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Recent students feedbacks

Algebra online Tutor

My daughter Ciya was directed by a tutor named Talal from TutorComp for about a year in preparation for her Algebra exam. At that time I saw her very mature and she was developing a wide range of skills to allow her to become more and more confident in that topic. The classes she attended not only reinforced this development but it did give her a caring as well as Friendly atmosphere.

Texas, USA


Trigonometry online Tutoring – TutorComp

Hey TutorComp, Over the 3 to 6 months with you we have seen our daughter improved not only academically but emotionally as well. Her confidence level has gone so high and it has soared under new wing and we truly believe this has been a very fundamental element to her success. This confidence has enabled her to explore and try new tasks without any fear of failure…as parents this was a pleasure to see. Getting very good grades for her Trigonometry exam gave her infact an actual sense of success…This new attitude has really had a real impact in her lyf as well as overall school work, achieving far more and more than she was before.

Dallas, USA

Brian B. Werts

Physics online Tutor – TutorComp

This is all because of TutorComp. In this life and life yet to come there are lot many people who are very active in the path we take, considering yourself one among them in training and guiding our son to his next schooling. Our son used to struggle really hard with Physics. Now Physics has turned out to be his favourite. He scores the highest in Physics. We are very proud of him. This is all because of TutorComp and TutorComp alone.

Chicago, USA


Maths online Tuition – TutorComp

Tutors from TutorComp helped our son a lot. He didn’t had had the confidence to solve any problems before he got a tutor from TutorComp. Now we’re really amazed to see the difference in him. He’s so happy to learn maths. It has become a part of his life. We’ve really very much appreciated coming to TutorComp and the most caring, motivating as well as learning atmosphere you guys have created there for us. Many thanks to the entire team once again from the bottom of my heart.



Pre-Calculus online Tutoring – TutorComp

Dear and dearest Wendy, a very big thank you for putting in all your time with my daughter Tenseena and helping her a lot to believe that she is capable enough to solve the problems in Pre Calculus. Your classes has made a great difference in her. Many, many thanks.

Wales, UK


Pre Algebra online Tuition – TutorComp

Thank you TutorComp for the kindness and showing forth your valuable helping hand to my daughter. She has really enjoyed learning with all of you. She loves algebra which she used to hate a lot. She’s scoring real good grades in her Pre algebra exams.

Scotland, UK


Geometry online Tutor – TutorComp

Whenever I source tutoring for my children, I know that the interactions between tutor and student are very mandatory, in order to enable the children to engage with the learning techniques and process. Having assigned Cephas to the school many years ago from now, it really was a natural thing to come to you for tutorial support. You guys do have very talented tutors, who put the students at ease, and enables learning to take place. Tutorials provided by you guys are really ‘priceless’ for us, because not only has your Tutors been super, probably more important than his success, is that tutorcomp as a team developed our child’s confidence in himself and his abilities. It has helped improve his grades in Geometry for which he had a tutor. He is very much confident in this subject than any other. Thank you TutorComp, Very Good Job.

England, UK


Algebra online Tutoring – TutorComp

Hello Tijo, Once again, thank you very much for your efforts in helping ma daughter pass her Algebra exams. Very much appreciated TutorComp

London, UK

Jesse C. Lee

Trigonometry online Tutoring – TutorComp

Many thanks for all your help, my daughter has really enjoyed and is benefited from the help provided by you. The mock exam for Trigonometry was especially helpful as she was very nervous & this helped to prepare her for the real exams.

Dallas, USA


Calculus online Tuition – TutorComp

I am astonished it’s not because of her development since having these few sessions with you in Calculus, but because the complete care, enjoyment and interest in your lesson and the homework you send her home with. I think she is booming on being in the small group that she is in…” She loves TutorComp and us as well…



Geometry online Tutor – TutorComp

We are so grateful for TutorComp’s help with our daughter in Geometry. Her grades have topped far better than our hopes.

Los Angels , USA

Brian L. Ramirez

Trigonometry online Tuition – TutorComp

Hi TutorComp, My daughter has achieved A grade in Trigonometry we are really pleased. Thanks a lot again for your help provided to her. She has enjoyed the course very well and never once didn’t want to attend which is a credit to how you have structured and delivered the course. You were totally precise in your declaration that she would peak in September and I think her results confirm that! Thanks again and best wishes for your future tutoring courses as well.

North America


Chemistry online Tutor – TutorComp

TutorComp has tutored my child to prepare for his exams and he has enjoyed being with them. He has great confidence in them and like them as a team very much. He is doing very well in Chemistry.

Northern Ireland


Algebra online Tutoring – TutorComp

TutorComp is not just a tutoring site, but it consists of many kind-hearted people towards whom I am grateful. TutorComp has helped me towards the High School test and taught me how I should write essays and other important things. The Tutor Tijo helps me with Algebra. He makes me works hard, but I don’t mind because it’s all worth it. Tijo has played an important part in my life…he is a great tutor. He has helped me through all important tests that I did so far. Tijo is a very, very nice man and also the best tutor ever. If you want a child to go to a good tutor then ask TutorComp, mind you they’ll probably be full, and they are so good.

