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IGCSE Math Online Tutors

Our IGCSE Math tutoring help students by encouraging the development of mathematical knowledge as a key life skill, and as a basis for more progressive study. The program aims to build learners' confidence by helping them develop a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships, and places a strong emphasis on cracking problems and presenting and interpreting results. Students also gain an understanding of how to connect and reason using mathematical theories.

TutorComps IGCSE online tuition is designed to help meet the needs of those who want an introduction to this exciting subject either with an ou It complements classroom learning with a combination of online videos, Test & Learn questions and self-test mobile apps. IGCSE Mathematics is an exciting and challenging subject for many students, particularly if they struggle to understand abstract principles in a classroom environment.

Our IGCSE Math tutoring, through the customized lesson plans delivered on a personalized platform brings in depth and dimension to any Math topic. Especially developed to supplement classroom teaching, students are taken through all the key topics and techniques step by step; promoting interest, engagement and discussion.

TutorComps IGCSE online tuition is designed to help meet the needs of those who want an introduction to this exciting subject either with an outlook to further study at A Level or simply to complement a collection of IGCSE/GCSE subjects. Mathematics at IGCSE or GCSE helps students take up advanced courses to land in key professions.

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  • Our online IGCSE Math tutors helps students solve problems, present the results clearly, check and infer the results
  • TutorComps IGCSE Math tutoring Develops an understanding of mathematical principles in students
  • recognize when and how a situation may be denoted mathematically, identify and infer relevant factors and, where necessary, select a suitable mathematical method to solve the problem
  • develop an ability to apply mathematics in other subjects, particularly science and technology
  • develop their mathematical abilities by considering problems and conducting individual and co-operative
  • read mathematics, and write and talk about the subject in a range of ways
  • apply mathematics in daily situations and develop an understanding of the part which mathematics plays in the world around them
  • develop the abilities to reason rationally, to classify, to simplify and to prove
  • TutorComps IGCSE online tuition appreciate patterns and relationships in mathematics
  • Investigation and experiment, including extended pieces of work of a practical and investigative kind
  • Our IGCSE curriculum Math online tuition provides a foundation appropriate to their further study of mathematics and of other discipline
  • Our online IGCSE Math tutors help students in the development of their mathematical knowledge
  • TutorComps IGCSE Math tutoring builds confidence by developing a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships
  • Our math IGCSE tutors train on the ability to consider and solve problems and present and interpret results
  • TutorComps IGCSE online tuition teach communication and reason using mathematical concepts
  • Our IGCSE curriculum Math online tuition builds solid foundation for further study.

About our IGCSE tutors online

Our team of IGCSE Math tutors have undergone an intensive screening and interview process and assessed based on wide range criteria such as knowledge, skill, experience, education, aptitude for teaching, friendliness, personal presentation and demeanor.

From qualified teachers to academics or research scholars, our tutors are selected on the basis of their experience in relation to the subjects that they teach. We focus on hiring tutors that have a firm grasp of the subject matter as well as acute knowledge of the syllabus requirements. Our team of IGCSE Math tutors comprise of Native tutors also.

Our tutors ensure that:

  • they will have time to discuss the issues with mathematics in detail with students
  • Students ask for help with whatever mathematical problems they face
  • they will work at students pace
  • lessons will be planned around one rather than a class of 30
  • Easily review material covered in previous lessons
  • Provide feedback and progress reports after every lesson

Our IGCSE Math tutoring help students by:

  • 24/7, 365 days tutoring and technical support
  • Dedicated Education Manager and world class tutor to match students level and pace
  • Personalised one on one tutoring anywhere, anytime
  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments
  • Weekly and monthly meeting with parent, tutor and student to check on learning progress
  • Lesson plans, worksheet and assignment to suit student level
  • Practise questions and examples taken from recommended texts and past year questions
  • Teaching material follow closely the IGCSE syllabus
  • Session delivered online through whiteboard with voice chat and audio enabled, files and images uploaded for academic, homework and assignment help
  • All session can be saved for future revision

Call us today for any of your IGCSE Math tutoring requirement. We will be happy to assist you with our free demo session.

Learn more about IGCSE Math

Syllabus – IGCSE curriculum - Math online tuition

All candidates will study the following topics:

  • Number
  • Algebra and graphs
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Co-ordinate geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Matrices and transformations
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Prior learning – students should have previously studied an appropriate lower, secondary mathematics program


Students may prepare for either core exam or extended exam. Core exam is on papers 1 & 3, extended is on papers 2 & 4. As its name implies the Extended syllabus is broader and covers more topics than the Core. The highest grade students can achieve in the Core exam is C, whereas in the extended exam it is up to A*. Since our Math online tuition courses are planned specially to cover either of the above syllabi and builds confidence in students, that they learn everything required to help them get better grades.

Valuation comprises two written papers:

  • For the Core exam: Paper 1: one hour and Paper 3: two hours
  • For the Extended exam: Paper 2: one hour and thirty minutes and Paper 4: two hours and thirty minutes