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IB Online Language Tutoring  

TutorComp's IB tutors online, can help students approach their advanced language studies in a systematic and well-organized manner. Our IB English tutoring recognizes that each student approaches language-learning with a unique set of strong suit, flaws, and apprehensions, and we help them select the right tutor with the right skills set.

TutorComp's native English tutors work with students through customized tutoring sessions and by catering to specific concerns and educational background. Students collaborate with our IB English tutors online in designing a study plan that addresses their weakest skills, bridges gaps in knowledge, and avoids wasting time going over material they already understand. Each of our one-on-one IB Language B HL tutoring sessions focus on making sense of literary works in the target language, wherein our tutors answer questions and help students sort through precise and metaphorical meanings in the text. For the students who need help on strengthening their speaking skills, our IB English tutors online act as an excellent conversation partner and provide feedback on their verbal expression.

IB French Tutor

Through our IB French tutoring online tuition we offer 3 IB French programs:

  • IB French Ab - initio

  • IB French B Standard Level

  • IB French B Higher Level

  • IB French A HL

Our IB French tutors online understand the importance of the potential role of language in cultivating intercultural awareness and international mindedness. Our IB French lessons and pedagogic approach to language learning are open and inclusive by affirming each learner's identity and autonomy, by promoting critical thinking.

Our French IB tuitions aim at using the language primarily to help students speak and understand how it works. The peculiarity of languages wherein the logic and languages work beautifully together in the mind are dealt in depth. Adapting the pace of the student and sparing enough time for overlap is of phenomenal significance in language lessons. Our IB French tutors online, with over 10 years of online teaching experience understand that these parameters are of paramount importance. Student have option to choose a native tutor for IB French language learning.

Students connect with the tutor through an interactive whiteboard for academic, homework or assignment help. Lesson plan Files and images are uploaded and exchanged, - every session saved for future revision. Our IB French lessons help students who struggle to interpret a whole text in another language, or to appreciate customs from a new culture. Our IB French tutors online are experienced to help student cope by engaging them in the language, first at a very slow pace and then gradually build things up. All our French tutors have spent substantial lengths of time in French speaking countries and many have studied French to University level.

Most students of our IB French tutoring progress on to a degree course leading to rewarding careers in translation, foreign diplomacy and subsidiaries of major French Companies.

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IB English Tutors

The IB English tutoring course covers the two year IB program which is divided into four areas of focus – Works in Translation, Options, Literary Genres and Detailed study. The year 2-Grade 12, IB English course is on a detailed study and literary genre on prose. Our IB English tutoring encourages the students to appreciate literature in depth and improve their ability to reflect on their reading skills. Through close study of individual texts and passages, in their literary and cultural contexts, our IB English tutors online helps students develop and hone their command of language. The second year of IB English study aims at a complete study of one or more field of creativity and provides opportunities for independent, encouraging, critical thinking. IB English lessons inspire students to be creative, think analytically and to engage in the literatures assigned. Our Native English tutors help students build analytical skills through written assignment and oral presentation. World literature of different types, will train students to challenge and appreciate artistic technique and a positive approach towards life, preparing them for a learning quest, lifelong.

At Higher Level students read longer and more difficult assignment, more texts , go through arduous assessment standards, and learn to challenge themselves with an enhance level of independent critical thinking. IB English tutoring is of two years and can be taken during a student's 11th and 12th grade years. Our native English tutors come with rich experience, great passion, adaptability and skill in tutoring English IB.

IB Spanish Tutors

One of the subjects offered in the IB Diploma is Spanish for students around, 16-19. There are three levels of IB Spanish – in increasing level of difficulty, offered by IB schools.

  • IB Spanish Ab - Initio

  • IB Spanish B SL

  • IB Spanish B HL

TutorComp's IB Spanish tutoring is an education platform aiming to provide high quality education to students through one to one interactive Spanish lessons conducted by highly qualified Spanish teachers across the World. The classes can be arranged at your convenience, at your home. Over 90% of our students achieve top 10% grades in Spanish exams.

