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Online IB Economics tutoring

Economics is one of the dynamic social sciences, a division of group 3 - individuals and societies. Economics, the study on methods and steps by which selections are made using scientific methodologies with qualitative and quantitative parameters. Our IB Economics tutoring focuses on the theories of Microeconomics, which deals with Economic variables which affects firms, market and individuals and the theories of Macroeconomics, which deals with Economic variables which affects Countries, Societies and Governments. Our IB Economic tutors online encourage the students to learn international outlooks, nurture concern for global issue and raise students awareness on their duties at a local, national or international level. Our IB Economics tutoring instils attitudes and values which will enable students accomplish a level of personal commitment resulting in gaining shared responsibility.

  • Our Higher-level International Baccalaureate courses provide personally tailored program according to the level and pace of the students

  • TutorComp's online IB Economics courses inspire students to do critical thinking about Economics

  • IB Economics Hl courses promote awareness and understanding of internationalism in economics

  • By enabling students to distinguish between positive and normative economics, our IB economics tutoring , develops students as independent learners

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All of our Economics tutors are qualified teachers with a minimum five years of online tutoring experience. They are from Elite Universities across the World, makes all the difference in sparking true learning. With our IB Economic tutors online parents feel good that their child is getting the best in education from those who love to teach. Our tutors are also motivators, mentors and confidence builders. Our tutors know how to challenge and inspire the students, by walking taking them from B's to A's – transforming strugglers into achievers.

It is the subject matter expertise which is vital, but this goes along with creating a personal connection between the subject and the child. Our online IB Economic tutors understand the student's proficiency in the subject and design and deliver lesson plans, ensuring progress at every level. They work closely with parents and students to achieve the best possible academic result, which lasts for a lifetime.

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Topics covered under the subject Economics

The IB Diploma Programme Economics course forms part of group 3 - individuals and societies. At both Standard and higher level students are required to study – 4 topics: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, development economics and International economics, few sub topics within these topics meant only for higher level. Two examinations conducted at standard level and three at higher level assess the level of learning.

Students are asked to submit an internal assessment, in addition to the examinations. Students are also required to produce a portfolio of three observations based on articles from published news media.

Difference between SL and HL

It's a common syllabus for Students of both SL and HL. , with an extension in some topics for HL. The syllabus requires the students to develop certain techniques and skills, knowledge and attributes, as stated in assessment guideline of the programme. The additional topics taken by HL students on the ability to evaluate, synthesise and analyse knowledge, and develop quantitative skills to analyse and explain economic relationships are specifically assessed at HL in paper 3. The Economics course needs no particular background or prior learning. The specific skills in our IB Economic tutoring helps in a/ building the ability to write in logically structured mode and understand the need to explain abstract concepts.

For any Math, Business or Public Administration Degree, Economics is a required course. The program is categorisd as per the latest IB Economics specifics – interactive quizzes, essay type questions, short answers and revision Notes. The subject Economics first appearing in UK schools at the key stage level, stage 4, is a fairly popular A level choice opted by students for high scoring. IB Economics tutoring helps students land in different degrees in Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business. Our online IB Economic tutors help student to completely grasp the concept of the subject like supply and demand curves, with the supporting of real businesses that would be familiarized with students.