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Biology Online Tutoring, Australian Curriculum

TutorComp's online Biology tutors for Australian Curriculum help students in Secondary & Senior Secondary Science with a set of varied skills valuable to a multiple range of further learning pathways. General Science knowledge as well as an understanding of biological concepts is important to a range of careers like Eco-tourism, Medical, Food and Marine science, veterinary, biotechnology, conservation, etc. These subjects will guide the students to build basic foundation to analytically consider and make decisions on present day biological issues in day to day life. Our online biology tutors, Australia help students develop their analytical and investigative skill through the additional work sheets and supporting assignments.

  • Develops a sense of inquisitiveness about life and living things and the environment around

  • How biological systems interact and the flow of matter between the systems

  • Understanding the theories and models connected to biological systems and process

  • How the knowledge of Biology influences society in different contexts

  • To use creatively and analytically evidence based arguments to evaluate claims and applying

  • To communicate findings, opinions and inferences by using apt representations

Our online Science tutors impart training focusing on the various tests needed to be cleared during their academic year. This includes the test patterns in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New south wales and Queensland.

Our online Biology tutoring covers:

  • Understand the life of living things.

  • Determine the inter dependence and interaction of all living things, life cycles, structural adaptation, body systems, ecosystems, and behaviors and the way these features help survival of living

  • Create a solid base of knowledge on which further learning of the Biology is made possible.

Our online Biology tutors help Grade 11 and Grade 12 students to prepare for the HSC exam by introducing the approach and methods to get a strong base on the fundamental rules which would enable them to score well in their Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR). Our classes for year 11 and year 12 students are well suited to score high in subjects.Same tutors will be available for other science subjects like physics and chemistry.

Our High School Biology tutoring covers:

  • For students of Victoria - Victorian certificate of education (VCE)

  • For students from Queensland - Queensland certificate of Education (QCE)

  • For our students in South Australia - SACE (South Australian certificate of Education)

  • SACE (South Australian certificate of Education) for our students in South Australia.

  • Australian Capital Territory - year 12 certificate.

  • TCE - Tasmanian certificate of education

  • NTCE - Northern Territory certificate of education

  • For New South Wales students - HSC (Higher school certificate)

TutorComp's online Biology tutors provide the best guidance to students regularly by excellent self-made customized notes, tests and by sharing additional Biology study material wherever needed. Our effective methods enabling students to reach their target grades in school or college and also to clear Biology competitive exam.

We caters to tutoring requirement from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales etc. Our 24/7 online tutoring and technical support helps students learn Biology effectively, through worksheets, chapter questions, and lab reports without any technical issues.

TutorComp delivers online Biology tutoring up to college level, and help on assigned topics. With our online Biology tutors students get instantaneous help on:

  • Biology lab reports, Bio problem sets & worksheets

  • Biology homework & assignments helps, Single problems or entire chapters

  • Reviewing tough concepts from class & Preparing for biology tests

Our Academic Co-ordinators will contact the student or Parent based on the tutoring requirement posted. A demo session would be arranged with the right tutor on the student's topic of choice. Based on the feedback received from the student and parent regular online tutoring schedule would be charted, based on student's convenience. The tutoring sessions are delivered by our world class tutors from top notch Universities across the World. The sessions are offered on an audio enabled whiteboard with voice chat facility and writing and drawing tool. Both the tutor and the student can upload files and images for academic, homework and assignment help. Completed homework can be uploaded by the students for the tutor to review and suggest corrective action. All the session can be recorded for future review and revision. The online tutoring sessions start with a diagnostic test of the student, followed by periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments. The students go through a technical demo of 30 mints to get to know how the procedure works. Username and passwords are assigned to both student and parental portal. Parents get to see the outcome after every assessment through the portal. Education Managers schedule weekly and monthly meetings with parents to keep them posted on the tutoring progress and the measures to be taken for further development of students. Start learning Biology online today with TutorComp for better grades and a successful career.

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