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IGCSE English Online Tutors

TutorComps , Cambridge IGCSE English syllabuses are available for learners whose first language is English and for those with good English skills, but not native speakers. Our IGCSE online tuition syllabus develop the ability to communicate clearly, effectively and accurately in both speech and writing – for both study and employment.

  • Our English IGCSE tutors help students gain detailed knowledge of the content of texts

  • TutorComps IGCSE online tuition assist students in Understanding meaning of literary, texts and their contexts

  • Our IGCSE curriculum Explores texts beyond surface meaning to show deeper awareness of ideas and attitudes

  • TutorComps English tuition online recognizes and appreciates the way in which writers use language, structure and form to create and shape, meanings and effects.

  • Our Native English tutors UK, help students communicate a sensitive and informed personal response to literary texts.

With our focused IGCSE tuition, along with our IGCSE tutors experience, dedication and handwork, we nurture students to build on their inner determination and succeed. Our IGCSE tutors are exceptionally proactive so that they are not only providing assistance but they are willing to go all out to see the students make rapid progress in IGCSE subjects.

With our state of the art IGCSE online tuition we are not confined to the boundaries of local distance and local community. We deliver world class IGCSE tutoring to students nationally and internationally. Our Private tutors in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester give children regular PEP talks to motivate and inspire them to improve not only in their exam techniques and confidence but also attitude. OUR IGCSE exam tutors have successfully turned around failing children and improve them significantly to accomplish the grade level they would otherwise not have envisaged,

Our IGCSE tutors locally and online give children regular 'PEP' talks to motivate and inspire them to improve not only their exam technique and confidence but attitude. Our GCSE tutoring has successfully turned around failing children and improved them significantly and helped them accomplish grades they would otherwise not have envisaged.

Online tutoring UK - Native Tutors

Studying with an English tutor online offers several benefits over older teaching models and is best for one-to-one language training. If you are pressed for time, tuition of this kind can fit in with even the busiest schedule. Our IGCSE online tutoring involves zero travel and can be taken from the comfort of your own home, office or even on the move.

As English continues to advance acceptance around the world, the demand for native English tutors is increasing. TutorComps IGCSE English tutoring lessons with native tutors provide a personalized approach to learning and focus on the unique needs of each individual student.

IGCSE online tuition - For whom

Cambridge IGCSE curriculum provides excellent foundation for students who -

  • Plan to continue their studies at a higher level including AS or A level, Cambridge Pre-U and international Baccalaureate

  • Students who need a qualification in literature or language to complement other subjects they are studying

  • Need a final qualification in English language or literature

  • Inspire students to advance their language skills and appreciation of literature

  • Cultivate student's ability to understand, respond, appropriately and confidently to what students read, see, hear and experience

Assessment – Takes place at the end of the course - assessing on written, oral, coursework and practical assignments. Grades are benchmarked by means of eight internationally recognised grades from A to G.

Syllabus - The content of the Cambridge International Level 1/level 2 certificate is identical to the Cambridge IGCSE. The syllabus for English First Language, English Literature and English as a second language have a different syllabus from the Cambridge IGCSE., for the model to meet the National curriculum in England.

Our IGCSE English first language tutoring develops successful readers, listeners, writers, thinkers and speakers. The emphasis being on language skills, our IGCSE online tuition emphasizes on language skills and encourages students to use relevant vocabulary, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and to exhibit a sense of style and consciousness of spectators. Speaking and listening are optional part of the assessment for Cambridge IGCSE English first language.

Cambridge IGCSE English Literature

Our IGCSE online tuition help students to follow the Cambridge IGCSE English Literature course and learn to enjoy the experience of reading literature by interpreting and evaluating English Literary texts from different periods and varied cultures. Students study prose, poetry and drama written originally in English. Open book and closed book, coursework and unseen – examinations are available.

Assessment Objectives

Our IGCSE exam tutors focus on the texts drawn from the three main forms of literature – prose, poetry and drama. The syllabus carries details of set texts.

  • Reading – Identify and retrieve facts and details, understand and select relevant information, recognise and understand ideas, opinions and attitudes and the connections between related ideas, understand what is implied but not actually written

  • Writing – Communicate clearly and approximately, convey information and express opinions effectively, employ and control a variety of grammatical structures, demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of appropriate vocabulary, observe pacts of paragraphing, punctuation and spelling, employ appropriate style.

  • Listening – identify and retrieve facts and details, understand and select relevant information, recognise and understand ideas, attitudes and opinions and their connections, understand what is actually implied and not stated.

  • Speaking – Communicate clearly, appropriately and accurately; convey information and express opinions effectively; employ and control a variety of grammatical structures,; establish knowledge of a variety of suitable vocabulary; involve in and effect the direction of conversation; employ right pronunciation and stress patterns

  • Our English IGCSE Tutors

  • Our world class tutors come with a wealth of teaching and learning experience and help students to walk through the IGSCE learning curve. Our English IGCSE tutors administer a wide range of teaching methods and different educational contexts including – recommending varied text books, workbooks, guidance on explain how the tutoring works, share lesson plans and run assessment tools.

  • Students language proficiency assessed through an initial diagnostic test

  • Free demo session lined up with the apt tutor

  • Students and Parents given access to student and parental portal

  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support

  • Personalized one on one tutoring at home at your convenience

  • Anywhere anytime learning 365 days

  • Session delivered online through shared whiteboard-voice chat and audio enabled

  • Images and files uploaded for Academic, homework and assignment help

  • All sessions can be saved for future review

  • Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments

  • Outcome of assessments posted in the parental page, to discuss during weekly and monthly meeting and to suggest necessary corrective action to improve grades

For any of your IGCSE tutoring requirement, call us today for a free demo. Our Academic team would be happy to assist all your IGCSE Tutoring needs, 24/7, 365 days.