Mathematics: Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room.

Why do students fear math the most? Is it because it’s tougher than the other subjects? Or is it because it requires more practice?

The answer might lie somewhere between the dry, objective nature of the subject and the improbability of a creative space that a student usually enjoys in a subject like Literature, or even Social Sciences. The result oriented and the exacting approach that Maths is dealt with in schools can scare even the brightest of kids.

The solution here is to truly inspire students and engage them in the process of analytical thinking.The solution is to make students believe that Math is fun.

A trimester exam every 3 months and boring math lessons won’t help. The objective here should be an overhaul of the conventional Math tutoring methods:

1. Visual teaching

It’s not about filling blackboards with scary equations. Students remember it better if they can visually encode it. The tutor needs to give as much visual representation to concepts as he can, so that students can all picture it in their memory.

2. Maths is everyday

Football classes, swimming lessons, English homework – the schedule seems too tight to fit math in. Yet, the student needs to do it. Training the mind to be analytical is a gradual, lengthy process. If not classroom, an online tutor or a private Maths tutor can be of great help.

3. Everybody is different

No two students are alike. A teaching method that guarantees a student’s success may not help the other. It’s important to gauge what’s working on whom. Some students love the challenge of cracking a problem all by themselves, while some prefer a direction in the very beginning. A customized online course that helps them in daily math homework is worth trying.

4. Managing Panic

The right preparation and readiness avoids panic. But getting rid of this habit of stressing takes some time. The right tutor, the one who understands his students will know how to train them to deal with it. Surprise tests, simulating the exam environment frequently are some of the methods that train students better.

5. Look for Specialists

An algebra tutor must be different from a calculus tutor because of the varying degrees of their proficiency. A math tutor will be well-versed in all branches, certainly. But he may teach a particular branch with a lot more finesse and confidence. Look for an array of math teachers while selecting the best ones for your kid. It may not happen in school, but online private tutors are of great significance in this case. Given the right resources and ample time, any student can excel in Maths. The key is to recognize the challenge well and act accordingly. After all, it isn’t rocket science (or is it?).