Student Policies

Our Policy on Students Login

  • Students can login at for their classes.

  • Students would be provided with a secure login Id and password before their first class.

  • Students are required to log in 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class timings.Students can log in anytime within 10 minutes of the scheduled class. However, beyond this time limit, the student shall be marked as ‘absent’ for the class. However, the session fee will be chargeable for the student

Our Policy On Fees Payment

  • The first Invoice shall be sent to the student after the enrollment and the student is required to make the payment before the first class.

  • The student is required to pay the fees within 5 days of receiving the invoice. In case of default, a fine as per the discretion of the management shall be imposed.

  • The classes would be ‘on hold’ after 4 classes of non-payment of fees (these sessions will carry a fine per session). The classes will be resumed when the fee (along with the fine) is paid.


  • A student can cancel up to only 2 classes in a calendar month.

  • The cancellation reason should be informed 24 hours in advance by the parent/guardian of the student.

  • Any cancellation of the session after the second one in a month will be fully chargeable

  • The student can, however, inform the concerned authorities to cancel classes in case of emergencies.

Referral Policies

  • A student can refer yet another student interested in taking online tuition classes with TutorComp.

  • The student, in this case, is eligible for incentives.

  • If the new entrant enrolls in TutorComp, the existing student earns four free classes or an equivalent amount of case or a reduction in the fee payable to TutorComp. (However, the new student should have enrolled, taken at least 4 classes and made a fee payment for the incentive to be available for the older student.

  • There is no limit on the number of referral credits that an existing student can earn.

  • Referral credit will be applied at the beginning of the first billing cycle of the new customer. However, in case an existing student has made more than two referrals in a single month, any balance credits will be applied in the billing of the subsequent month