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Online IB Physics Tutoring

With many difficult concepts for students to grasp, physics seem to be an extremely abstract subject. Our online IB physics tutors are here to make the learning possible by linking matter, - the students are familiar with, to real world concepts.

Have difficulty in rearranging things and stuck up not knowing which one to apply in a given scenario ?

Our private IB physics tutors are skilled at explaining the most difficult equations and concepts in an instinctive way through customized lesson plans and personalized teaching style, according to the students tutoring needs and learning preferences. With our IB test preparation online, lessons will be focused on the topic most relevant to the students. Our private physics tutors are familiar with the exam board of the school or University and ensure that students get the best possible guidance to get through with better grades. Our tutoring session begins with a one to one session between the tutor and student to discuss on what the student needs and together devise on a long terms strategy, to help them achieve it.

  • Students can access our virtual classrooms anywhere , anytime

  • Students get to learn through classroom activities, Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments, worksheets and quizzes

  • Sharpen student inquiry with practical assignment connects scientific ideas with real-world applications

  • Student centric tutoring - customizable

Our Academic Co-coordinator addresses the enquiry posted and administers a diagnostic test to ascertain the level of student's subject knowledge. Based on the result of pre assessment test, a demo session is arranged with the apt tutor based on student's suitability. Feedback sought from Parent and student on the demo session and regular tutoring calendar is charted based on student's availability. Students go through a technical demo tutoring to get prepared for the online classes. Both student and parent get access codes for the student and parental portals respectively. Lessons are delivered on an audio enabled interactive shared whiteboard with voice chat, writing and learning tool options. Both student and tutor can upload files and images for academic, homework and assignment assistance. Students can upload the completed homework tasks for the tutor's review and advice. All the sessions can be saved for future analysis and revision. Parent, tutor and students participate in the weekly and monthly meeting scheduled by our Education Managers to discuss on the progress of the learning session and corrective actions to be implemented.

We at TutorComp are committed to connect students with top tutors, capable of providing an incredible learning experience. Our experienced Education Managers assign the right tutor after assessing student's unique needs and learning style. Our elite group of tutors bring students a wealth of experience in their individual fields of academic know-how. Our IB physics tutors customize lessons and present materials and theories in an engaging and easy-to-understand way that keep students motivated and paves way to academic success.

Quality of our Tutors

A team of more than 3000 highly qualified professionals with a great deal of experience in both learning and teaching will be supporting and guiding the students through the classes. Our private physics tutors with experience in teaching in several different countries around the globe, come from Top Universities across the World, including Oxford and Cambridge. Our Private IB tutors, analyses and determine with their teaching experience on the exact teaching methodology to be imparted, for the students to effectively benefit from the program. The physics concept to be taught are demonstrated in a visual manner via our virtual classroom to the students, by our friendly and personable demeanor IB physics tutors online.

Nature of Physics and IB

Physics, one of the most important subjects of experimental Sciences, explains universe itself from very smallest particles – to the massive distances between Galaxies. The Group 4 project of IB, which is taken by all the Science students, reflects the work of genuine scientists by collaborating between schools across the regions. A common curriculum models applies to all the Diploma Program subjects - Chemistry, Design Technology, Physics and biology. Students at both SL and HL study the core syllabus which is supplemented by the optional ones. Students at HL do also study AHL – Additional Higher level.

The sciences are taught through practical training. Students get chances to design inquiries, analyze results, manipulate skills, collect data, collaborate and communicate with peers on their findings. Student's use simulations or data base for investigations or it may be laboratory based. Students develop their skills either by working independently or collegiately, to reflect the way in which scientific research is being conducted in a wider community.

  • Higher Level – 240 hours - Internal assessment (individual investigation): 20%, External assessment: 80%

  • Standard Level – 150 hours - Internal assessment (individual investigation): 20%, External assessment: 80%

  • IB Physics program is available at standard Level – SL and Higher Levels - HL

  • IBThe minimum number of hours - 150 for SL and 240 for HL

  • IBBoth external and internal assessment

  • IBSL and HL physics students undertake a CC syllabus and a collective internal assessment – IA, scheme.

  • IBA practical approach is emphasized to the course through group 4 project and short term and long term studies and tests.

  • IBInternal assessment accounts for 20% of the final assessment.

  • Standard Level – 150 hours - Internal assessment (individual investigation): 20%, External assessment: 80%

The external assessment of physics consists of three written papers

  • In paper 1 there are 30 standard level or 40 multiple-choice questions.

  • Paper 2 is of short-answer and extended-response questions on the core

  • Paper 3 has two sections; Section A - one data-based question and several short-answer questions on experimental work on the core. Section B - short answer and extended response questions from each of the four choices.

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