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TutorComp's Online Tutoring Process

TutorComp's online tutoring procedure is built on the core features of Passion, Innovation, Dedication, Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity. The teacher and student interact live on a shared whiteboard and work together on the tutoring sessions which is designed entirely on the student's requirements, time availability, his goals and aptitude. Our private tutors cater to the tutoring needs of students of all ages and ensure that, skill-building along with academic support is delivered online.

How We Help The Students In Their Learning Process  .
1.Enquiry and Orientation - Academic Advising  .

Students fill in the Inquiry form with tutoring requirement. Academic Co-ordinator assess the details filled in and speaks to the student to make sure that we understand student specific academic, assignment or homework help needs and goals for effective tutoring.

2.Diagnostic Process  .

Students are taken through Diagnostic assessment or pre-assessment before instruction, which focuses on the area of domain knowledge before beginning the tutoring. Lesson plans are designed according to the outcome of diagnosis.

3.Knowing the Tutor and Trial Session  .

Filter and allocate the absolute finest tutor possible to match the students training needs. A free trial session with No-obligation to continue scheduled as per the student's convenience, is the USP of our online tutoring process.

Education Manager to take the student and tutor through the Technical Demo on how to use our Proprietary whiteboard for one-to one tutoring.. In our Online Tutoring process - Tutor, student and Education Manager will connect during the demo session. Discuss with student and parent on the demo outcome, because promising outcomes have been documented in subjects and literacy, when children's parents are involved in the educational process.

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4.Class Scheduling And Charting  .

Education Manager would Design tutoring chart, shares it with the student and Education Manager, and posts it in the parental portal. Account Details of Student's portal to students and that of parental portal to parents are assigned.

5.Progress Analysis .
A.Developmental Assessment – what's todays learning?  .

Developmental Assessment is given during the tutoring process. It is not just about tests and homework but an interactive process.

Based on the outcome, the training needs or topic to be addressed are determined. Parent can go through the developmental assessment and find the gaps between what has been learnt and the weak areas. A descriptive feedback is a valuable component of this Assessment process. Appreciating students on what they did well, and suggesting links and other resources for improvement would help them reach the next level of learning.

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B.Comprehensive Assessment – The result  .

A comprehensive assessment is given in periodic intervals of instruction to measure the students understanding of a subject.

This includes high stakes tests, standardized exams, interim tests, midterms and final exams.This process also includes questions for parents based on the instruction provided. The result of these assessments help us reach the students timely and effectively support them in their learning process. Routine evaluations, helps the students focus. Live progress Reports, Periodic evaluations, tests and teacher's feedback on students, put the students back in track on successful learning process.

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6.Mentoring Session  .

Our Education Managers are accountable for quality control reviews, to provide support system, manage the performance of our tutors and students, assist to identify and prepare tutor resources, corrective action recommendations, guidance through difficult situations, follow-through of administrative support required, and general oversight of the team quality.

7.Managing End Result  .

Monthly meet are scheduled with parent, tutor and Education Manager. Student's progress are analysed and corrective measures implemented.

Along with subject teaching, importance is given to Non-Academic and Personal Development activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. During the tutoring association with your child, our team takes responsibility of multiple formal and informal roles as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach and mentor. We make ourselves accountable for your child's academic and personal growth.

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Our Online Tutoring Team
Our Academic Head

Academic Head is responsible to hire our world class tutors and team up them seamlessly with your Childs tutoring needs.

Academic Co-ordinator

Facilitates scheduling online tuition sessions, and help the student complete the initial process of enrolling

Our Private tutors

Work one-on-one with your child to better their grades and scores along with academic self-confidence.

Education Managers

The assigned dedicated Education Manager of your child, manages the class scheduled, liaisons with the tutor student and parent, posts feedback on parental portal, schedules monthly meeting with, parent and tutors, monitors progress to ensure your goals become reality.

Technical Support

The 24/7 Technical Support team is always available to help you for any assistance you required.

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