Tips for Studying Calculus

Calculus is considered to be one of the most difficult classifications of advanced mathematics. In order to do well in calculus you need to have strong base and knowledge of algebra and trigonometry. Learning calculus is not a piece of cake. There are no shortcuts- You need to know the RIGHT method. But hey! Nothing is impossible if you spend the right amount of time and strategize your learning habits. Scroll down and find below the 8 most useful tips for studying calculus in a productive manner.

1) Understand your course

Take time to read your syllabus properly. By doing so, you will be able to have an in depth understanding of your course curriculum and you will know what concept you will be learning, what part of the book the syllabus concur with and all the details regarding your assignments, home works and exams.

2) Prepare your strategy

You need to create an effective learning or homework plan to manage your time well for both calculus and other classes. Doing so will develop your organization skills, will keep you more focused into your studies. Also, this will give you enough leisure time to relax after your study.

3) Allocate time for home work

Make sure that you allocate at the least 2-4 hours on your home work projects. This will give you enough time to work on difficult homework problems and help you to become more disciplined and channel your thoughts and ideas to a productive manner.

4) Memorize

You must dedicatedly learn formulas, definitions and theorems on a daily basis. Do not keep it for another day. Learn them right now! This will avoid difficulties in the future and you would find it easy to recall everything you learned in no time!

5) Work every day

When you start working on calculus, you must make it habitual. Do the works regularly on a daily basis. This will definitely make you an expert in the concepts, definitions and theorems and thus you will find calculus very simple on time being.

6) Form a “calculus gang”

Pick 1 or 2 friends from your class who are experts and enthusiastic in learning calculus. Work regularly with them. This is one of the best methods to learn calculus as your friends will give you out of the box ideas which you might not have ever thought of. And moreover, you won’t get bored.

7) Prepare early

When you have exams, start preparing at the least 5 days before them. Start outlining the important topics, equations and theorems. This will boost your self-confidence and by the time you write your exam you will be at ease with no stress of failing. This would also avoid last minute emergency issues, for example illness.

8) Find new problems

You must always be able to work on new challenging problems. Work on problems that are not regularly assigned from your text book. Do a good research through internet and work on new problems