Northern Ireland


Geometry online Tuition – TutorComp

Dear Jennifer, You are the best tutor teacher ever, keep it up dear, without you I don’t think I could have passed my Geometry exams so well, but I did and it’s all because of you. I love TutorComp! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Great Britain


Pre-Algebra online Tutor – TutorComp

To Tijo, Thank you for helping me so much with my algebra work. You have worked really well to get me to this level. What I would like to say about your teaching is that when compared with other teachers you make teachings like an excursion to the theme park, so thank you very much Tijo, I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Perth, Australia

Theodore J.

Calculus online Tuition – TutorComp

The greatest tutors you can have in the galaxy you live in would be TutorComp! Helped me score A grade in my calculus exam…

NSW, Australia


Maths online Tutor – TutorComp

A huge thank you from my heart of hearts for being wimme and for helping me pass my Math exams with a great score! Also thanks for your help over the last 2 years as you have helped me improve my ‘game’!

Victoria, Australia


Algebra online Tutor – TutorComp

Thank you for teaching me so much. I neva thought that the Tutors you provide would give a detailed teaching in Algebra. I couldn’t have done the exam without you.” Thank you TutorComp.

Sydney, Australia


Geometry online Tuition – TutorComp

The tutors in TutorComp were exceptional. Fronil is very delightful, talented, dedicated, patient and supportive tutor. He really created a very strong interest in Geometry for Kate. Luke is a very pertinent and natural teacher who gave the best advice and guidance Kate could have received in his subject. He is a gem. They are all very outstanding. I have already recommended your services and will continue to do so

Cairo, Africa

Mrs. Jacob

Pre-Calculus online Tutoring – TutorComp

I would like to thank you for sending us Casey. She is amazing beyond all expectations. She gave the best classes in calculus for my child. She is more than a tutor, guiding Chloe to time management with whole School management expertise. TutorComp have got super set of tutors.

Johannesburg, Africa

Mrs. Millen

Accounting online Tutor – TutorComp

Jomita is absolutely fantastic for our daughter, she has improved her grades greatly and even her Accountancy teacher asked who her tutor is! Emma just wishes she got tutoring early as Jomita has helped her really enjoy and understand the subject and she is actually looking forward to her Accountancy exam!

New York, USA

Mr. Charles

Pre-Algebra online Tuition – TutorComp

Our daughter was very reluctant to date in learning algebra, but she joined really well with Tijo in TutorComp. I believe that Tijo will be ideal as a tutor for anyone. He is in fact a respectful and lovely young guy!

Dallas, USA

Mrs Teseena

Trigonometry online Tuition – TutorComp

Stephanie was a great help to Lucy especially with Trigonometry. She has gone the an extra mile in preparing material for my daughter to help her get ready for the exams she had and also gave her lots of inspiration. TutorComp very well job!!!


Mr. Nelson

Calculus online Tutoring – TutorComp

Our experience with TutorComp was excellent! We are especially very grateful to Jomelin for coming in for the final couple of years. He was delightful, professional, and knowledgeable and a great help to Sharon with Calculus. We would highly recommend him as a tutor.

Milan, Italy


Kevin's Mother Feedback

My son Kevin always neglected his math because he found it too stressful more coz he is not very good with numbers and his avoiding it worsened his negative interest in the subject. I desperately tried to help him 1 day and I browsed through the net to find a tutor so that he gets to learn at home and his tiredness after school would not be an excuse to refuse my intention of trying to help him and then I found tutorcomp.com which was has been more than helpful.

Kevin now is not only getting very good scores in math but his approach for the subject has changed so much positively coz the method that he is taught in, is really very simple and I am very happy for him. I've no doubt now that he'll only do better from now all credit goes to tutorcomp.com. I am most willing to refer tutorcomp.com to any of my friends coz of the response that I have experienced in my sons grades.

Furqan Parent Feedback

I am grateful for the excellent support provided by Tutor Comp. Furqan has missed 1st Term due to transfer from Abu-Dhabi to Saudia. He was lagging behind and struggling to catch up as a result his O level 1st year grades were in the range C to E and 2nd . At this moment I decided to get him support and I fortunately found TutorCom.It was not possible without your support. I am obliged for the guidance and support provided by your organization and admire TutorComp professionalism .

Vignesh Feedback

I studied Biology and Chemistry from Tutorcomp, and it was really amazing. My marks increased from 35 to 48 out of 50 in Biology. All the tutors are always online, So we can ask doubt anytime if we have

Alreem Alrowahi

Thank you for your wonderful lessons. My English has improved significantly and become more fluent. I really appreciate the way you organize it. Your lessons are very helpful

Vaishali Parent Feedback

I would like to tell you that my daughter got full marks in science exam . The full credit goes to Tutorcomp. Thanks to tutorcomp

Ashley Parent Feedback

"Thank you TutorComp ! I really appreciate the encouragement and hard work tutorcomp has given me. Tutorcomp has pushed me beyond my line"- Australia (Ashley Passed Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program Entrance Test)

Sai Rusali Parent Feedback

My daughter wrote the spanish exam very well.Thanks to you all...

Jassem Parent Feedback

I thank u for you help and the tutor for his effort and time.Thanks to you all...

Khairavi Reddy

Highly appreciated for the tutor Ms.Sahaana her interest of teaching and dedication towards student. We are really happy with Tutorcomp services. Looking forward for the best from your end in future