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Online English Tuition

Our online English tutors for Australian Curriculum, caters to providing online tuition right from English Foundation till year 10, organised into three interrelated features. Together the three components by interacting and enriching the other two elements in an innovative and flexible way form an integrating structure of disciplinary knowledge and focus on developing student’s knowledge, understanding and skills in the core areas of language learning – Listening, Reading & viewing, writing & creating, Speaking from Foundation to year 10.

English - Primary Level

The study of English helps students to communicate well, understand other subjects and become informed citizens. Our well-trained online English tutors provides tuition which help students discern differences between literature, language and literacy by teaching them all rules of the grammar, punctuation and other nuances of the language. Through this online English tutors and tutoring service, Australian Curriculum, we provide Expert online English tuition sessions for primary students. Our online English Tuition helps to:

  • Strengthen the basic concepts in English
  • Enhance expression style
  • Expand writing and reading skills
  • Broaden questioning skills
  • Foster effective communication
  • Enlarge vocabulary

English(Grade 7 to Grade 10)

In our Australian Education system, the panel of English online Tuition give tuition for students keeping in mind the various tests they need to clear during their school years. This would include the various states’ test patterns: Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. Our middle level online English tutors provide online tuition for students of Grade 7 to Grade 10. Our English tutors helps students to:

  • Communicate well, understand other subjects and become informed citizens
  • Understand how language use can have inclusive and exclusive social effects, and can empower or disempower people
  • Define vocabulary choices to discriminate between shades of meaning, with deliberate attention to the effect on audiences

English (Grade 11 – 12)

Australian Curriculum has been written for four senior secondary subjects within the English learning area – English, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, Essential English, Literature.

  • A statement of rationale and a set of aims
  • Content descriptions that specify what students are to be taught across four units
  • Achievement standards that describe the quality of learning expected of students at five levels / each pair of units

The senior secondary Australian Curriculum for English:

  • Has been subject to widespread and continued discussion during its development
  • Has been appraised against curricula of leading nations during the development process
  • Sets challenging standards
  • Does not overload the curriculum but inspires the pursuit of deeper learning.

Our English tutors strive to help Year 11 and Year 12 students prepare for the HSC exam by teaching them strategies and methods online at their pace and convenience to understand the fundamental rules in such a manner that helps them to gain speed and score well in their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank). The online tuition classes for year 11 and year 12 students are well suited to score high in

Great tutors inspire and infuse a love of learning. Our online English Tuition work towards student specific requirements and unleashing the student’s full potential through well-oriented online tutoring classes . Our online English tutors , Australian Curriculum , are a comprehensive pack of the following features:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Passed security checks for recruitment
  • Expertise on Exam Experience
  • Passionate and dedicated
  • Build confidence, self-motivation and natural curiosity
  • Develop lifelong skills – independence, analytical thinking, organisational skills, probing, creativity and structuring argument, through every learning process
  • Diagnostic test administered
  • Free Demo session for 30 mts with our apt world class Online English tuition, Australian Curriculum
  • Based on the feedback received, regular sessions charted as per the students convenience
  • Lessons delivered through an interactive whiteboard with inbuilt voice and chat facility
  • Personalised tuition sessions, anywhere, anytime
  • Customised lesson plans and assignment help according to the pace and level of the students
  • Images and files can be uploaded for Homework, Academic and assignment help
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments, to check on the learning progress
  • Dedicated Academic Managers schedule weekly and monthly meeting with the student, tutor and parents to discuss on the learning curve and to initiate corrective action, to earn better grades
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