TutorComp provides online Spanish classes for the IB Spanish exam. Our Spanish tutoring is delivered online through our experienced native Spanish tutor. The duration of each lesson is of 1h/2 hr. Student can also decide on the number of classes they wish to have a week. To take the lesson students need a computer, good internet connection, microphone, speaker and webcam. Tutoring and technical support are offered 24/7. Personalized one to one classes with customized lesson plans are delivered on an interactive whiteboard, anytime anywhere. Out IB Spanish tutors are qualified native Spanish speakers who are bilingual in Spanish and English. Our native Spanish tutors are experienced in preparing students for the IB Spanish exam and are well trained to teach using accelerated learning method for quicker progress.

IB German Tutors

In a globalized world, languages play an essential part in shaping relationship between different cultures. German has a special role to play in this. The native language of about 120 million European's, and about 17 million people worldwide learning German as a foreign language, - knowing German provides the chance to experience Europe's culture and other parts of the World.

Language B SL and HL are language acquisition courses for students with some background in the target language. The levels offered:

  • IB German Ab Initio

  • German A – Literature HL & SL

  • German A – Language & Literature HL & SL

  • German B HL

The aim of the HL language B is to enable students to communicate competently in German, both orally and to understand the written and spoken word. At standard Level, the focus is to further student's knowledge of the language and to assimilate the skills previously acquired. The aim of both courses is to enable a lively discussion in the language targeted and help enhance student's ability to work and study on their own initiative. Assessments will be through homework, group oral discussion, practice essays and test.

TutorComp's German online classes includes cultural interchange along with language learning. Our native German tutors will tailor the classes to meet students need and level, and teach to be comfortable in spontaneous conversation in a second or additional language. TutorComp is a professional in teaching German to adults as well as for school students. Through our IB German lessons students can now learn German at their convenient location anywhere in the world. Be it Business German, we cater to it. The German lessons are retailored for crash learing or refreshing- corporate clients of individuals – we offer tailored instruction which can be taken from their desk, with no downtime from work.

The aim of any language and literature is to enable the learner to understand the world better through better engagement with text and language based on German culture. Our IB German lessons aims at helping the students to examine the often vague use of language and understand how meanings get shaped according to the context. The focus of our IB German lessons is to develop the basic literacy of the student and cultivate a global perspective by studying the work of literature from other cultures through translation.

The most widely spoken language in Europe, German is easier to learn than we think. Native English speaker or Knowing English, will have an advantage to learn German. Both English and German have common roots. Good German language skills help students with English language Arts. Our tutors are selected for their knowledge of German and their teaching ability and most of them are natives of German speaking countries. Building fluency and confidence through interactive online classes are fund and effective. Live conversation with a native speaker is the way to learning to speak a foreign language. All class time slots are as per your local time, regardless of where the tutor is from. Progress tracking and analytics report from the tutor help monitor the progress.

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IB Arabic Tutors

The Levels offered in Arabic IB program are:


  • Arabic A Literature

  • Arabic A Language and Literature


  • Arabic ab - initio

Arabic Ab Initio SL is for students without any previous experience of learning Arabic. Our online IB Arabic Lessons enable the students to communicate with people from a new culture and make the most of any time spent in all 22 Arab Countries and Egypt. Our IB Arabic tutors help students a/gain experience using the latest online learning tools b/ communicate with teachers and fellow students in Arabic, c/ help students take part in interactive and engaging lessons which would allow them to learn, practice and review, d/ practice digital literacy, collaboration and self-organization e/ develop productive, interactive and receptive skills f/ gain confidence to function successfully in a Arabic speaking environment g/ appreciate the cultural riches of the world h/ expand possibilities for work, entertainment and travel.

The classes are delivered online on a virtual one on one platform through an interactive whiteboard. Our IB Arabic Lessons, not only covers essential grammar and vocabulary, but also the key elements of Hispanic life and culture such as leisure, food, entertainment and family relationship. Our IB Arabic tutors help students learn Arabic through live online discussion, through videos, presentations and interactive tasks. The importance is on learning actively together, also through some traditional activities like oral practice and essay writing. Periodic assessment s are in accordance with IB criteria.

