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O Level Online Tutoring & Homework Help

Online education has gained new dimensions in today's world. O level (GCE Ordinary Level) is a subject based qualification formed as part of the General Certificate of Education, UK.

TutorComp offers world class online tuition on O level programs in different parts of the world. Our native tutors are available for tutoring on subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Economics and Accountancy, computer science etc. TutorComp has tutors from renowned International universities across the globe. We have been catering to the academic needs of 25000 students with a team of 4500 tutors across the globe. The academic needs of students vary from one another. We have the complete solutions for all your tutoring needs.

  • Our programs are affordable for everyone. Charges are made as per the hours of classes attended. No hidden or extra charges.
  • Classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the student.
  • We provide quality tutoring with tutors selected from all around the globe. We have highly qualified and well experienced tutors from international universities.
  • We provide the service of parent portal where all the records of academic performance of the student are shared to the parents.
  • Our tutors do a progress analysis assessment of the student on a regular basis.
  • Our unique one-on-one tutoring method provides individual attention to every students.
  • We have a state of the art library facility where all the previous lessons learned can be accessed from the archives list.
  • Our technical excellence makes us use the latest technologies in online tutoring. Shared white boards and video lessons help the students to understand deep about the subject.
  • Our tutoring offers personalised sessions which helps the students to learn as per their requirement.

TutorComp's unique online tutoring approach has made us pioneers in online O level tutoring. Our passion and dedication towards online tutoring has gained us 25000 students and 4500 tutors across the globe. Every student enquiring about our tutoring services are contacted back by our dedicated Academic coordinator and a free live demo session is provided. Students enrolling with TutorComp's O level tuition are taken through a preliminary diagnosis test which helps us to understand which the key areas of focus needed. Following the results of the diagnosis test, the most apt tutor is assigned for the student. If the student is not comfortable with the tutor, there is always an option for changing the tutor. The classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the student. We provide the unique service of a Parent Portal where the class scheduling, feedbacks and progress analysis report is shared. Our O level tutors make a continuous evaluation on the academic performance of the student.

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O level English Tutoring

TutorComp's O level English tuition helps the students to develop their language and communicative skills. Our specially designed courses help students from all parts of the world to excel in English language. TutorComp has native tutors who care qualified from international universities and have experience in tutoring for many years. We focus on communicative competence, critical skills, creative writing and cross cultural awareness. Our O level tutors train the students on understanding and using internationally acceptable English in practical life. A wide coverage of learning English Literature is provided on TutorComp's O level English tuition.

O level Physics Tutoring

TutorComp's O level Physics tutoring helps the students to learn and understand the technological world in which we live and the basic principles of energy, matter and interrelationships. Our online tutors help the students to understand major topics in O level physics like Measurement, Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism. Our subject matter expert tutors teach the students with the help of graphical representations and interactive sessions. TutorComp lay emphasis on one-on-one Physics tuition which makes it easy for the students to understand and learn. Students are also assisted in doing their homework and assignments.

O level Chemistry Tutoring

TutorComp's O level Chemistry tutoring is aimed at providing quality online Chemistry tutoring to students. Our online tutors have specially designed Chemistry lessons that cater to the learning needs of students from all parts of the world. The topics included in TutorComp's online O level chemistry tuition are Experimental Chemistry, particulate nature of matter, Formulae, Stoichiometry, and the mole concept, Electrolysis, Energy from Chemicals, Chemical reactions, Chemistry and uses of acids, bases & salts, the periodic table, metals, atmosphere and environment and Organic Chemistry.

O level Maths Tutoring

TutorComp's Cambridge O Level Mathematics O level Maths tutoring is aimed at converting students to maths experts. Our native maths tutors help the students to improve their mathematical skills with the help of interactive sessions and fun math learning exercises. The major areas covered under TutorComp's O level online math tutoring are Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Statistics and Probability. Our Math tutors focuses on developing reasoning, thinking, communication, application and metacognitive skills through mathematical approach to problem solving.

O level Biology Tuition

TutorComp's online O level Biology tuition has been designed in such a way that students find it easy to understand the concepts and principles of Biology. Our private Biology tutors help the students grab more knowledge about the subject using our state of the art technology used for learning purposes. The main topics included in O level Biology tuition are Principles of Biology, Maintenance and regulation of life process, Continuity of life, Man and his environment. Students are taken through graphical representations and video lessons to understand the subject better. Our tutors help the students to do the homework and assignments.

O level Economics Tuition

TutorComp's online O level Economics tuition is designed to make students understand the principles, terminology and the economic theories. Our native Economic tutors help the students to understand economics better and easier with our specially designed teaching pattern. We have shared white boards where the students can experience the new age methods of learning economics. The major topics included in TutorComp's Online O level Economics tuition are Basic Economic problem, Allocation of resources, the individual as consumer, producer and borrower, the private firm as producer and employer, Economic indicators, developed and developing economies, Role of government in Economy and International aspects.

O level Accountancy Tutoring

TutorComp's online O level accountancy tutoring is aimed at developing skills to prepare, communicate and use accounting information effectively. Apart from an academic subject, accountancy plays a vital role in a successful daily life. Our online Accountancy tutors help the students to understand the accounting theories and principles with the help of video lessons and live one-on-one tutoring sessions. The major topics covered under TutorComp's online O level accountancy are Basic Principles, Accounting procedures, Financial Statements, Preparation of Financial Statements, Pay Roll Accounting and Advanced principles.