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Online Physics tutoring - US curriculum

Our physics tutors online help students by providing exceptional physics tuition help. Tutors are available 24/7 helping students in quantitative, analytical and problem solving skills. We provides a learning platform which facilitates students to clear the doubts instantaneously, with the tutor. The study of physics is from understanding the principles on which it works. TutorComp offers physics tuitions to meet and match the student's requirement.

Our online physics teachers, help students with academic and online homework help on a personalised one to one tutoring mode via internet. The tutoring sessions are offered through an audio enabled shared whiteboard with voice chat facility, and provision to upload & share supporting images/files, by the tutor during the session and students while requesting for homework help. Our online physics tutoring enable the student to save sessions to review and revise during exams

Students connect to the physics tutor assigned, the topic/problem to be explained is posted via our interactive whiteboard, and queries posted through our voice chat, tutor explains the topic step by step on the shared whiteboard, once thorough with the topic they can exit the session, and also revisit as and when needed. Our writing and inbuilt tools on the whiteboard would enable the tutor to explain laboratory experiments to substantiate topics learnt. Our real time sessions are interactive and interesting, and covers all physics topics from 3-12 US curriculum.

Our 30 minutes free trial session helps the student understand the tutoring methodology, backed by 24/7 support by our technical team. TutorComp's physics problem solver online, is your one stop solution for all your physics academic and homework help need.

  • Electricity and its Applications

  • Forces and Motion

  • Motion and its Applications

  • Waves and Sound

  • Energy, Work, Power and Momentum

  • Electricity and Magnetism

  • Light and Geometric Optics

  • Electricity and Electronics

  • Mechanical Systems

  • Communication Technology

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatic System

  • Energy Transformation

Our Online Physics tutoring American curriculum, caters to the tutoring techniques currently in place to teach physics and also areas of instructional research needed to improve the existing methods. Over years the subject physics has been taught by lecturing method combined with videos of laboratory exercises. Physics lessons are better grasped when taught with experiments and probing on the outcome. It's a method of self-discovery by trial and error method to learn the underlying concepts in physics.

Physics is one of the important subjects taught in high school and graduate school, both as elective and optional course. The new movement in US curriculum Physics First helps the high schools students to take a course with introductory education in physics. This enriches students understanding of the subject and helps to learn more in high school biology and chemistry classes, aiming at students who opt for physics major in 12th grade. Off late educators are of opinion that freshmen do not have satisfactory knowledge in Math in order to comprehend the physics curriculum and that the quality of physics education has lost its charm. As physics makes knowledge of vectors and basic trigonometry mandatory to fully comprehend the concepts in physics, the requisites of learning should be thoroughly analysed and delivered, which is made possible and easily achievable through our online physics tutoring.

Physics the scientific study of motion of matter in relation to space, time, energy and force is the most fundamental of all natural sciences. A strong foundation in physics education is hence of vital importance and can be achieved through our online physics tutors 24/7. Exceptional student tutor rapport makes it supportive for a conducive learning. Instant doubt clearing sessions, help in drawing diagrams, formulas and derivations with the help of our interactive whiteboard help the student develop a deeper understanding on the subject. Learning physics is now a lot more easy and fun with our online physics tutoring.

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