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Online Pre Calculus Tutoring & Homework Help

TutorComp's online tutoring sessions are scheduled as per the students learning requirements. Our structured sessions for different topic of Math, are affordable, convenient to use, anywhere anytime. Our pre-calculus online tutoring, is equipped with interactive whiteboard with multiple tools, chat options, platform to share and upload files, option to save every session for future review. Our pre-calculus tutors work with every student in brief, make them understand the concept and help them solve difficult math topics in an easy and simple way. Pre-calculus online tuition helps the students with the notations, theory, and problems to improve their math problem-solving skills so that they can easily find the solutions to their pre-calculus homework help.

Topics covered under pre-calculus online tuition
  • Polynomial, Power, and Rational Functions

  • Functions and Graphs

  • Trigonometric Functions

  • Exponential, Logistic, and Logarithmic Functions

  • Applications of Trigonometry

  • Applications of Trigonometry

  • Analytic Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions

  • Systems and Matrices

  • An Introduction to Calculus: Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals

  • Discrete Mathematics

Our personal Pre-calculus online tutors, US curriculum, help students to assess their understanding in each topic. This online learning help is designed to meet student's specific requirements and get a deeper understanding topic wise. Get enrolled with us to experience constructive and effective learning process, with our highly qualified online tutors. Students by attending our online sessions, not only brush up their subject knowledge but also improve their confidence to take tests.

At our online tutoring, the student works one-on-one with a specialized pre calculus tutors who can help you to understand the concepts of Pre- calcu and also encourages thinking and reasoning skills. Our pre-calculus tuition online covers topics like whole numbers, integers, natural numbers, factorization and decimals. The tools used in our online math learning is creative, interesting and easy.

In our tutoring process of Pre-calculus we will review and renew students understanding of numbers and variables as used in algebra, equations & functions both algebraically and visually, connect real world applications to the equations and functions and introduce methods from current technology to make pre-calculus analysis easier.

The study of pre-calculus American curriculum, brings together previous study of geometry, algebra and the functions as a preparatory course for calculus. Having a thorough knowledge on pre-calculus is necessary for success in subsequent math courses. The topics include quadratic, exponential, linear, radical, polynomial, logarithmic, conic sections, trigonometric ratios and functions, inverse trigonometric functions, arithmetic of complex numbers, vectors, laws of cosine and sine, polar functions and notation, applications of trigonometry.

Pre-calculus is the branch of mathematics that gives background for the mathematical concepts, problems, issues and techniques that appear in the calculus course. Pre-calculus is a preliminary course students take before calculus. Pre-calculus is a foundation subject in the field of mathematics, particularly algebra. It is mainly introduced as a subject at the secondary schooling level where it is either taught as a single subject or as two separate subjects, Algebra and Trigonometry. The latter is more common.

Calculus is a conceptual framework with systematic techniques for solving problems – applicable to geometry and algebra. Pre -calculus gives the background for the mathematical concepts, problems, techniques and issues that appear in calculus, which includes trigonometry, vectors, matrices, functions, complex numbers and others.

It is imperative to understand that pre-calculus is a course which covers college-level algebra and trigonometry, designed to prepare students for the study of calculus. The way pre-calculus prepares students for calculus is different from the way pre-algebra prepares students for Algebra. While pre-algebra has extensive coverage of basic algebra concepts, pre-calculus deals with very few units of calculus concepts and involves more of algebraic topics, which are not given due attention in the earlier algebraic lessons. The course titled "College Algebra with Trignometry" is nothing but Pre-calculus.

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