Arabic B SL is designed for students with some previous experience in using the language. Our Native Arabic tutors teach this course after student either completes the Arabic ab initio course of having studied Arabic for a minimum of 120 hours. The focus of our IB Arabic Lessons are on improving skills and language acquisition through articles, worksheets, podcasts etc.

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  • Students develop a personal appreciation of language and literature

  • Ability to criticize literary work using a range of texts from different styles, genres and periods

  • Understanding the stylistic aesthetic qualities of text and format

  • Strong power of both written and oral expression

  • Appreciation of cultural difference

  • Know-how on how language sustains the way of thinking

The study of DP language and literature aims at developing student's lifelong interest in literature and language and the love for the richness and elegance of human expression.

  • Free 30 minutes demo session

  • Seamless learning through audio and voice chat enabled interactive whiteboard shared by the student and tutor

  • Personalized Lesson plans designed and delivered according to the level and pace of the students

  • Periodic assessment to check the language learning progress

  • 24/7 tutoring and technical support

  • Worksheet, assessment and test samples for easy learning practice

The ability to communicate in more than one language in variety of modes is vital to the concept of International Baccalaureate, which promotes intercultural perspectives. IB language program describes and provides a framework for understanding the roles of language learning to develop multilingualism in IB students. The IB offers three interesting and challenging educational programs for the worldwide community of schools, aimed at creating a better peaceful world by developing intercultural understanding and international mind-set. This concept is integrated into the program modules and becomes a quality of an IB learner profile. The program offered by IB for the development of multilingualism are the result of recognizing that a/ multilingual classroom are increasingly the standard b/ language profiles of IB students are different and c/ sometime one language may be more dominant than another in the same individual.

Standard Level and Higher Level are language learning programs for students with previous experience in learning the language. Along with the study of language learning students also explore the study on cultures connected with it. The difference between the Standard and Higher level are the recommended teaching hours, required study at HL, depth of the program covered, and the level of difficulty and prerequisite of the assessment tasks and criteria. In addition to the three themes of the program – global issues, social relationship, communication and media, the teachers select two more themes.

It is a requirement of the programme that students study at least one subject from group 2. The main emphasis of the modern language courses is on the acquisition and use of language in a range of contexts and for different purposes while, at the same time, promoting an understanding of another culture through the study of its language.

Three subjects are available to accommodate students' interest in and previous experience of language study. The first two subjects are offered in a number of languages.

IB language group:

  • Group 1: Language and literature

  • Group 2: Language acquisition

Language and Literature – Course Name – IB Description

Literature – Introduces students to the analysis of literary texts. Available in 55 languages and available by special request, available in HL and SL

Language and Literature – Critical study and understanding of spoken and written tests from a range of non-literary and literary genres. Course is available in 17 languages. Text is complemented by the study on how meaning can change in respect to contexts and production, available in HL and SL

Literature and Performance – Aims to understand the relationship between the theatre and literature. Focus is on the interaction between aesthetic, symbolic elements of performance, critical writing, and literary skills of close reading. Available only in SL.

Language Acquisition

  • Classical languages – Latin or Greek module provides opportunity to study the language, literature and culture of ancient Rome or Greece

  • Language B - Intended for students who come with previous experience in language learning, either at HL or SL

  • Language ab initio – For Beginners – students with little or no previous experience of language learning - only available at SL

Diploma Program - DP

In the Diploma Programme (DP), students opt for at least one subject from studies in language and literature. Taking two studies in language and literature subjects in different languages would help the student obtain a bilingual diploma. The program offers a range of texts enabling students to appreciate the complexity of the language in different contexts. Students opt to study in a language in which they feel are academically competent.

For students 16 to 19, the IB diploma program is an inspiring and interesting program of education which prepares students for success at University and life beyond. Students take program in six different subjects, retaining both the breadth and depth of study. Higher level Language B in group 2, in addition to three core elements-the extended essay, action, theory of knowledge and creativity , service , are essential and vital to the philosophy of the program.

Our World class, expert IB language tutors are here to guide and support students 24/7, please call us now for a free demo session.