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Online IB Math Tutoring

Our IB math tutoring has an online tutoring platform catering to students from outside the United Kingdom. TutorComp's UK IB curriculum is backed by highly qualified and World class Tutors rom Top Notch Universities across the World to teach subjects including Math, English, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Politics, French, Latin, Business Studies, and Psychology. At TutorComp we have experience and expertise private ib tutors to teach and meet the challenges of tutoring International Baccalaureate curriculum

  • Help with IB exam technique

  • Develop learning skills

  • Identify and maximize potential

  • Analyse and target problem areas

  • Build super confidence

Enrolling in our online IB math courses, students get the following benefits:

  • Advance mathematical knowledge, Principles and concepts

  • Progress logical, critical and creative thinking

  • Engage and refine student abilities of abstraction and generalization.

  • Improved Math knowledge through personalized attention and better grades

Expert IB Math tutors

Our highly experienced IB tutors from Top Notch Universities across the World are specialized in IB curriculum and equipped with wealth of customized resource material for students use. Our IB mathematics online tutoring UK, backed by decades of experience in private tutoring and adorably effective methodology enables the students from anywhere in the World to enroll and experience the unique way of tutoring IB math programs. We cater to all subjects from Group 1 to Group 6 and every aspect of the IBDP curriculum. Our Internationally regarded IB Math tutors and Math research scholar's also help students in their Internal Assessment, their Theory of knowledge and EE. Our Meticulously handpicked IB Mathematics tutors have established track records in tutoring students online and bring the best of the highly acclaimed and reputable International Education system and the National Curriculum to students throughout the World.

Effective online tutoring

  • Effective Personalised one to one tutoring as effective as face to face tuition

  • Very convenient, easily accessible lesson plans, from anywhere, anytime with 24/7 tutoring help and technical support

  • Our online tutoring Classes are offered according to students needs and place of choice – home, school, or University

  • Its simple – All the student needs is a broadband connection with a Headphone, speaker , optional pen tablet and webcam. Software – Firefox or Chrome.

IB PYP - Primary Years Programme – The PYP through its program, transforms students to be caring, active, lifelong learning, and the ones who respect themselves and others and establish the capacity to participate in the World around. The PYP is delivered to students of age group 3-12 and was first offered in the year 1997.

PYP Mathematics online tuition from TutorComp uses modelling throughout the three stages of learning Math. In TutorComp Mathematics is taught in appropriate and realistic contexts and the students begin to use math as a way of thinking rather than seeing it as a sequence of equations to be remembered. The Mathematical strands focussed are Data handling, Pattern, Function, Measurement, Shape and space.

IB MYP – Middle Years Programme – The MYP is a challenging structure that encourages students to practically relate the real World with their studies. The MYP has been designed in way wherein students from varied interest and academic abilities can benefit by participating in the programme. The MYP is delivered to students of age group 11-16 and was first offered in the year 1994.

MYP Mathematics online tuition helps students to develop problem solving skills and techniques by promoting both inquiry and application and equip them with these techniques for practical usage in the world beyond school – in work place and everyday life. The MYP lesson plans are structured with Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Algebra and probability.

Our online IB Math tutoring MYP lesson plans are customized according to the needs of the student and motivating them to learn the principles. MYP is blended with authentic examples on how mathematics is useful and relevant to student's everyday life and the ways to apply these in appropriate situations. The topics and skills in MYP are of two levels:

Standard Mathematics – Aims at giving an in-depth knowledge in basic mathematical principles and preparing the students with the skills needed to meet the purpose set of MYP mathematics.

Extended Mathematics – Standard Mathematics structure with additional skills and topics, provided in greater depth and breadth, and the foundation for Mathematics HL, a part of IB Diploma program.

IB DP - Diploma Programme – The DP program is focussed to develop excellent, depth of knowledge in students who flourish intellectually, physically, ethically and emotionally. The DP program is delivered to students in the ager group of 16-19 and was first offered in the year 1968.

The DP Math consists of four different Math courses, designed to cater varied individual needs, interest and abilities of students.

  • Mathematical studies Standard level

  • Mathematics SL

  • Mathematics Higher Level

  • Further Mathematics Higher Level

More about DP Math Programme

To get through the Diploma program its mandate to pass one of the three courses – Mathematics Studies SL, Mathematics SL, and Mathematics Higher Level (HL).

Mathematical studies standard level

Emphasized on application of Mathematics, statistical techniques, logical reasoning and problem solving skills. Students aiming to set their career in languages, humanities or science take up this level.

Mathematics SL – IB Maths SL tuition

This level is for students who already have a basic knowledge in mathematical concepts and need to apply simple mathematics techniques correctly. Students preparing for study in Chemistry, Business Administration, Economics and psychology take up this course.

Mathematics higher level - IB Math HL tuition

This level is for students with strong base and background in Mathematics and good at analytical and technical skills. Students preparing for their University studies as a subject or opt course like Engineering, Physics and technology. Other students who have interest in taking up challenges enjoy this IB HL program.

Further Mathematics Higher Level

This level is available only at higher level and caters to students with very strong base in Mathematics. Students opting for Math as a major component of study at University take up this. The Future Mathematics Higher level program teaches a variety of branches of Mathematics in-depth and helps to appreciate practical application. Further mathematics HL is an optional course and is by no means a necessary qualification to study for degree in Math.

The CP is a structure of International Education addressing the need of students who are involved in career related education. CP helps students to do internships in higher education or employment. The CP is delivered to students of age group 16-19 and was first offered in the year 2012. The CP is designed for students willing to pursue a career-related education in the final two years of secondary school. CP provides the students an excellent foundation to support further studies and ensure that they get prepared for success in the workforce.

These four courses cater to the range of needs, interests and abilities of students, and fulfill the dream of various university and career aspirants

Students IB Math enquiry are addressed by our Academic Co-ordinators and a demo session is fixed with the apt tutor based on students level- as assessed through the diagnostic test, the tutoring need and convenience. Based on the demo session feedback from student and parent, regular tutoring schedule is charted. The students goes through a technical training on how to go about the session. Student and Parent get access to student and parental portals. The math session are delivered online through an audio enabled interactive whiteboard with voice chat, writing, drawing and other learning tool options. Both the student and the tutor can upload and share files for math assignment, math homework and math academic help. The students can upload the completed homework assignments for the tutor to review and advice on how to progress. Periodic developmental and comprehensive assessments are administered and the results are posted in the parental portal for parents to view and comment. All the sessions can be saved for future revision and review. The Education Manager schedules weekly and monthly meeting with the parent, student and tutor to discuss on student's progress in learning and implement corrective measures instantaneously.

These four courses cater to the range of needs, interests and abilities of students, and fulfill the dream of various university and career aspirants