very critical role in assisting the learner for absorbing the new information. Integration of videos in online learning sources hence make the overall learning very effective.
Smart phone Content Learning

Number of smart phone users are ever growing. This form of learning has increased with the growth of technology and smart phones that made it easier for the users in accessing the content. As the mobile devices are portable, they have made the concept of “anywhere/anytime at your convenience” form of learning possible for everyone.
Micro Learning

Micro learning is among the advanced and most recently developed learning concepts. This form of learning involves short learning sessions of 10- to 15-minutes. Multinational companies employ micro learning to train their employees for attaining higher and enhanced levels of proficiency. This form of learning is ideal for the students as it less time-consuming. It would be available to the online tutoring industry soon and would help the learners get most out of the online learning.


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